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Sharp Aquos 4T-C70DL1X 70" 4K TV $999 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


70" 4K TV with Japanese-made panel, decent reviews. TopCashback offer of 20% cashback sweetens the deal. 20% cash back offer ends tonight (2 May 2024)

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The Good Guys

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    don't trust Topcashback to track as I have not been able to have mine tracked so far

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      me too! they didn't track my purchase and the "help" function couldn't help.

      very bad experience. be careful guys if the cashback is the main reason to kick you buy this item.

    • Mine worked instantly

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    7680 x 4320 resolution?

    • +14

      Yeah it’s 3840x2160 good guys are wrong guys

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    Hmm originally launched in Dec 2021 so almost 3 years old now. No dolby vision and most likely edge lit LCD. Cant find reviews anywhere for this thing and nowhere in its advertising does it say whether it has local dimming or not

    • Also, its only 60Hz refresh rate

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      I bought it on the last deal. There's no local dimming - the backlight is direct LED, but it's relatively light at 23.5 kg without the stand (24kg with) and the picture quality is surprisingly good. I'm very happy with it.

      • What version of Android tv is it running now and how do you find the smart tv performance of apps?

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          It's running Android 11. The smart TV features are good and fast enough, but I mainly use it with a dell mini PC to avoid Youtube adds, etc.

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            @bgazer: SmartTube resolves ad issues for YouTube on android

      • Following blublu and merajaan's posts I've had a look at my receipt and find it to be the 4T-C70CK3X, which is technically inferior to the one posted.

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      that's why it's cheaper. QLED or mini LED won't be this price.

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    True Japanese panel, or is it a rebadged Hisense? Sharp sold rights to Hisense for a while, like Toshiba.

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      By far Sharp's large LED TV are still using its own panel, produced by Sakai Display (SDP) which located in Osaka Japan. However, Sharp has been majority owned by Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision) based in Taiwan since 2016.

      • Are they still doing their proprietary 'Yellow sub Pixel', so it's not just RGB/BGR subpixels?

        • Pretty sure they stopped making TVs with that scam feature ages ago

          • @Ryballs: I guess that means George Takei is out of a job…

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    Incorrect, Sharp sold the rights to Hisense in the USA only, many years ago and then bought the brand back 3 years ago after legal action as they weren't happy with the quality of Hisense, again in the USA, so they have nothing to do with Hisense and they never did anywhere accept for the USA.
    This is a true Japanese panel, I have this exact TV and it was also labelled as a Japanese panel on the tv itself.

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    Have one, attached firestick, I like it

  • Meh, was already going for 1k more than a year ago - 23/03/2023


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      This guy did the research:

      tekisei on 30/12/2022 - 09:11 +3
      I looked into Sharp SG, Sharp MY and Sharp HK, and found the following:

      4T-C70CK3X(sg.sharp) - 2021 Model
      X4 Master Engine Pro II processor (first referenced in 2018)
      60 Hz (unconfirmed - but newer models are 60Hz)
      "Wide Colour" display
      Android 9
      225W power consumption

      4T-C70DK1X(sharp-home.com.hk) - 2022 Model (same chassis as C70CK3X)
      X4 Revelation Processor (first referenced in 2021, "faster CPU performance (by 147% 48%) and quicker graphics (up to 10x) when compared to its older X4 Master Engine Pro II")
      60 Hz
      HDMI 2.1
      "Deep Chroma Display"
      Android 11
      215W power consumption

      4T-C70DL1X(sharp-home.com.hk) - 2022 Model (more expensive(harveynorman.com.sg) than C70DK1X, identical chassis with new legs)
      X4 Revelation Processor
      60 Hz
      HDMI 2.1
      "Deep Chroma Display" UV2A panel
      Android 11
      215W power consumption

      So the deal model 4T-C70CK3X is basically a Sony X80J with full array.

      That deal is a different model, looks to be X4 Master processor so it's the older model compared to this deal 4T-C70DL1X.

      • Are you sure? According to comment from @bgazer above who actually owns this model, this is direct lit LED and not a full array (so no local dimming).

        • I've had a look at my receipt and find that it's the 4T-C70CK3x

          • @bgazer: Yeh confirms that the link by Ultraman is the old model, not the same as this deal.

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    70" food processor? https://i.imgur.com/JUcuThv.png

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    What big brand it used to be back in the days not sure how good is it but nice 👍🏽

    • +1

      It's still a big brand in many countries, just not here so much at the moment.

      • +1

        Yep I know it was very big in Singapore when I use to live there.

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    My 65" Sharp Aquos 3D from 2011 is still going strong these days, so I would recommend a new one!

  • -2

    Would would be a good 70"+ TV which I can should look to get for under $1500?

  • Just wait until TCL start producing OLEDs… Hisense already has I think?

    LCD TVs will be dirt cheap…

    • +1

      Sony has dumped OLED in their latest flagship and gone to miniLED

  • +3

    Thanks OP, we finally upgraded our 2009 50-inch Panasonic plasma for this! Hope I get the cashback but won't cry if it doesn't work, $1000 still pretty good!

    • +3

      You'll need another space heater for your lounge now. xD

      • +2

        Hahah, it's had an amazing run! We'll keep it running in another room I'm sure, if it ain't broke…

    • Funnily enough, my parents are STILL rocking a Panasonic plasma too! And they would have bought it back in maybe ~2006 and they watch a lot of TV too (probably 5 hours a day between them).
      It's mind boggling how well they were made, ive had 1 samsung and 2 hisense fail on me in probbaly half the time they had their panasonic.

  • N=1 but bought the Sharp 4T-C70CK3X for $1295 from TGG about 12 months ago, price dropped to ~$800 a week or 2 after. Developed a black screen with sound after just over 12 months. Had to return for a refund. Disappointing TVs aren't built to last these days.

    • I know we all say things like… they don't build things like they used to, but I've gone through a lot of TV's in my life and have had issues with many brands on and off over all those years (in my late 40's now).
      It happens with all electronics and always will, they aren't perfect, as long as the warranty covers you, which in your case was all fine. At least with this TV it has a 5 year warranty as standard, so it's a pretty safe buy for the $$

      • No doubt electronics aren't perfect, but builds these days have a much higher failure rate. Simply poor QC.

        • +1

          They are also much cheaper to buy.
          I remember buying a Sony Trinitron CRT for what would be considered tiny by today's standards and that was circa 3K and that lasted maybe 2.5 to 3 years.
          So even with inflation and increased wages, TV's cost nothing compared with back then.
          Few people will pay higher prices just for better quality control (not that I personally think it was any better back then, possibly the opposite in my experience).
          I've not had any of the 4 TV's I bought in the last 10 years break down, sometimes I've wanted them to as an excuse to buy a new one lol, but everyones experience will be different obviously.

      • I've bought many TVs over the years, they've all lasted except this one. It's just a hassle returning, hoops to jump, a lot of back and forth. I'd rather pay a little more and have a TV not prematurely fail.

        • How would you actually know what the quality control is like with any brand/model? I have had 2 failed iPhones over the years and they are meant to be "premium".
          We certainly pay a premium for them.
          That's not to say iPhones are bad, but It's totally pot luck as all tech is mass-produced now at levels undeniable not seen in the past.

    • +1

      I have friends whose high end Sony TV with a one year warranty packed it in within 2 years. It's another reason I initially chose this TV with its 3-year factory warranty.

      I also bought it on the $1295 deal and found it to have a faulty panel, so I returned it for a refund a week later and bought another from Ebay for $849 + $55 shipping: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/753786.

      It’s been running faultlessly so far and the warranty period remaining is still longer than what’s offered on many other more expensive TV’s.

    • +1

      It's really luck of the draw.

      I had CRT TVs in the 80s and 90s that only lasted a few years before glitching out or needing repairs. In particular, capacitors used to die like crazy. I had early-gen LCD TVs that barely survived the warranty period. My current Sharp Aquos is 12 years old and still going strong (but I'm tempted by this deal).

      If anything, electronics equipment seems to last longer these days. It's not unusual to get a decade out of a PC, but in the 80s and 90s, it would be a doorstop within three years, incapable of running current software.

  • -1

    I agree, bought the 4T-C70CK3X last year for around the $800, with cashback and other promos came down to $650 and I got absolutely what I paid for. Picture quality wasnt bad for $650 but apps kept crashing and/or just wont work properly , speaker kept switching between my sound bar and internal speakers and i kept resetting it to factory settings just to get it to work. I do not recommend this unless you only need this for the passable 4k picture quality (using for gaming etc)

    • What soundbar were you using and did you use optical, out of interest? I only use my sound bar with it (Bose Solo) and it has been working rock solid since I bought it.
      Apps all working fine also, although I've now moved to a Fire Stick as all my other TVs use the same device.

      • Maybe a got a lemon unit. My sound bar was a sonos playbar so a little out of date maybe, but it works fine with my newer tv. We tried both the optical and an hdmi adapter.

        The most basic apps like youtube and Netflix just didn’t work well. If this TV is working for you that’s really great. Im just speaking from our experience.

  • This or a smaller TCL miniLED.

    I feel my problem is also that my internet bandwidth can't even handle streaming 4k, so is anything with a good panel even worth it?

    • Most steaming services only need 25mbps for 4k streaming but usually 1080p streams look fine on a 4k display.

      • I'm exclusively using stremio if that changes anything? I do notice that whenever we are watching a larger file stream that it stops and starts a lot.

        • Depends on the file size. I have 100mbps and it still struggles with some of the larger rips.
          I just stick to 1080p streams now as I can hardly tell the difference (unless I want Dolby Vision or HDR)

  • ORdered! Let's see if this will be a good basic TV - if the software sucks - just use a firestick!

  • most sharp TV produce blunt pictures.

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