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Fat Blaster 2 Day Coconut Detox 750ml - $19.95 - Lowest Guaranteed Price!


Fat Blaster 2 Day Coconut Detox is a new product which assists in reducing puffiness, belly bloat and increasing energy levels. Available now online at the lowest guaranteed price of $19.95. If you find a cheaper price please notify us and we will beat it by 5%.

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    Before buying from an online retailer, I usually check a few essential pages out, for example:
    Gift Certificates
    Refunds + Returns
    Order Tracking
    Payment + Delivery

    If these links to all these pages just redirected to a home page, I would be wary.

    Guess what, that's what happens on your website? No info on delivery, returns etc etc…How did you get the site past your payment gateway provider? These pages are mandatory before Aust banks sign on on a new internet merchant account.

    • AJW is correct. Did the rep neg the comment? Dodgy indeed.

      • -1 vote

        I think so lol. Says free shipping which is very misleading. My comment is a moot point, ozbargainers will work it out whether this is a deal for themselves. Feel free to neg this one as well rather than reply ;)

  • $7.00 for shipping

  • Seems very expensive for it being the following:

    Ingredients: Water, Coconut Water Concentrate (20%), Coconut Cream (10%), Apple Concentrate (5.5%), Pineapple Concentrate (2.8%), Food Acid (296), Emulsifier (322), Stabiliser (405) (Contains Soy), Goji (0.14%), Acai (0.1%), Vegetable Gum (415), Flavours, Preservative [202, 223 (Contains Sulphites)].

    Nothing special in there.

  • This sounds like snake oil. A rip off at any price.

  • Available now online at the lowest guaranteed price of $19.95. If you find a cheaper price please notify us and we will beat it by 5%.

    If you guarantee it's the lowest price, how could it be cheaper elsewhere?

    • Oh please now you are trolling.

      This is standard for any business just like Officeworks.

      Move on nothing here….

      • This is standard for any business just like Officeworks.

        Hi Peter. Thank you for your kind words. In regards to your Officeworks statement, that is an invalid comparison. Since you don't understand the differences, I'll take some time out of my day to explain it for you.

        Officeworks have a lowest price guarantee where they will beat any better price you find by 5%, therefore ensuring you get the best price for the product, regardless of the normal price they sell it for.

        This website is claiming that the price they are selling for, $19.95, is "the lowest guaranteed price". Officeworks do not claim any of their normal prices are the "lowest guaranteed price".

        Hope that clears up a few things for you.


  • Naturopathic
    * Berrys
    'harmful toxins'

    Pseudoscience. As informed consumers we don't take kindly to it around here.

  • Someone who tries this will think it works because the product tells them to change your diet/drink heaps of water.

    After 2 days with any healthy diet, a lot of water intake, you're bound to see a slight difference.

    This product is scam/snake oil. It's pretty much just a placebo.

  • Please don't waste your money on rubbish like Detox products.

    • Do you drink it or is it an enema or both?
      Do both and you probably double the placebo effect.

  • …assists in reducing puffiness, belly bloat…

    I consider this an assault on all puffy, bloaty people. It must stop.

  • If you did want this, I would buy it from Coles for $0.04 more. They are $19.99 each at the moment. Plus you don't need to pay $7 postage. That's if you're in to this kind of thing that is…..