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Up to 2500 Everyday Rewards Points on Selected Gift Cards @ Woolworths Gift Cards via Everyday Rewards


Stacks with 3% off WISH Gift Cards @ Everyday Rewards App. More details can be found in Everyday Rewards app.

Terms and Conditions:

3% off on selected Gift Cards
Additionally you will get 3% off on all Woolworths Group & Partner Gift Cards through Everyday Gifting in the Everyday Rewards app. The discount offer runs from 09:01 AEST 01/04/24 to 23:59 AEST 30/06/24.

Up to 2500 points offer
Promotion runs from 09:01 AEST 29/04/24 to 08:59 AEST 13/05/24 (promotional period). The offer can be enjoyed once only. Your bonus points can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Card after the end of the promotional period.

Offer is only available for purchase through Everyday Gifting in the Everyday Rewards app or at https://giftcards.woolworths.com.au/mothersday/c/mothersday
Everyday Gifting can be found on the 'Wallet' screen in the Everyday Rewards app.

How it works
To enjoy this offer you must click through the ‘Shop Gift Cards’ button from the Everyday Rewards email and spend the qualifying amount on Qualifying Gift Cards~ in a single transaction through Everyday Gifting in the Everyday Rewards app or at https://giftcards.woolworths.com.au/mothersday/c/mothersday during the promotional period.
If you spend:
● $180 - $249.99 you will collect 1200 points (After Discount)
● $250 - $349.99 you will collect 1800 points (After Discount, ie $258 gift card)
$350 or more you will collect 2500 points (After Discount)

Your qualifying spend will be the final amount you spend after any discounts.

~Qualifying Gift Cards
Qualifying Gift Cards are Woolworths Supermarket, BIG W, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, EG, Simply Groceries, Essentials, Everyday WISH and Your Pick Gift Cards.

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  • +1

    If I’m mathing right, if you purchase the minimum amounts and stack with the 3% it works out to be at least 6% off

    • +1

      I think so the first one is net cost of $174 for $185.57 of gift card. A saving of $2.29 from the 5% discount I can normally get.

      • A bit late but your total cost is where the bonus points start, so you need to spend $180 AFTER discount to get the first tier of rewards points.

  • +5

    Intest rates going up and lending rates for business going even higher so don't give your money for jerk off 3% discount… Unless you have immediate need to spend that money.. !

    • +4

      That’s pretty much when I buy my gift cards. I’m usually purchasing a card as i’m walking down the last few aisles

  • +6

    Heads up I had to "Boost" this offer in my app to activate it.

    • +2

      Yes and no.

      The T&Cs clearly state:

      You do not need to boost this offer.

      It's there for decoration. Similar to the 10x healthylife ones.

      But click anyway ofc

  • +1

    $250 of gift cards gives the highest earn rate.

    • +11

      Don't forget to enter $258!

      • Good pickup.

      • +1

        What’s the logic around $258? $250 is going to get the same points as $258 isn’t it.

        • +6

          You need to add $258 into the cart, so that you are still spending $250, after the 3% comes off.

          • +6


            • $361.00 for $350.17 (2500 EDR points)
            • $258.00 for $250.26 (1500 EDR points)
            • $186.00 for $180.42 (1200 EDR points)
            • +2

              @Dark Zeus: Yep, would have been good to see this in the OP too :)

              I did the $350.17 this morning.

              Ah but I think your middle one should be 1800 points?

            • @Dark Zeus: Correction.

              $361.00 for $350.17 (2500 EDR points)
              $258.00 for $250.26 (1800 EDR points)
              $186.00 for $180.42 (1200 EDR points)

              Thanks for pointing out.

              • @Dark Zeus: In turn, total respective savings are as follows taking into account EDR point values:

                $373.50 worth of value for $350.17 at a 6.7% discount
                $267.00 worth of value for $250.26 at a 6.7% discount
                $192.00 worth of value for $180.42 at a 6.4% discount

                Very close savings regardless of which point threshold you choose to aim for.

  • +17

    way harder to use since qr pay is STILL broken (nearing 1 week)

    • Thought it was just me. Very annoying.

    • +2

      Check the App Store or Google play. There was an updated app in the last few days which resolved the QR issue for me.

      • +1

        After the update 2 days ago my gc's started appearing but QR function still broken.

      • +1

        After the update it worked for less than 24hrs and now it's broken again :(

        • Oh so it is. At least the gift cards are still in my wallet. Pre the update they had disappeared.

    • The only way I fixed this was uninstalling app/reinstalling then my gift cards appeared. On IOS.

    • Is it? The app is now showing my gift cards again but I haven’t tested if qr scanning works in store

      • QR scanning broken, just tried.

    • +1

      I think it's because it was crashing some of the POS machines. I had it happen to me recently, it gets into a loop where the same error pops up repeatedly and you can't get past it, the attendent told me it only happens with everyday pay + gift card.

      • Yes, this has happened to me a couple of times. Happens when I did a split payment, paying with cash first, then with everyday pay for the balance. Fine if you split and pay with cash, then a dedicated gift card bar code. Pain in the arse, because you have to rescan everything again.

    • just "show" the gift card in the app and then scan the bar code/enter the pin - doesn't take more effort than using qr pay. I've also printed out the bar code to use for next few days in case the gift cards shop showing again in app (like last week)

      • +1

        But you have to cancel the automatic card payment on screen, wait a long while and then select the gift card option.

    • +2

      Reached out in app to complain. Got 1000 points :)

  • Purchased.

    Better than the standard 3% off. I figure if your spending it anyway on groceries best to get something back even if it’s only small

    • +4

      Promotion hasn't started yet. It starts at 9.01am.

      • +2


        • +1

          You can try and call EDR call centre 2 weeks later AFTER the promotion end. Then you can explain the situation.

  • Can anyone suggest what is the optimum purchase amount to maximise the value of the offer? Is it $258?

    • +5

      According to my maths $258 nets 6.49% discount but $361 nets 6.46% so for an extra $103 of discounted value I'll probably eat the 0.03% difference.

      • +1

        Thanks for doing the maths

        • only 6.27% and 6.25% according to mine :)

          • @tonester: I think we are applying the points to dollar conversion differently. I considered it as a discount on the same level as the 3% discount whereas from your maths it seems like you're adding it onto the $361 gift card value for a final value of $373.50 - I guess it depends on your take but yours is probably more correct.

    • +4

      With $258 spent you will get 3.48% discount
      With $361 - 3.46%.
      So technically, buying $258 gc is a better offer. But considering a minimal difference between the discount rates and limited availability, I would go with $361.

  • +4

    Still don't have my points from the last time this was run (the Easter gift card promo)

    • +1


    • +1

      Now that you mention it I also don't think I ever received the points for a similar promo in the past. I think I'll pass on this one.

    • +1

      You need to contact them to get the points. Thats what I had to do. Their system is quite bad. But its rly easy once you chat to them onlinr and they will throw in a few additional apolgies points.

      • Sadly never got any additional points:( Such a hassle though and you have to keep track of what you bought

      • I just did this, and while it worked, it was a pain in the rear. The first agent I spoke to totally misread the T&Cs and refused to help, the second agent first referred to the first agents misreading of the situation but I was able to get them on board with some explanation, they then contacted a supervisor who told them to credit me the points.

        Definitely no bonus points to say sorry, but I got my points so there's that. Not trying again.

        • Hmm sorry to hear that. Yeah i guess not worth the stress for extra 1 or 2 %

    • I got mine a few days ago

    • Yea same, I won’t bother with this one

    • +1

      Yes, this seems like an ongoing scam that Woolworths seem to be doing. It's the second time they haven't credited my account to an amount of 17,500 points. The 14 business days that they give themselves a buffer of have now gone. I have to chase up on the rewards website with their chatbot "Mandy" who then passes me over to a real person who is able to credit me the points. I think they are counting on people not following up and forgetting about the points.

      As it's a widespread issue they could very well be saving millions of $$$ by rorting this system

    • Yep, I called EDR call centre this morning about this.

      They offer me either $15.00 WISH gift card or a 1500 EDR points to my account (if points, they will transfer you to reward department).

      I chose $15 WISH gift card.

      • -1

        I feel sorry for anyone who chooses the 1500 EDR points, that's half the value of the $15 GC.

    • Mine only came through two days ago, from a March 18 purchase ..

  • When I tried to pay got the error “something went wrong” anyone experienced the same issue?

    • +1

      Same here. This happened last time too.

      • +1

        How did you fix? Called them?

    • Mine went through no issues. Got the card shown in my rewards wallet saying "activating".

    • The error has been there for me since they started the Everyday gifting in app.

      I have contacted their app support and thought the latest update would fix the problem. 😩

      • I have already deleted the app and reinstalled it, but I am still facing the same issue.

    • What was your payment method? I got "something went wrong" followed by "the transaction was declined by your bank". I tried paying with a Coles Mastercard Gift Card. I thought it failed because they try to add whatever payment method you use to the wallet in the app…

      • American Express, I also tried with a MasterCard but got the message “the card cannot be verified, please try a different card” 😫

  • $250 / (1-3%) = $258 gift card purchase via EDR app

    1 - ($258-3%) / [$258 + (2500pts=$12.50)] = effective 7.5% discount with $258 gift card and 2500pts

    • with $258 gift card and 2500pts

      You only get 1800 on that spend.

      It's 350 for 2500 pts

      • +4

        thanks - yes, sorry misread/typed - so actually:

        • 6.27% instead with $258 gift card and 1800pts
        • 6.25% with $361 gift card and 2500pts
        • Same result. Thanks

    • $250 / 97% = $258 -> min spend to get tier 2 pts (1800pts = $9)
      Receive = $258 + $9 = $267
      Bonus = $267 - $250.26 = $16.74 (~6.27%)

      In short, spend $250.26 to buy $258, and get $267 after points.

  • Still waiting on my bonus points from their last rewards promotion. This is now the second time I have to chase up bonus points they haven't credited, totalling around 17,500 all up. The 14 business days have now passed and no points to be seen. If this is happening on a wider scale woolworths are essentially scamming people off of millions $$$. Last promo was https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/836654. And it was boosted on my rewards account

    • +1

      Mine came through on Tues 23/4, from a 18 March purchase

  • This is rather annoying. I wanted to use up some discounted Coles Mastercard Gift Cards from this deal.

    First: I can't specify cents for the Wish gift card value. I'd need to buy one for exactly $257.73 in order to a) completely use up a Coles gift card and b) spend the $250 for the middle tier of this promo.

    Second, when I decided to get a $186 gift card for the bottom level of this promo: it wants to add whatever payment method to the wallet of the Everyday app (without asking for permission, it just states that it will do that!). I believe that's why it fails to actually accept the Coles Mastercard for payment. On the web interface, without adding to app, payment with Coles MC did work recently.

    Not cool.

    • +1

      it wants to add whatever payment method to the wallet of the Everyday app (without asking for permission, it just states that it will do that!). I believe that's why it fails to actually accept the Coles Mastercard for payment.


      When you add a payment card to the Everyday Pay wallet, Everyday Pay requires the payment card to support 3-D Secure. Coles Mastercard gift cards (and other prepaid gift cards) cannot support 3-D Secure and thus should be rejected by Everyday Pay.

    • I'll just wait for the next Prezzee deal.

  • Can anyone try if the ShopBack supermarket GC works for the payment? Thanks

    • +1

      Probably not, see my comment just above, will likely have the same issue…

      • Thanks for the note

    • +2

      It doesn’t, tried and tested by a few people including myself

      • +1

        Thanks mate

  • +1

    Is anyone having issues checking out their purchase?

  • +1

    Tried paying using 4 different credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and none of them worked. What a mess of an app.

    • Open a live chat on the Woolworths Gift Cards website and ask them why your purchases aren't being accepted.

      I'd been having the same issues with the Everyday Gifting store for months and it turns out that their system is blocking all of my purchases because I once tried to use the same card too many times in a row. Each failed purchase affects your "security score", so they say.

      • I can't pay for the order even though the card was added a long time ago and still working well with QR code in store, just can't pay for the gift card order.

  • not working and the woolworths giftcard website live chat didnt have any solutions. Told me there were no restrictions on their end.

  • Worked OK paying by Amex for $361. Was prompted for Amex Safekey 2FA token on checkout.

  • +1

    Not Working with NAB , Wise or Adelaide bank cards. Same story about 2FA when 2 of these cards actually do have 2FA and was used while adding the card to app.
    on other days you can buy the gift cards quite easily from the portal

  • I was able to purchase gift card ok, with Amex, but the points haven't been credited to my account yet.

    • Not only are you not likely to see those points for the next 2 weeks (based on previous promo experiences), you'll have a >25% chance of not seeing them at all unless you go on live chat and remind them, and even then you have to convince the agent that you were eligible

  • Can you pay for an Everyday Mobile SIM card in-store using a gift card?

    • No, you can't use gift card to buy gift cards or sim cards at WW.

  • +1

    They still haven't given my wife and i the points from the last promotion like this one.

  • Is it compulsory to click through email link?
    I bought directly on the app after boosting

  • Is it one claim per account?

  • I bought $350 giftcard and get 2500 points last time. Is the same t&c for this round? As I read we need to buy $361 gc this time, I am confused.

    • +4

      For this deal, the terms and conditions has the following clause:

      Your qualifying spend will be the final amount you spend after any discounts.

      That clause was not present in the terms and conditions for the last bonus points deal.

      • +1

        Thanks for clarifying! I will buy $350 gc straight away based on previous promotion. The community here really helps a lot.

        • +5

          If you buy a gift card with $350 face value at a 3% discount, you will only pay $339.50 after discounts.

          As per the clause I pulled out from the current bonus points deal, you will not spend $350 and therefore will only get 1800 bonus points, because you only spent between $250 and $349.99 after discounts.

  • all the ppl upvoted , are you certain that you will receive the bonus point ?:) there were a lot of complains about missing bonus points for this promotion in the past, and I am having same trouble and have to go through chat which is total waste of time…


  • Citibank Credit card wouldn't work, and NAB Debit card got blocked. Very frustrating. I hope that I haven't bought twice!

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