Ozito PXC 18V 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Kit $24.98 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass) @ Bunnings


This deal is back.

A fair bit of stock, but very widely scattered, with nil stock in N.T.

Might be worth checking over the day to see if stock becomes more widely available.


I/N: 0501102

They also have the $48 4.0AH black battery available again. https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-black-series-4-0ah…

Fairly limited stock though. https://nrby.in/bunnings/0169989

And the 2 x 4.0AH battery and multi charger pack for $99.98 https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-2-x-4-0ah-batterie…

Again, limited stores with availability. https://nrby.in/bunnings/0370066

If the page is playing up, try searching using the I/N or this link. https://www.bunnings.com.au/search/products?page=1&q=ozito+p…

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    is it worth buying these and using the adaptor for Ryobi? unfortunately stuck in the ryobi ecosystem

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      Got a 3D printer? Need an excuse to buy one?


      • You still need metal contacts.

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          Zinc plated steel strips. Couple of bucks for a roll from China.

          • @bargaino: Cool, good to know.

            • @John Doh: Sorry! Nickel-plated, not zinc . D'oh!

              • @bargaino: All good.I didnt know these existed. I used to remove the metal sheet surrounding the AA batteries to get me thin metal sheet. But that was long ago.

    • I have one of these adapters, well 2 actually. They do work but being 3D printed they aren't that good at clipping in and out of the Ryobi tools. My first one was that poorly printed that the seller sent me another, which was a lot better but still no where near as easy to properly clip in or out of the tools as the Ryobi batteries are. Sometimes you have to fiddle with it to get it to lock in properly, and sometimes the same getting it out again, however for the price in the link found by CoenJC I think it's worth it.

      • Agree, I have one and use it with the lawn mower as an additional battery, A little fidly, but worth it IMO. If you are a regular user tho using multiple times a day, a ryobi battery would be good to have.

    • As someone who was about to buy a Ryobi set, may I ask what's so unfortunate about Ryobi ecosystem? I thought the ecosystem is the appeal…

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        ryobi is good , their batteries are exxy though

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        I've got a fair few items from Ryobi but for the amount of times I use them it's not worth it for me
        Work in tech so seldom use these so Ozito would be more cost effective

      • Both batteries and goods are expensive. Ozito does the job at a cheaper price.

      • I had 2 Ryobi pole saws. Both used plastic locator pins to hold the chain bar in place. Both snapped. I rang and emailed Ryobi (as it was dangerous…once lose the chain goes flying. They had no care at all.

        Returned and bought an Ozito and an Aldi version. Both heaps better products..

  • Link doesnt work, maybe removed?

    • Bunnings website does this sometimes. Try search the stock number on the site. 0501102
      If that doesn't show up try this link. https://www.bunnings.com.au/search/products?page=1&q=ozito+p…

      • We found 0 results for


        When i click on the link you gave only charger is showing for 24.98 (no battery)

        • I just used the I/N and it worked for me. Perhaps give it a few minutes and try again.

          • @revheadgl: Shows when i switch the store to Sydney. When i choose a store that shows stock in Adelaide, gives the errors I mentioned. So seems its location specific

            • @Chirag T: That is odd. I am in Canberra but tried switching to Adelaide and it is indeed not showing up.

              Might be worth a phone call if you are close to one of the stores and you can pick up from there.

            • @Chirag T: Yes it is location specific. Wont show up if there is no stock nearby.

  • "Sorry, page not found"

    Bummer, had it in my cart ready to go.

    • See my reply above yours, should help.

  • Thanks OP. Got one with free postage (Onepass).

  • thanks. got 2

  • My charger has just died on me but I definitely don't need any more 2ah. Having said that, the battery comes free as the charger is $25 on its own. Bah

    • Resell battery for small money on FB marketplace?

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    Some interesting specs for power output in watts on the batteries from Einhells website.

    2.0AH 450 watts.
    2.5AH 720 watts
    4.0AH 900 watts
    5.2AH 1260 watts
    6.0AH 1350 watts
    8.0AH 1350 watts

    The new sealed batteries.
    3.0AH 900 watts
    4.0AH 900 watts.

    • 18V x 2.0A = 36W

      What am I missing here?

      • I just saw these figure on Enhells website and thought it interesting.

        This is definitely above my pay grade, which is zero, but I think it is what the battery is capable of out putting for a short burst?

        Hopefully there are some electro mechanical types here than can explain it, as I really am out of my depth here. And I finished school in 1975, lol.

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        The above wattages are what the battery can output.

        For example, the 18V 4Ah (72Wh) battery can output 900W.

        The battery is made up of two strings of 18650 cells in parallel. So 5x batteries in series to get 18V. Then two of those in parallel. 5S2P.

        The cells are each rated for 25A output. So each string of 5 can output 18V x 25A = 450W. Two strings in parallel can do 900W.

        The 2Ah battery is just one string of 5x cells so 450W.

        The 2.5Ah uses 5x 20650 IXR21/66 MH46259 2.6Ah cells in series. Each cell is rated for 40A, which gives the 720W output.

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          Appreciate for the explanation, thank you!

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          I forget that the voltage is fixed while the current can be changed based on the load like phone battery that can last from as little as a few hours to days. So, for the 4Ah 72Wh battery at 72W output will last 1hr, while at 900W output (max) will last 4.8 mins some sort.

          Thanks for the in depth explanation. I think I want to expand my knowledge of battery power and start some simple DIY battery kits out of these batteries.

    • I've been waiting for that 5.2ah 1.26Kw unit to go on sale but it never does. Don't know if anything will draw that much power (possibly angle grinder, garden tools etc) but its one of the highest power output batteries for any tool brand at that price.

      Someone has put together a really good battery spreadsheet of a lot of brand batteries and their power outputs here for reference (not just makita)

      • +1

        I have never seen the single 5.2's on sale. But there is a bit of a deal on a 2 pack. They are $199 so a saving of $39. https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-5-2ah-battery-twin…

        I will check out that spreadsheet now that Prong has kindly explained how it all works, lol.

      • Hmmmm now I am thinking about a DIY adapter to turn 2x 2.5Ah batteries into one 5Ah.

        I believe the 5.2Ah uses the same 20650 IXR21/66 MH46259 2.6Ah cells as the 2.5Ah. Just the 2.5Ah under rates the capacity because of the higher output rating.

        2x 2.5Ah in parallel would give 1440W output! Better even than the 6Ah and 8Ah Max batteries that use 21700 cells.

        The dual 2.5Ah batteries would need to still both have their individual BMS but in theory there should be no issue as long as they are at the same charge level when you start.

        The dual 2.5Ah battery would be a bit larger so won't be a good fit for some tools. The 36V Ozito chainsaw would have room for one dual 2.5Ah setup on each side though!

        I might have to rig something up and give it a try…

        • the more important question is whether any of the tools would draw that much. video from tool scientist


          and he tests the power draw for a lot of Milwaukee tools. most use a lot less than 1000w in typical use. some use more when you really push them but this is in my view not how you should or would use them normally (and probably is counterproductive).

          this is probably why Makita 18v have stuck to using very conservative 18650 cells with a max current of 40amps (on their 5ah battery) to provide only 720w (excluding the fact that Makita 18v side by side has very little space than you cannot fit 21700 cells inside of them).

  • good deal.

  • Great deal, got one. Click & Collect @ Innaloo 6018.

  • Can't get it delivered if it isn't stocked locally? How does that make sense?

    • Dangerous goods maybe? Battery….??

  • Does Ozito batteries have low voltage protection built in?

    • Yes they do.

      • Sweet, I guess it’s safe to use a battery adapter. Stuck in ryobi ecosystem.

        • It will be. All the Ozito tools I own only have 2 terminals. + and - so the battery definitely has low voltage cut out.

  • Don't buy the 2.5ah. Not worth the money. I have a few of them in a junk drawer. Get 4ah.

    • I find em useful for a quick drill, leaf blower and/or hedge trimmer job, but yeah wouldn’t waste my time with these on a lawnmower or something heavier

  • stupid question but would this replace a 12V 1200mAh Ozito battery (old model I guess)

    • No it wont. Completely different battery in all physical dimensions, and even if it did fit, it would fry your tool pretty quickly.

      • thanks. My drill doesn't last very long at all, fully charged…it's pretty old to be fair.

  • -1

    I think last year this was 19.95

  • Thanks OP got 2 ready to collect

  • What's the difference between the 4ah black and 4ah red?

    The ID seems to just have a B in it for "black" cant see much else different.

    • +2

      From what I have read, they are the same internally. They generally sell them as a promo item when matching Aldi but sometimes have the available at other times.

  • Bought the Ozito brushless Multi tool today for $44. As it is my first Ozito cordless, good to be able to get the kit, battery & charger for $24.98. Was planning to buy the Ryobi brushless one for $199, but the blades that come with it are just for wood, then I would have to buy more blades for metal. So $68.98 for the Ozito brushless including battery & charger is not bad. Hope there is no regret.

  • Is that normal, on the picture the charger has 5 pins, but the one I have bought has only 3 pins, do I need to worry? I have tried to contact Ozito, but they don't answer call.

    • I just checked for you. Not sure whats doing with the pictures of all the chargers showing 5 pins on Bunnings and Ozito's websites, lol..

      I have one of these as well as the dual battery charger, and can assure you they both have 3 pins.

      Even Einhell's website only shows 3 pins.And Ozito PXC is made by Einhell.

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