[QLD] Switch Your Class 1 or 6 12-Month CTP Insurance to QBE and Get up to a $50 Prezzee eGift Card @ QBE


Gift card value depends on location/post code and for new CTP customers only.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Switch to QBE using this form
  2. Pay for your 12-month CTP policy (with your 12-month vehicle registration)
  3. You’ll receive an email with the details of your gift card within five business days after the policy starts with QBE
  4. Choose your eGift Card from a range of brands including supermarkets and retailers

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  • -3

    Wait until you try to make a phone call after accidents, you will be waiting for at least 50 minutes for any answers. And then another 50 minutes just to make a simple inquiry

    • +7

      This is CTP not Comprehensive 😁

      • -3

        Aha… so ctp will have an express line 🤣

        • +4

          Haha you don't have to deal with them 😁

  • Cars only get $25. boo

    • Depends on your location.
      Car: $25 in SE Qld, $50 in FN Qld
      Only available on 12 month policy.
      Confirmed in QBE calculator.

  • +1

    I guess something is better than nothing 🤷

  • +3

    Then change back to Suncorp for their bonus afterwards

    • +1


    • Previous Deal links don't show any Suncorp bonus & are marked EXPIRED.
      I've got the bonus in the past.

      Link please

  • +1

    how about nsw

    • sadly i think nsw doesnt allow these type or promos for CTP

  • The worse

  • I will never forget when they quoted me $9000 for comprehensive car insurance hahahah

    • Haha i hope you didn't not buy it 😅

  • Also a Long Running Deal from 2022

  • A bit hesitant filling out my drivers licence no and address etc. But on the other hand, wouldn't they get this anyways if you pick them as your CTP insurance?

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