ASRock Radeon RX 7900 XTX Taichi OC 24GB Graphics Card $1359.15 Delivered + Surcharge ($0 for Afterpay) @ Centre Com


Pretty sure this is an all time low, even better when considering this is AsRocks top of the line card.

Good luck to whoever buys one.. this doesn't fit in my itx unfortunately.

Surcharges: 1.2% Card & PayPal, 2% AmEx.

Free shipping excludes WA, NT & remote areas.

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      It looks like that price is after the discount code

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    Too bad 4080 does not want to come down in prices.

    • Dunno, I prefer this (Bought a 7900XTX recently)

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        Nothing wrong with 7900XTX, especially at this price. Just preferences. I prefer AMD CPUs and nvidia GPUs.

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        Its all preferences buddy. I see people spending heaps on cars, motor bikes, boats, trailers, Large expensive TVs, iPhones ;) and so on. A person buying a 1500 or even a 3000$ card might be driving an used car and would be absolutely OK with that. Cant say one is wrong just by that.

        But one thing is for sure. Corporate greed sure has increased in all segments making peoples lives hell. From milk to cards.

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        So you plan on playing Alan Wake 2 on your 128mb 6600GT?

        • -1

          Nah the goldenage of gaming is over. Now it's just getting frustrated with bad combat mechanics/raging. If you're playing online you're better off being closer to the node than wasting thousands on hardware. That's the bottleneck

          None of these graphically advanced games have brought me anywhere near the joy of Mario Kart 64.

          • @Jimmy77: Anhedonia? Tell us more about that fulfilling attitude you have towards hobbies.

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        You are trying so hard to sound smart and enlightened that everyone notices it's a smokescreen for your cognitive insecurities.

        • -3

          Sounds to me you like justifying wasting money on crap! Have fun raging in modern video games and tweaking Adrenaline settings in your free time

          • @Jimmy77: I don't play video games. Stop projecting.

            • @ozdog64: Then why are you happy with $1400 for an AMD gpu? Do you enjoy companies ripping people off?

              Call it out for what it is. Extremely overpriced price gouging rubbish. The complacency in regards to these prices is sickening.

              • @Jimmy77: Dude everyone's perception of value is different. It may not be yours and that's ok. But based of the last 5 or so years .. since the 20 series price hike this is fairly normal now.. it's not going to go down like what you are hoping for.. because there are people outside of gamers driving the market.. last time it was mining. Now it's machine learning and AI etc. so the days of GPU just being used for gaming is a thing of the past. Unfortunately for us who enjoy gaming. We either accept it or switch to just console gaming.

                • @maverickjohn: Fairly weak argument tbh. I'd at least call it a ripoff before justifying a perception of value. Better yet just boycott them!

                  • @Jimmy77: I don't think anyone would disagree that the prices are all a rip off, particularly when compared to >5 years ago. Boycotting is a lot harder for many particularly as the need to play current games requires current cpus.
                    I love my ps5 and play it far more than any PC, i still have a 3070 in my pc and was hoping for a 5080 as an upgrade. but time will tell, how they price that.

              • @Jimmy77: I do not own AMD GPUs. What the heck are you on about? I thought you were supposed to be old and wise!

                • @ozdog64: Well yeah wise enough not to pay $1500 for a gpu. I guess I could make a keychain out of it in 2 years. Now that's value

                  • @Jimmy77: Looks like someone thinks GPUs are only for gaming and doesn't know how to conduct a cost benefit analysis. In many GPU-related professions, something like a $3000 4090 GPU will result in a 50% to 300% productivity increase compared with a $500 card. The 4090 of which will be made back within a week or two, and the benefits lasting for years to come. But of course, I am only having to explain this to you since no one expects someone like you to understand a good investment.

                    • @ozdog64: lol sure thing genius. That's why gamers are buying them.. For AI!!! That's why AMD cards are similarly expensive too!

                      Don't forget the gimmicky headset that cost $1k in itself. I think you're missing the part where a $1500 gaming pc component has become for the most part normalized. God bless those 3060 users for not being weak willed!

                      • -1

                        @Jimmy77: Predictable Jimbo with yet another strawman. Never change!

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    I got my 4080 2 months ago else I'll get this

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    My rx 6900xt seems to be having issues so this is very tempting. I don't know if I feel need to get this though over the 7800 xt that is also on sale and is significantly cheaper.

    • What's wrong with it? May be easily fixed.

      • My computer is crashing (straight off) or freezing while playing Assetto Corsa Comp, and I'm getting a lot of micro stutters in Apex Legends.
        I've spent the last couple of days doing a full Windows reinstall, and then checking my RAM and doing a load of stress tests, none of which are in any way conclusive. It's very annoying.

        • +1

          This probably sounds obvious, but are the temps okay?
          My 6800 had crashing problems and it turns out the fans were faulty, would spin up fine until the load was high and then they would just stop.

        • Maybe just driver issues if load test is working. Just try other games inthe library. Also you can just ship the card to a repair guy if it fails all the time.

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          Perhaps try a custom undervolt or underclock. Confirming thermals of core and hotspot, and if the case fans are adequate. Maybe even reseat it. As others mentioned testing another game, and also verifying integrity of installed files. It's out there, but a frame rate limiter like Radeon Chill may help if FPS runs away uncapped.

          • @chyawala: Thanks. I'll have a look tonight, but I'm pretty sure looks at the metrics the card is running in the high 60s when I get the issues.

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          What PSU do you have? I have 5900x and 6900xt setup and with my 750w psu it would crash quite often due to spikes, but then with stress tests wouldn't crash. Upgraded to 850w psu and havent had an issue since. You could undervolt with the Adrenalin software like others suggested, that solved it for me until i got the new psu and somewhat confirmed the issue before i spent the extra $$.

    • The 7800xt is more or less on par with the 6900xt (sometimes worse) so it won't feel like an upgrade. This is about 50% stronger, I'd go with a 7900xt at the least.

      • I'm leaning towards the 7900XTX, as you say it is at least then a decent upgrade, and if I want to play Assetto Corsa Competizione in VR in the future I would need a little more grunt.

      • Even the 7900GRE wouldn't be too bad.

      • I'd just keep the 6900xt. Clean the HSF or buy a console. Back in the 1990's if you paid $1000 for a faulty product you'd be pissed off and not rebuy it lol. I miss those times.

    • My 6900xt having no issues but this is still tempting 🤣

    • press start, type event viewer, press enter

      go to windows logs, system, check for errors around that time might give clearer idea of what's causing these issues

      also what are your system specs, mostly interested in CPU, PSU

      • stutters might be caused by Ryzen 3600 especially in high FPS games, try a frame rate cap 60fps

        also try updating your bios firmware to latest version check your motherboards drivers page

        i've found chipset drivers more reliable from AMD directly

    • 7800xt would be a downgrade from you 6900xt. . . the 7800xt is less than a few percentage better than the 6800xt … bit of a dissapointing card really.

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    So need to chop chop it.. nothing fits in my case..

  • +4

    Purchased. Thank you Maverick Johnathon. 🙏🏼

  • That's a really good deal. But this is what the card should RRP at.

    • To bad we live in Australia

  • Must… Resist…
    I just cant pull the trigger. The raytracing performance is the major dealbreaker personally.
    RDNA4 will change all of this though.

    • Here's hoping. My 6800 copped a beating in Alan Wake 2

  • Silly question.
    Is there a way to see all products that can have the Chop Chop code applied?

  • +1

    3090 to this or wait?

    • +6

      This is a good deal but I'd honestly wait for the next generation at this point.

      • +1

        Fair point, I'll stick with my 3090 for now then.

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    C'mon 7900 GRE, get into the discount ring and fight! Hoping for a low price after Computex Taiwan.

    • +2

      A smidge under 4 weeks, let's all HODL!!!

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    Waiting for this to be $1.1K.

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    Have bought this exact card from centrecom and had to return it, they tested it on the spot and confirm it was abnormally hot. Good service from Centrecom (Auburn Store).

    • Haven't had to return anything but the staff at the Adelaide store are also excellent to deal with.

    • +3

      Not sure how that warrants a neg. I don't disagree that RT performance is lacking in rdna 3 but it's still one of the best GPUs when not accounting for rt. It beats the 4080 comfortably.
      I'm an Nvidia person but this card at this price would have been an instant purchase had it fit in my itx.
      The 8800xt will probably not be better than this except for RT. It just depends which path you take.
      For many pure raster performance in non rt is important and this card fits their need.…

      • -6

        The 6700 XT was cleared out for $470 just under a year ago

        This 7900 XTX has 2.2X the FPS, 2X the VRAM and 1.5X the power consumption

        Cost per frame, the XTX is a $1K card as the RDNA 3 architecture is certainly not offering any notable extra features worth over $350

        In other words, still massively overpriced and subject to sudden price drops depending on how a) desperate AMD are to clear the channel over the next few months and b) how well Battlemage performs

        • +1

          But there is always a drop in fps per dollar the higher you go . Doesn't matter which camp you choose.
          If everyone is going best fps/dollar everyone will probably go 4070super or 7900gre. But you shouldn't discredit the purchasers of higher end cards.

        • I wouldnt neg the deal just becuase its price is not where its supposed to be, as its still decent in the market. But I completely agree with you. The XTX is a 4080 Competitor. And 80 series nvidia card should have been around 700ish USD. Also 4080 is Gimped compared to 4090. So technically a 4080 should have been a 4070Ti. So XTX should have been a 4070Ti competitor had nvidia not been greedy and named thier cards properly. Unfortunately nvidia spoiled it all by increasing the prices and stepping down all cards by a tier. AMD followed suite made things worse and shot themselves in the jewels. Called a 6800XT as 7800XT. Called a 7800XT as 7900XT and so on. And they couldnt stop there, they wanted to milk 7900 series more and even released a 7900 GREedy edition. Its destination farked actually. An Ozzyman video on this would be awesome.

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    Uhh best deal right now for 4K gaming, what's close? a RTX 4080? How much is that? $1600/1630, so that's 17% more expensive for ray tracing and slightly better upscaling but less vram.

    A 4070 ti super? This is 20% faster, same money. You'd be crazy as a high end buyer to buy anything else.

    Anything else and you're in another price category, either the 4090 at silly money, twice this, for 30-40% more performance, or the other way you start looking at the 7900GRE, then maybe the 4070 S I think, not sure what other options from current releases there really is.

    • +3

      I have a 7900 xtx and my son has a 4080. I get slightly higher FPS in the few games we both play.

  • +3

    I got this card, it's a beast in physical size and performance.

  • +2

    Cheers OP! Finally decided to upgrade from a venerable 1070

    • +1

      I'm happy for you. I'm sure this will serve you as well for just as long.

  • +1

    Decided to upgrade from a 10GB 3080 and grab this deal.

    This 7900XTX is amazing. Even with a 10850k at 5.0Ghz. It does not hold it back much at all.

    Absolute highest temperatures I've seen is 50c on GPU 70c Hotspot 80c Memory. Idles around 20-25c.

    Fan speeds going from Idle to highest speed is around 20-33%. Roughly 950rpm to 1350 RPM. Completely silent.

    Works perfectly find on a Corsair RM750x PSU with an OC / UV. The card itself did draw up to 550W at one point when I OC'd to the max. But system still did not crash.

    If I OC / UV and cap my FPS to my monitors Hz (240) it draws around 350W.

    Hope this helps someone who may still be on the fence about purchasing.

    • Thats really good to hear, this is a top spec xtx and reflects your situation

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