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Western Digital 2TB WD Blue SN580 NVMe Gen4 PCIe M.2 2280 SSD $188.07 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU

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15 left as of posting

Can also be found on Scorptec for $189 + $11 shipping

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Worth mentioning it's eligible for free prime delivery

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    Same Price at Scorptec with $11 Delivery 2-5 days

    • Or free C&C. (why is there someone neg this comment!?)

  • is this good for ps5 hard drive?

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      it's 3rd last out of 35 tested in tomshardware's "Best PS5 SSDs in 2024"

      • Ok thanks for letting me know. Do you have link to the article?

        • https://www.tomshardware.com/best-picks/best-ps5-ssds

          It also says that there is practically no real world difference between the fastest drive and slowest drive. Heard a lot of reports though of people frying their SSD without a heat-sink.

          • @jonathonsunshine: I've only got a Gen3 slot but not sure I have room under my GPU for a heatsink.

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              @scottb721: I added one of these SSD Heatsinks under my GPU..(RX6800XT) Fit fine as they are very slim
              be quiet! MC1 M.2 SSD Cooler, heatsink, for Single and Double Sided 2280 modules

              • @vid_ghost: Thanks very much. Keen to get that slot filled after 2 years of looking at it.

            • @scottb721: This was specifically regarding the PS5. They're PCIE4 in an enclosed space and don't get much (any?) airflow.

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    Prices for SSD's have really jumped up heaps in the past 6 months :).. last prime day you could get a 2TB Samsung 980 Pro for around $160 now your lucky to get a 1TB Samsung 980 Pro for that price.

    2TB PCI-3.0 drives were going for around $130

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      Yea mate, I just paid $207 for a Samsung 2TB 990 Pro, so I hear you.

      I want another one, a cheaper, 4TB for the OS. I want to put the games on the SSung 990 Pro and the os and other files on the 4TB. Then have a sata 4 TB SSD for other stuff.

      • Where did you buy 990Pro for only $207!? You should definitely post it here bro

        • Yea, that was a long story mate.
          I stumbled upon it during the watch from Samsung deals. I asked in the comments, no one answered, so I impulse bought first, think later. Turns out it was a good buy …

          • @lordra: Which Samsung deals? Is it still going?

            • @SirBeansalot: Yeah, nah, long long gone. It's somewhere in my comment history if you want to look it up. It was when the Samsung watches were going for $299 starting. Everyone had a watch frenzy and completely ignored everything else. I placed my order on the 12th of March, so have a look at that week.
              I wasn't even in the market. I had no idea of ssd prices. It was a 100% impulse purchase.

              Then I realised I wouldn't fit my pc, so thought about buying a case for it. But then, it's a sin to put such a nice drive in a case. So then decided to build a new pc. 😅

              An impulse NVMe purchase resulted in a new pc build, lmao. I'm still in the process of getting it all done though, most of it is still on paper and research.

        • In saying that @OzBed, on amazon,
          Samsung 990 PRO 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 Internal Solid State Drive https://amzn.asia/d/gpvzugJ


      • Curious how this drive compares to the 990 pro?

      • Dam I missed that deal..

        just looking at them at MSY now which is outta my price range.. :(
        Samsung 990 Pro 2TB PCIe Gen4 M.2 2280 NVMe SSD with Heatsink (MZ-V9P2T0CW) $389.0

        • Yep, just hodl for EOFY bud.

      • I missed out on the secret sale by 2mins :/

    • Got a 4tb NM790 for $250 last year. Glad I pulled the trigger.

  • To be honest $207 is a good price for a Samsung 2TB 990 Pro

    The cheapest the 2TB ever got was i think like $198 something from memory. :) Where was this $207 for a Samsung 2TB 990 Pro .. you should post if here. Only the 980 Pro's were the ones heavily discounted.. and the 1TB 990 Pro's got to as low as around $60

    • To be honest $207 is a good price for a Samsung 2TB 990 Pro

      This probably happened last year.. price of SSD have gone crazy! Paid $145 for a P5 Crucial SSD… it died 6 months later and Amazon won't replace it cause it now cost like $240 or something.

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      Sure thing, next time it happens, I will!

      See my comment above for more context.

      990 PRO PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD 2TB

      Chat gave me a stackable 10% discount code on top of the smartsave code (if I recall correctly). It was part of Samsung's secret insider sale. March this year.

  • question, can i pay for this with amazon giftcard, it ships from uk

    • I think so.. maybe ask chat support

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