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Garmin Instinct 2S Solar 40mm Sports / Activity Tracker Graphite $378.85 Shipped @ Ryda


An even more decent price (by 15c) for this activity tracker. Seriously considering it, 2 weeks of battery + solar is a huge improvement over 1 day on my old Apple Watch.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2024.

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  • worth checking Ryda eBay store they often have codes that apply.

    nah just searched they barely have anything listed now. womp womp.

    • I think you are on the right track. Seems like a few places have dropped their price to this. Just takes one of them to list on eBay and this gets even better

      • +1

        about a year ago I think they had almost all Garmin models on their eBay page and most with matching prices, so you could get some extra discount with eBay code.
        looks like they got fed up with eBay fees and pulled most of it.

        a few older models are there but with much higher prices.

        but you are right still worth searching on eBay from other stores.

        usually amazon ftw though.

  • I probably would have bought this the other week if seen. Instead, grabbed an epix gen2 for $699 (then $40 cashrewards + $34.95 rebel credit).

  • Would be nice if they made the battery replaceable.

  • I have the instinct 1 solar and I've been seriously happy with it as a person who wanted a smartwatch and is not interested in the nightly charge. The battery still lasts me 2 weeks after one year. NFC would make it even nicer. Seriously considering the upgrade.

  • +1

    I have the non-solar version and it's bloody fantastic. Even that gets 2 weeks battery life without solar so not real sure what benefit the solar has.

    • so not real sure what benefit the solar has.

      depends how much sun you get. for most people that's very little.

      but outdoors people will see some extra battery life.

  • Yeah perhaps the solar version is for Ozbargainers who sit inside buying stuff they don't need.

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