Summoned to Jury Duty during EOFY

Hey guys myself and my stepfather coincidentally got called up for jury duty in trials that will potentially end up going for the whole month of June.

This causes problems as we are all working in superannuation/financial services and technically it's imperative that we be in attendance at work as you can understand due to the specific requirements during end of financial year. Any other time of the year would be reasonable but not June. Also, there is a takeover underway at my company and the terms state we cannot hire additional staff until after June 30.

I do have some carer responsibilities doing school drop off runs for a flatmates child which is another thing too. Yes, them state government videos on YouTube about juries paint this pretty picture but I'm genuinely worried about everything at work.

Anyway I have already been given a letter from my employer and sent it off to the sheriff as well as providing them with school contact details as I'm an authorised person with carer responsibilities.

Apart from that What else are our options?


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    Have you actually called the Sheriff's Office and asked for a deferral?

    • I will phone them but was told in NSW to reply via email/post

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        Check the letter, in SA we have an automated portal that allows us to put requests through in 👍

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        Yes you need to send form for deferral not ring them. They will excuse from attending for 1 month (ends up being 1.5 months by the time you get the next letter). That’s what I did.

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      You dont call !!!
      You do it online in NSW.
      Probably in most other states as well.

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        It depends. If it's not your first, the portals often force you to call. Well, in SA they do.

        Essentially, you get one free excuse here. All the others require speaking to the boss. 😳

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          OP is in NSW
          So it works they way I have suggested
          Know full well from experience!

          And no, you dont get one free excuse in NSW
          The reasons to be excused are outlined on the Jury summons papers

          OP should check here:

          Unfortunately it looks like OP does not qualify
          But they should apply anyway and hope for the best

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            @HeWhoKnows: Geez the way you write is pretty attacking. Manners go a long way

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              @Dmd: Here we go again
              People neg voting the facts

              And the most helpful information well

              And No I didnt attack anyone.
              Just simply replied with facts and answers that OP needs

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                @HeWhoKnows: Username checks out

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                @HeWhoKnows: Alas around here you're all too often better off (on the voting front) stating popular nonsense than simple & evidence based facts, even when you provide links etc.

                Is a tad like 'The Emperor's New Clothes', folks would prefer you post up some baseless furfy which aligns with their views, cordially poin out that alas things aren't as they suspect and you're suddenly on the outs.

                You did the right thing, what other folks do with the facts is on them - not you - but yeah I get it, is annoying to be downvoted for just stating thnigs we all should agree on. :-)

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    I've been called up three times for jury service over the years. Each time I write to them explaining how it would negatively impact me/my business and each time I have been excused jury service.

    Juries these days are mostly made up of government employees, the unemployed and the retired.

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      When I served as a juror two were retired and one was a student. Rest of us were all working full time jobs.

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        He did say "government employees" so that might cover some..

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      This explains things. I've always wanted to fulfil my duties as jury duty but never get called up. People around me do (who are government employees) and they never want to do it.. But I do!!

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        I think the randomness is broken in Victoria.

        My workplace has had 12 fresh immigrants all get called up for jury service after only being a citizen for between 0 - 36 months over the last 5 years.

        I've been a citizen for almost 40 years, and never called up. The same with every other Australian borne in our office has never been called up. We start discussing it a lot after a spate of people got called up for jury service.

        Its like they only look at the last few citizenship entries created.

        Either that or the immigrants live in postcodes that are more popular for jurors.

        • Never been called up either, but dont want to be so all good

        • In 30 ish years I've been called up once (maybe twice), one time I attended, wasn't selected and was sent home early. This was nearly 20 year ago?

          The second time I called the number the night before to check status and it was held back, rinse and repeated a couple of times before just being let off. Maybe 7 - 10 years?

          You'd figure your number has to come up ever so often?? right?

          • @The Hawk: I've been put on the selection roll 3 times in the last 7 years!

            Have a bit of a story about it I post further down, but only the first time was a merry go 'round. The other two times I attended (but not selected)

            And the stranger thing is that my wife gets on the roll a month or two after I am as well

        • It's the same scenario with my workplace. It just seems like everybody who comes through gets called up to jury duty at one point and pretty much all my team in the last 4 years have been called up at some point in time.

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        Same here. Never been called up!

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      Erm, you're missing the people who want in on a juicy murder case.

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      I read once how concerning it is that someone's fate is in the hands of 12 people lacking sufficient skills to get themselves out of jury duty.

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        I read once how having civic responsibility makes for a better society

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          those two facts are not mutually exclusive

    • Not in Sydney.

    • Even as a gov employee I ask to be excused.

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    Get a T-shirt that says guilty. Each time you get called up for selection the defense will exercise their veto powers and you won't get empanelled. You'll only have to be there for a day or 2 before they let you go.

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    "Summoned to Jury Duty during EOFY"
    and here I thought this would be a thread getting excused for jury duty as it would impede EOFY bargain hunting

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      I was thinking exactly this too.
      Sadly the actual reason is way less interesting… :P

    • THIS 😄, because they confiscate your phones the whole time lol!! LOL I was so curious to see what kind of deals OP was expecting, yes sadly far less interesting.

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      To be fair, I imagine quite a lot of seasoned Ozbargainers would truly feel annoyed if being summoned for Jury Duty during this crucial month as well!

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    How attending Jury duty help me rethink B2B sales.

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    Homer: Getting out of jury duty is easy. The trick is to say you're prejudiced against all races.

    (Or Just say you got work and can’t leave, get your supervisor or yourself if you are the manager to sign off?).

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      In NSW at least, I believe that it is illegal for your company to request you be excused. They can provide a letter detailing the impact to their business in support of your request but can't request on your behalf.

      • yeah i meant you can get them to write the letter.

        wording from the qld page:

        If you apply to be excused for work-related reasons, provide a letter from your employer stating why you can’t attend.

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    I was deferred last time (2022) because I had a holiday booked that had already been postponed once.

    The time before that I was at the Downing Centre and was excused because I recognised the name & occupation of one of the witnesses and there was a possibility we'd had a business relationship at some point (it was a common name).

    One of the Asian (potential) jurors was excused because they claimed in a "Benny Hill" chinese accent "My English very bad. No understand." despite having spent the morning on her phone speaking perfect english doing business deals.
    For those that don't know Benny Hill (the humour hasn't aged well)

    Another guy was excused because he laughed at the accused's plea of "not guilty". He was as guilty as sin. Who doesn't know they have 400 cartons of cigarettes in their boot and another 2 tonne of cigarettes and tobacco in their garage?

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    How come i never get selected.. im happy to pay $100 to skip 4 weeks of work with full pay

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      You don't get full pay to do jury duty.

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        depends on you EBA. My work pay you your full wage and then you surrendered the jury allowance to them.

        • It's certainly not the norm.

          • @brendanm: I kmow a company who will pay the differences between full normal pay rate and the jury rate.

            Thats why i want to get selected.

            • @CyberMurning: Fair enough, seems like a no brainer if you're getting paid, might get an interesting case.

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              I kmow a company who will pay the differences between full normal pay rate and the jury rate.

              I thought that was the minimum requirement…

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                @smartazz104: Yeah i just pointed out that because some people may think we get paid less by attending the duty. I really want it….may get obsessed soon

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        You absolutely do (for the first 10 days).…

        • Well there you go.

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          Thanks! Now the tricky part is to get HR to recognise fair work statute

    • only time i was ever called up, my residential address was 150 km from my uni and the regional court was another 150km the other side of home. apparently if you have to travel more than two hours (200km?) they will excuse you.

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    Get your employer to write a letter stating that you are required at work and hand in to them on the first day. A couple of people at my work have done this and got out of it.

    • Twice I've been called for jury duty, and both times, when I told my boss I needed some time off, they gave me letters like that instead. (different companies) I think they teach it in management school.

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    blow 0.05 on drink driving - then you can't go on jury duty

    • Then pay a fine, chance of imprisonment and get a criminal record. Makes sense lol

      • eh
        for me was $900 for a lawyery person to represent me, and given my clean driving record, i got given a suspended sentence and no conviction recorded…. avoided jury duty for the last 15 years and counting.

        wasnt a proud moment
        wasnt done to avoid jury duty on purpose
        but was a happy coincidence

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    Tell the judge it's not fair for you to be on a jury, because you can read minds.

  • I was summoned a few weeks ago and successfully deferred it to later this year on the count of going overseas a week later. Perfectly good reason and no employer letter necessary.

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    I know you can read my thoughts boy….

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    I tried to defer attendance at court on account of EOFY but my arresting officer wouldn't allow it.

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    Wink at the judge

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    Had it deferred twice… went on the 3rd call, never got selected so went home at 2.30pm.

    • Same happened to me, when through one trial where I wasn't selected, then waited a few more hours only to be told there were no more trials for the day and we could go home.

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    If you dress right (wrong), and display the right (wrong) attitude. Both parties will object to you, you will be dismissed and never called again. I just wore trackpants and an old t-shirt, and stomped a bit on my way in. Been 30 years for me and they only let me in that building the once.

    • Banned from the courthouse? I think that means you can do any crime you want without prosecution now. Loophole!

      • Would be nice.

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    I just went in for jury duty last week but didn't get past the main room. They normally won't take work as an excuse. You may be able to get out of it if you are sole trader but unlikely if you are on a team.

    A colleague coincidentally got called up for an 8 week trial but he was allowed to do a 2 week trial. That may be an option for you two.

  • Guess im lucky never been called up for jury duty, and never will be.

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    So why did you wait till you were selected for a Jury to decide to tell them you needed a deferral? The best time to tell them you can't do this is BEFORE you are selected. After selection the bar for being excused is significantly raised.

    On the positive side once you have done a Jury duty on a long trial you basically are excused for rest of your life (I did 7 weeks on a murder trial was told by Sherif and judge that should any of us get called up again we can simply refer to that case and we will be automatically excused).

  • Hey OP, want to cheat off my answers? Work gave me a note, all generic, technically true excuses: busy period at work, unable to be replaced in-time / temporarily, would impact a community service, negative inpact on business, etc. Was excused.

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    I know it's not the case for this as they may need to address some things at work but there would not be a problem with so many people trying to get out of it if they paid properly.

    They should just tell the people they call up to bring 3 months of payslips, of which they pay the juror that amount and say 10 percent as inconvenience fee.

    So if you get a waiter it may cost the state 5000 dollars for example but if they select a dentist they pay 100,000 (didn't do exact calculations off the top of my head but as an example). With the caveat that whoever they select they pay, as in they can't go he's too expensive let's choose someone else.

    That's only fair as if anyone else procured their services they would be paying that amount. This is that ensure people don't lose out for being unluckily selected for jury duty.

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    chances of you actually serving on a jury are actually pretty slim, most likely you'll be sitting in a jury waiting room with about 100 other people and get dismissed as a whole group by lunch.

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      Yeah that's what happened to me. Had a nap on one of the couches then was sent home.

      The best part is they won't bother you for a few years unlike if you defer it.

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    get some (temporary) face tattoos… guaranteed not to get selected

    • "cash is king" across the forehead

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    Unlike OP, I want to be summoned. How do I increase my chance of being summoned? I got once 10 years ago but did not get selected.

    • I've never been called up, but I am pretty sure I'd not get past any questioning :(
      Fancy not wanting to be on a jury.

      • The reality is it is mostly not like on the US TV. When I got selected for murder trial I was ready with lots of answers to hopefully not get selected. The only question Jurors got asked was "Do you know the defendant, victim or anyone in the case" and had they actually asked any questions, even as simple as "what is your occupation" at least 3 members of my Jury would have been immediately dismissed as they had medical backgrounds and that hurt the defense case that tried to confuse with medical terminology to seed doubt which doesn't work well when you have a retired doctor and 2 nurses to explain it in the Jury room.

      • Why do you think that?

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      I never got called up for 20 years working in various private industry jobs. Then I changed to university, and me and all my colleagues were continually summoned. There seems to be something more to summoning than just being on the "NSW Electoral Roll".

  • This is what HR are for. Chances are they've dealt with this before.

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      As someone who works with HR, you overestimate HR.

      • Guess it depends. I know my current company's HR will help with a letter to assist you getting excused.

        End of day, jury duty is a legal obligation so the employer can't exactly get upset at you. If they object to it, the obligation is somewhat on them to help get excused. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • As someone who has to deal with HR, you definitely overestimated HR.

    • Lols… my team leader has a template for this sort of thing

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    i have been summoned 3 times, been excused all 3 times due to work commitments

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