Asus TUF Gaming RX 7800 XT OC 16GB Graphics Card (3 Fan) $749 Delivered + Surcharge @ Centre Com


It looks like the price of the Asus TUF 7800 XT is coming down across the board, unfortunately I paid $798.77 just yesterday. Most other shops still seem to be selling at $829.

Surcharges: 1.2% Card & PayPal, 2% AmEx.
Free shipping excludes WA, NT & remote areas.

I've not used centre com recently but maybe it can be used to get a price match elsewhere.

Alternate options:
$798.77 $758.77 @ JW Computers -… (edit: JW just dropped their price to match it seems - shakes fist buying from them 2 days ago…)

Umart / MSY / Centre com are all dropping their price to $749

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  • Cool, nice finding

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    I say hodl and get 7900 GRE when it comes down some? this is the NAVI card to get in this gen..

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      then it'll be hodl because the 5080 is just around the corner, then it'll be hodl because the 5090 will bring down the 4090 price, then it'll be hodl because the 8900xt might be released, then it'll be hodl because battlemage, then hold for the 5070 on and on and on and on it goes.

      • no, it's because 7900 GRE is best value for money, and not much more than this.

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          it's only value for money if you actually buy it. There's always gonna be a new price drop just around the corner. Is it really worth waiting 1 or 2 months to save $50?

          • @Zorololo: like I said, this is just a suggestion. if you scroll down this page or any other deal plenty of people say something along the lines of "dammit just bought it $50 dearer the other week".

            if you absolutely have to buy a GPU now and that's within your budget, get this GPU, no one is here to judge you. OP thought it's a good deal and many others would.

            it's not a game who saves the most, everyone makes decisions for themselves. it's a public forum and we help each other make these decisions, that's all.

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            @Zorololo: This forum is basically about buying older gear for cheaper price lol

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    Great value, considering this is the triple fan TUF version. The 4070S is 10% faster but 30% dearer and comes with only 12GB.

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      uhhh…no it is not 30% dearer…

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        Now compare it to an equivalent version and not a base model 2 fan screamer

  • This was my favourite 7800XT. Very good price

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    bought this at 799, absolute beast of a card. Loving it!

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    Will continue to enjoy my now 3 1/2 year old RX 6800 XT i got for $500 that performs essentially the same.

    • I bought a used 6800 for $600 on marketplace that I knew at the time was used for mining, it all checked out that it was looked after but it lasted about 6 months before dying.
      Loved the card, no need to upgrade to the 7800 if you have one but seeing as though they are scarce now, 7800 is the way.

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        I also did the exact same thing, except it was for the 6800 XT for $630. The seller bought it from another miner but I must have gotten lucky, the thing runs perfectly and I couldn't have been happier with the purchase. Sad to hear yours didn't work as well.

        • Sorry mine was a 6800 XT as well (should have added the extension!)
          The card was great in the time I used it, just unfortunate that it decided to quit when I was reading an article and not even gaming.

      • Well, you can still get 6800s for $480s at the moment. Not the $440 low it once was, but really competitive for $280 savings.

        • new or used ones?

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            @Pest85: Used. The price ranges we are talking about are all used

            • @Wonderfool: thats what i thought.
              unfortunately, the risks are too high with the used ones.

              24/7 is now what those GPUs were designed for.
              moreover, you would never know if mining was in dust-free and temperature-controlled room.

              paying 30% less to get a card that can die within 6-12 months is not a great deal, imho.

      • also bought an ex mining 6800xt about 2 years ago for $570 after ebay discount and cashbacks etc.
        The card is running overclocked while gaming and undervolted while mining since then, no problems.
        From my experience ex mining / used cards are just as likely to fail as new cards, if not a little less likely, because they have actually been tested.

    • This is obv not an upgrade path.

  • Can anyone recommend a good EGPU enclosure to use with this?

    • A lot of the cheaper eGPU enclosures have a big bandwith bottleneck plus your laptop has to have the right support too. Not just some USB-C.
      It is still a poor idea to run a laptop with external GPU for high end gaming.

    • I don't think many laptops have oculink, so I'll assume you have a laptop with thunderbolt. Basically, all the current thunderbolt egpu's will all perform the same as they're all thunderbolt 3.0 so doesn't really matter that much which one you pick, just check the PSU wattage they come with and card size they support but you can always run the epgu without its case if you needed to. I have a sapphire gearbox 500 and run it with no outer shell so I can fit a 3080ti in it.

      As someone else commented expect a performance hit, most cases are at best it's like a 20% hit to the cards expected performance. As an example, I tested a laptop that had a 2070 in it and then the same laptop with a 2080ti in a egpu and had maybe like 5fps better performance with the 2080ti which isn't amazing considering it's up against the mobile version 2070. But you get the benefit of the laptop not cooking itself or sounding like a jet plane.

      • Do we have cheap egpu solutions yet? I have a Rx6600 I can repurpose, and 2 laptops with Thunderbolt (shame I got my gpd win max 2 a year early otherwise it would've came with oculink)

        • Not really if you want a new one. Facebook marketplace seems to be the best place to get them cheap if you want used, used ones on ebay seem to be priced fairly high but I've seen a few on marketplace for like $100

  • I am going to resist the temptation and hold out for a 7900 GRE EOFY price drop, crossing fingers.

    • A 7700XTX is a wise decision over a 7700XT.

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        What are you talking about mate

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          The actual names of the card if they were not greedy enough like nvidia was.
          7900XTX = 7900XT
          7900XT = 7800XT
          and so on…

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      my thoughts exactly

  • I'd cop but this thing is just too damn big for my Fractal Design Ridge case. :(

  • Yeah looking at my 6600 XT still working out if I should go the 7000 series or not. but it is tempting at that price.

  • I have a 6800 but looking to upgrade due to issues arising with my card. Is this one a good upgrade or do I wait for a better price on the 7900 GRE?

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      I would wait and get 7900 GRE. value for money plus resale value

  • What PSUs are people running with these? I have 750 and worried it's too small

    • 750W is perfectly fine.

    • I was running a 4070ti super on my 650 watt… No problem whatsoever.

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      I use a 600W with a 6800XT (slightly higher power draw than this card)

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    For what it's worth, have had my 7800xt for a month and has been great.

    Personally don't care for RTX,
    CP 2077 runs fairly crisp @ 1440p + 60
    Other titles I play are way less taxing.

  • Good price

  • I'd buy one for $350. But then I'd probably have to waste $900+ on a new screen

  • JW just dropped their price to $758.77 - updated the details
    I should have waited for the price war before buying!

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    The madlads at Centrecom have lowered it even further to $749

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    Umart/Msy are also selling it for $749 now

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    Code Aloha takes it down to $712!

  • You can save more using a coupon code, you can get it down to about $712

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