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10% off (Minimum Spend $100, Max Discount $25, Online Only) @ Coles


Courtesy of TA!

Nice offer from Coles when you spend $100 online.

10% off your shop is valid only when you shop via coles.com.au or the Coles App, and spend $100 or more in one transaction. Discount is applied when you enter the promotional code MEGA10 at checkout after savings and discounts, and excludes smoking and tobacco products. Maximum discount $25. Standard minimum order requirements apply for Coles Online and offer is valid until 21 May 2024. Order cut-off times apply. Excludes Uber Eats and DoorDash purchases.


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  • Wonder if this can be stacked with the Coles Plus Saver 10% off?

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      I have 20off200 discount last week, it automatically applied when my cart over 200, and i couldnt get my 10%off from coles plus applied after it, even when my cart dropped under $200. So probably no double dip this time too.

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      Yep it double stacks..

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    It'd be nice if they would allow for Coles GCs to be used online.

    • They’ve been working on it since at least 2017

      I’m sure they’re close /s

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  • stupid question, can you use you FlyBuys to lower your bill? I have $80 worth of flybuys dollar but everytime I shop (in store) the machine only asks me if I want to use 2000 Flybuys Point ($10).
    I'd like to use it all at once if possible.

    And if possible, can you use them when shopping on Coles online too?


    • Need to sign up to a flypay account .

      • Flypays has a maximum of 10,000 points to be used in one transaction ($50). But still the only way to use flybuys points online. Obviously theres the rewards store but thats ridiculous pricing, so doesnt count lol.

        • I've used $62 in one transaction

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      You can load as much flybuys $$ to your physical card and use that instore

      • Thanks. Didnt know that

    • Use the Flybuys app to convert your points to Flybuys dollars beforehand, then you can pay in-store using your Flybuys card as the payment card. You'll also need to setup a PIN on the Flybuys card, and use that on the payment terminal

  • Good to see plenty of price drops yesterday. But the minimum spend is kind of killing the deal.

    • Your grocery bills come in under $100??

      • Yeah, mine is mostly $30

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          What did you buy? 2 packets of pasta, 1kg of mince and a milk?

          • +4

            @Jugganautx: Nah, i'd never buy meat from Coleworth…what a rip off (to consumers and farmers)!

            Local (Foodland) is at least half the price for meat, Ie, I bought a 2kg pork roast this week for $5.90/ kg and chuck steak (for pressure cooker) at $9.90/ kg, brisket at $14/kg etc. Ham (left over ends) $2/kg.

            Grow our own fruit and a few veg helps a bit. Friends have chooks. So no fruit juice purchases etc. Deserts are home made apple pies/ Yonana ice creams etc.

            But, as an example, I'd buy the double sized margarine (only 11c more than the normal one, but double the size), 4 Chicken Kievs ($1.30 each), 2 boxes of the $2.20 Weetabix special, 900g fruit Muesli $2.80, 2 x packs of rice crackers 89 cents. 1kg carrots $1, Brocolli head $1.10, tin tomatoes (again double size), 2 L milk (reduced is a bonus), bag of flour, can of tuna, Lettuce $1.50

            Then Aldi (next door) would be something like 5kg bag of potatoes $6.50, can spaeghetti 69c, Eton (Jatz) crackers $1.30, Multigrain bread $2.40, corn kernels $1, pasta 90c, 750g bacon $5, Lasagna $6, large pack of 2 min noodles. Aldi coffee beans $11.

            So big spends (potatoes, coffee, cheese etc) last a month or so. Roasts/ briskets cut up for multiple meals.

            Average day would be:

            Breakfast: weetabix and muesli for breakfast, piece of fruit. Bacon n eggs.
            Lunch: Ham and salad sandwhich, tuna and noodles, spaghetti. Apple and peach cake. Dehydrated fruit pieces (we got 1000's of apples this year).
            Dinner: pot pie/ brisket/ chicken/ pasta, roast pork /bahn mi, lasagna, pizza (with ham left overs, can tomatoes with basil / salt for base sauce)
            Snacks - Crackers/ cake/ Fruit pies.

            Capitalise on snack specials (ie family chips 380g- $4), Easter eggs post easter.. So much chocolate! Not living like a king, but decent enough… I think.

            So, yeah.. I never get close to the discount spends unfortunately.

            • @tunzafun001: If you buy a fridge you can store perishables inside. It will allow you to do a shop for one week, instead of going to the supermarket everyday.

              I understand that's what the French like to do, but nobody really likes their snobbery.

              • +1

                @TEER3X: Only shop on Monday… But if I'm out for a bike ride with the little one and see a special at the local Foodland I'll grab. Gets her a free banana and she convinces the service deli for a piece of fritz.

                FWIW my old Colesworth used to reduce a lot of stuff. This one never does. So used to spend less. Dropped into the old one and it didn't disappoint.
                Got a pack of smoked salmon, pita breads, tzatziki, milk, mud cake, loaf of bread, pack of snags.. $2.60 total!

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    Courtesy of TA!


  • @HamBoi69 - Doesn't work on my account (using Coles app).
    Opps didnt see it starts later at 10pm…

  • Thought this was for today only, ends on 22st so heaps of time!

  • If I order $100 worth of groceries but $10 worth of stuff is out of stock, I wonder if they will still honour the discount?

    • Yes, discount would apply

      • Great! Thank you.

    • Coles always does that, and that's how I always end up missing CommBank cashback stuff lol

      Hate Coles, but, I found they're still cheaper than woollies even after 3% discount GC I get. 90% goto woollies and 10% Coles. I should change this but still hate Coles.

      • That’s how I miss out on Flybuys bonuses!

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