ASUS ROG Flow X13 Laptop: 13.4" IPS, Ryzen 9 6900HS, 16GB/512GB, 680M iGPU $1197 + Del ($0 to Metro/ C&C/ Instore) @ Officeworks


Back at lowest price.

If purchasing this laptop in-store, stack with:

OW-only Model GV301RA-LJ089W (derived from GV301RA-LJ046W)

AMD Ryzen 9-6900HS 8-core/16 Threads 3.3 GHz (Max 4.9 GHz) processor.
AMD Radeon 680M graphics processor.
13.4” IPS 1920x1200, 120 Hz (16:10 touch screen)
16 GB RAM.
512 GB internal storage.
Windows 11 Home operating system.
Connections via HDMI, USB 3.2, USB-Cm DisplayPort 1.4 and 3.5 mm audio.
12 month warranty.
Up to 12.2 hours battery life.
ASUS Pen SA201-MPP 2.0 stylus included.

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  • The 7940 model still refuses to drop in price.

    • +1

      Australia tax lol - the 7940 has been $699 USD before apparently.

      • Dammmmmmm
        That's a steal!

  • +1

    Don't know if its just the display model there but I found the keyboard typing feel a bit cheap. Plus I think OW pricing like seafood, up & down all the time, been seeing it at this price like 3-4 times already, then will bump back to $1297 or $1397

    • I have the 6800HS version and think the keyboard is one of the better ones I've experienced on a laptop. But YMMV.

      Given I picked up mine almost 2 years ago for $1500, this doesn't seem like a great deal. Not bad. But not great.

  • -3

    damn this wouldve been a killer deal if it came with a 3050ti/4060

    • Dreamin!

    • +1

      And 32gb of ram and a 2tb ssd, if you're adding extra specs haha.

      • +1

        A second ROG Flow along with it would be nice too

      • +2

        And built in fridge to keep my beer cold!

    • None of those is a 2 in 1, if you are gonna rant like that at least list something strictly better instead of subjective tradeoffs

  • And why on earth that XG mobile so Rolls Royce expensive if you want a dGPU?

    • If thats "Rolls Royce expensive" for you kid, wait till you see what Rolls Royce charge for a 6cm badge.

      • He means an eGPU. XG mobile is an extenal "portable" dock that hosues a laptop spec rtx 4090 for an eye watering RRP of $3999

  • Performance wise, can someone tell me what the diff is between this and the Lenovo IdeaPad Pro 5 CU5-125H (assuming $1165 price)

    • +1

      depends on the type of performance you're looking for. Day-to-day computing? You mightn't notice a huge difference. Gaming. The ROG is going to be a lot more consistent and stable as a result of a better optimised iGPU. Personally I'd go a AMD processor over Intel at the moment, especially if you're getting one without a dGPU. But that's a personal choice.

      • Not having tb4 is not a big deal for future proof?

      • +1

        Yeah, also depends on the screen size you after, man, 13.3" really bad for old eyes like me to read …

  • how is this compared to a Surface?

  • +6

    I've had mine for almost 2.5yrs and in that time, I've loved every minute of it. I had grand designs of buying the xmg external GPU but in the end, it plays all the games I want to play, and it's uber expensive, so poor value imo. Sounded nice at the time.

    The display is gorgeous as is the 120Hz refresh rate. I've upgraded the SSD to 2TB M.2 2230 and that's it.

    The keyboard is lovely to type on but I have been using an external kb+m when gaming. Which brings me to outputs, one usb-a and two usb-c (the usb-c PD port when charging and playing brings your option down to one now) and although it's a little light on sometimes, it's helped with a storage hub that gives more USB ports and card reader, but also gives me a way to use the 2230 SSD at 40Gb speeds, with passthrough charging. Just brilliant.

    It's not all roses, the laptop does have a gripe using any charger other than its own. Sure it charges fine but, I can't put the laptop into turbo mode with a non OE charger. This seems to limit the igpu boost. The 8core CPU still clocks up. Even if I use the OE charger through the hub, it complains. So the charger gets one port on its own and the hub goes in the other. Just have to be careful with power hungry devices.

    I love the run time on battery, and I'm seeing ~9.5hrs still, less on performance and only turbo mode give full tilt on CPU & GPU. I do like that the charging modes help prolong the battery health. I have it set to charge to 60% if I'm going to have the laptop connected to the GPO for days. You can also choose 80% and 100%. When I know I'm on the move I'll change it beforehand. That and it charges fast.

    Nice pen was included and that's something I've always used on other touch laptop & tablets.

    Wifi 6e I think it has, has been great, I upload content to a wifi6 tablet and other devices, and am happy even over an old 1900bmps wifi router. Wifi6 routers are stupidly $$$ and have been since being released.

    $1500 from Harris Technology eBay, was way better that $2300 att. through other outlets. Pending on the price and availability on 7000 series laptops this isn't that bad of a laptop, but its as already said, it's not that good value wise either.

    Still if you do buy one you won't be disappointed on its abilities and the igpu is just fine.

    • I bought it back in April when they had it at 1197. I like it was cheaper without the dgpu in it (plus everything you said, such a great package).

      Very happy with it. only on light tasks and haven't tried gaming.
      I'd reward myself the XG mobile when I achieved the next milestone.

      • I also bought in April at 1197 (~1004 after GC), and never intended to use for gaming but rather as a high battery life ultrabook for media/travel. Long hours, great screen, runs cool, but the chassis is kinda finger-printy for a premium product.

        There are some issues re: XG Mobile that prospective buyers might need to note.

        • Nice, good to hear it stays cool and can last long. Perfect for taking to libraries I think then.

    • Thanks for your detailed review!
      How's the battery health and battery life going on your machine since it sounds like you've had it for so long.

      Does it get much hot on silent mode when you take it outside? I have a MSI Prestige 14 with only one fan invent and so annoying it gets hot on battery too.

      Would you advise us to still get in 2024 given it's made in 2022?

      • Battery is 8 to 9ish hours, a mixture of usage but no gaming, I plug in for that to get full GPU speeds. It could be on the upper end, but I don't usually let it go right to the end flat.

        In Silent Mode it is cool, I haven't noticed it hot on my leg in tablet more or otherwise I do prop, from the back when on a table. It feels heavy in tablet mode for hours. I've bought an iPad pro for that duty on a couch.

        For use in 2024, hell yes it's still a performer 8 core 16 threads she's no slouch. I'd love the 7000 series but it's not much of a jump in performance nor battery life to move on from this laptop. That and it serves my needs perfectly. So why upgrade.

        You should buy this if you can get it for a steal. I still feel like I've got my money's worth from it and enjoy what it gives me.

        My boy reckon it plays Warframe better than his gaming desktop with an XT6600 @FHD, not only performs better but looks better and feels better because of the display quality, and refresh rate.

        Yes, I would still buy one for one of the kids if needed.

  • just charged it fully and have been browsing the web till windows gets a handle on runtimes. Currently, on 98% and it suggests 9hrs 39min.

    Best battery mode, and ROG control panel set to windows. Screen refesh rate @ 60Hz @ default res 1920x1200.

    again it has been great to me.

    edit: sorry I have the Ryzen 7 6800HS 16Gb ram 2TB nvme 2230, 680M gpu.

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