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DROP + EPOS PC38X Yellow Gaming Headset US$119 (~A$180) Delivered, HD 58X JUBILEE @ US$149 (~A$226) Delivered @ Drop


Been looking at various headphones/headsets lately, including HD 600, 6XX, 560s, Corsair Virtuoso Pro, etc. for gaming and music. Leaning towards the 560s, 58x or PC38X for their lower impedance (Easier to drive) so can run off most audio jacks, but still umming and ahhing as I'm not able to try any first.
Found this discount on Drop for the PC38X Yellow @ US$119 (~A$180) with US$20 Coupon and US$20 Shipping.
Alternatively, if TAX20 isn't available, then create a new account and use the sign up bonus to get $10 off.

Also came across some other deals:
- HD 58X JUBILEE @ US$149 (~A$226) Delivered (Near ATL): https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-x-sennheiser-hd-58x-jubilee-he…
- HD 6XX @ US$199 (~A$301) Delivered (Small discount): https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-sennheiser-hd6xx

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    Note that EPOS is closing down their gaming operations completely so many of their products are being discounted heavily to liquidate inventory.

    Expect software updates to no longer be issued and Sennheiser already don't care about their devices and simply tell you to go get a refund from retailers. Officeworks to their credit did so without any fuss.

    • Good point, I have heard this mentioned in some PC38X review videos.
      Regarding "Sennheiser already don't care about their devices", is that referring to the line of Massdrop X Sennheiser products? Or just EPOS? (EPOS was a partnership with Sennheiser I believe?)

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        EPOS Gaming specifically is shutting down and focusing on enterprise products.

        They were a joint venture between Sennheiser and Demant Group. The latter took over ownership recently and have since shut it down. Current support and software is still via Sennheiser.

        This concern should not apply to direct Sennheiser products.

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    I can't speak to support and the whole EPOS/Sennheiser situation - what I can say is that I have been using the PC37X (the predecessor) for many many years and I don't think there is another headset in the price range, or honestly even quite above that compares in sound and especially mic quality.
    If you want an all in one solution, I really think go the PC38X

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      Agreed. I had the PC37x and have been using the PC38x for several years now. Both are great. I don't there are better headsets around.
      In regards to software support, you don't really need any. Just plug them in and use an equalizer to tune to your liking if you want.

      I did have a problem with my first PC37x with the plug in the headset not working properly causing the mic to not work sometimes. (Mass)drop asked to to contact Sennheiser for a solution. I got Sennheiser to RMA the headset and they "fixed" it but when I got it back it still had the same issue. I let massdrop know and they sent me a replacement.

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    I'm no audio expert. And to be honest it frustrates me when people come on here saying this headphones is better than that one because of these measurements. But my experience with the 58x wasn't a good one. I researched for ages to find a good set of headphones and settled on them. Found them to be one of the most boring headphones I've ever tried. Just no life in the music to my ears. Fast forward I've found out I like headphones with some excitement and liveliness. Anyway just a heads up on them if anyone is interested. As mentioned earlier it's probably amazing for certain people. Just wasn't for me.

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      Usually Gaming headphones (Headsets probably better terminology) are less coloured than music headphones.

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        There's no evidence to support that statement unless you're looking at it from the angle of ANC headsets, which have boosted bass to block out street/transport noise, and diminished audio quality due to both bluetooth and ANC technologies. Gaming headsets are usually very wonky, with heavily boosted mid-bass.

        Some audiophile headphones can be a bit esoteric, but usually due to some unique properties of a particular driver as they strive to dial up the resolving ability of the headphone. Most strive to be close to neutral under that paradigm, and certainly the 58X is closer than any gaming headphone.

        That being said, the 6XX is a much better headphone, as is the 560S.

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