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Hey guys. So proud to share that after eight incredible years at Cashrewards and a well deserved three month break with family, I've joined the amazing team at TopCashback as its first full-time Aussie-based employee in the role of Customer Ambassador for its local conglomerate, TopCashback Australia. Established over 19 years ago, TopCashback is the leading cashback site in the UK with presence in many countries including Germany, France, USA, China, Spain, Italy, and now in its infancy in Australia. My goal is to support TopCashback as a global cashback leader and certainly help establish it as the most trusted & generous cashback provider in Australia.

I'll endeavour to negotiate and harness the best local rates, deals, and offers for its members, and provide second to none customer support. Apart from bringing you great deals, I will also be the eyes and ears as your store rep here on OzBargain. I established an enormous amount of good will and trust with members during my time at Cashrewards, and I'll do everything in my power to ensure this continues with TopCashback. I want to help make your cashback journey as seemless as possible.

So if you're not already a TopCashback member, join today, refer friends, and get ready for some fun & exciting times. All I ask is to please allow me a few weeks to settle into the new role. There's going to be a lot to learn and many new people to meet & talk to. In the meantime, please continue to reach out to TopCashback AU Rep for any queries you may have.

I'm pumped with anticipation & excitement for this new chapter in my life. Thank you as always for your support. TA.



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    Holy sh*t. That’s wild. Wow TA! Congratulations!!

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      Couldn’t have worded it better. Thank you HB 🤗

      • I've change to using topcashback now for all my orders. I get way faster order process times and can cash out sooner. higher % cash backs and less rejected purchases. I still always check cash rewards and shop back but end up ordering via top cash.

      • Congrats mate!

        I've very rarely used them but with TA endorsement and a position you seem to be superbly suitable for I'll definitely be giving it a try and watch how it goes.

        I hope you're still active around here in other capacities. Whether it's finding deals or giving useful advice in the comments or the many meme's that centre around you it would be sad to lose that.

        • Thank you 🙏

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    Good luck and look forward to some good deals

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    Awesome news congrats

  • +34

    I will be deactivating my cashrewards account and opening a topcashback account. Customer support through OZbargain is priceless.

    • +2

      Ok. Well you will miss out some timed deals. Perfect example would be the Qatar airlines was 4.5% with cashrewards for a limited time which I used to book for a family member. And everywhere else including AMEX was 2%.

      Keep all including ShopBack, they all have unique deals from time to time.

      I'm a little annoyed as a previous shareholder of Cashrewards but its all business.. don't take it to heart.

      • topcashback do price match

      • Just out of curiosity, did you buy shares in CRW out of customer-loyalty or did you think it was a good investment? Hopefully you got out of it okay.

      • +2

        I did predict this is a few comments before they went public I remember, I got negged to oblivion. No one likes good advise on ozbargain and assume because a ozbargain member is part of a company that everything will be OK

        I'm a little annoyed as a previous shareholder of Cashrewards but its all business.. don't take it to heart.

        • Accepting the buy out offer before it was forced is where the real money was made. That is if you bought in when the shares were low.

    • what’s the story with cashreward?

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    Hope it gets tighter around TopCashback, @tightarse!

  • +1

    Bonza! Cant wait for the proper TA deals
    Gratz on your new role

  • +1

    Oh my, massive! Keen to see more from you!

  • +2

    Congrats TA! TCB got a real one.

    • +9

      Username checks out

  • +2


    • +1

      Thank you :)

  • +1

    Congrats mate! Excited for you and TCB!

  • +1

    Congrats! What will happen to the current rep? They were great too!

    • +1

      Their job got off-shored I guess.

    • +9

      What will happen to the current rep?

      Nothing. The current rep is based in the UK and will remain in a 'minita' type role as required. Hope this helps :)

      • That would be a real timezone issue, that said OzBargainers come out to hunt at night, so maybe it would be good to reply to emails during UK work day/our night browsing time. Now we'll have both!

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    Wow, Congratulation TA.
    Time to join TopCashback now.

  • +1

    Congrats :)

    • +1

      Thank you spack! Been a while :)

  • +21

    Was always thinking I will never sign up for topcashback… that weird kid eating sand in the sandpit of the playground of cash back providers … yet here I go because of you TA.

    Looking forward to some ripper deals.

    • +21

      If I were you, I'd wait to see a decent sign-up bonus. Got a feeling now TA's around, he'll organise a ripper deal.

      • Yep same i thought cr and sb is one too many already but maybe ill join tpb if the bonus is big

        • Just jump on it. You ponder way too much 😜

      • Then just open a second account when that happens. Too easy.

      • +2

        This is a pretty decent referral deal that’s just gone live.

  • +7

    Poached. Awesome. Congratulations.

    You should have started your own cashback company.

    • +11

      Arse Back?

      • +7

        Back, crack and sack of cash?

  • Good luck TA, looking forward for more deals!!!

  • congrats and good luck

  • Congrats TA! All the best.

  • Congratulations

  • Massive congrats TA. Look forward to all the new deals you have in your pockets. No pressure!

  • +4

    Welcome back to cashback world TA
    ps: i need boost sims

  • +1


  • Congrats TA!! Keep the deals flowing. Cheers

  • +115

    Andrew here founder of Cashrewards. Firstly congratulations TA on this exciting new role. Secondly this is great news for the cashback industry as a whole in that your extraordinary talent for helping consumers maximise cashback and increasing sales for merchants will grow the pie for everyone’s benefit.

    • +52

      Andrew, I have no words. You employed me on a whim all those years ago with no affiliate experience whatsoever. You trusted me, mentored me, and we’ve not looked back since. The most enduring thing for me is that we’ve become truly great friends. For this, I’ll always be thankful 🙏

  • Congratulations Tightarse! Will now join Topcashback as well; thanks++ for all the great deals! You are a legend.

  • Awesome mate! I had a great experience with topcashback in the US previously so am hoping you can bring your particular niche set of skills and panache to make the Topcashback AU experience great!

  • +14

    Congratulations on your new job, TA!

    One humble request from a cookie monster hungry for deals: could you please see whether TCB can have its own gift card portal? You know I like a good gift card deal! 😃

    • +51

      Hey Wookie, and great to hear from you. Gift Card onboarding will be one of my priorities and it's something I've already discussed during the onboarding process. All I can say at this stage, is stay tuned :)

      Also, to everyone regarding the congratulatory messages in this post - thank you! You have no idea how overwhelmed I feel right now. Unfortunately as store rep, I can't upvote comments, but please know they are truly appreciated 🤗

      • +1000000 to this !
        Gift Card Portal and Bank tieups will be a monstrous offering. You also know an upcoming bank (starts with M)which is still looking for a partner ;)

    • I'd rather keep Giftz giving me 5% on Amazon!

  • Congratulations TA! Glad to see you're on board with another cashback provider :) Looking forward to seeing all the new amazing deals you come up with.

  • +1

    Congrats TA! TopCashback is lucky to have you onboard!

  • I'm afraid if CR is not careful, TCB can be the king of cashbacks - I've been using them much more than CR these days.

    • +3

      SB took the crown a long time ago, but I'd be happy to see TCB take over or at least challenge them with TA as a rep now. At least the customer support will be great unlike SB which is pretty much non-existent these days (never got a reply to my DM to GYB from 2 months ago, and no response to missing cashback claims in general from SB).

      • +1

        I agree. There is lot to be desired from the SB support. Would love to see TCB takeover the crown.

      • Gyb has been awesome for me but support on the other hand…..It's nearly taken a month to add a st George card to my account that is apparently in use somewhere else.

    • +1

      Same. Support has been good when I've needed it, and while it might not have all the extras of the others tbh I like the simplicity.

      No cashback offers I'm missing out on because I don't have the right credit card, or obtrusive add-on popups that I can't disable, only pause for 12 hours (SB I'm looking at you, as I get another of the seemingly constant push notifications on my phone as I type this)

      No minimum payout is great and have just submitted my first highest cashback guarantee claim so see how that goes.

      I just hope the banks don't get their sticky fingers in to TCB too.

      Congrats on the new gig @tightarse

      • Thank you, and thanks for the feedback. I know the UK team is all over this post and following the comments :)

        • +2

          Well since most of it is overwhelming support for you I guess their biggest takeaway will be that they made a good choice employing you ;)

  • Incredible! Congratulations on your new role!

  • Congrats TA (but really congrats to TCB because you are a get!!) They are very lucky to have you.

  • Congrats TA.
    Glad to hear you have a new role.
    I had held off joining TCB up until now - will wait for a TA incentive to sign up :)

  • +1

    Congratulations TA 🎉
    I think we are going to see more TC (TopCashback) deals instead of CR or SB.

    Could I claim as the first one to coin TopCashback as TC?

  • +1

    Hey, Congratulations! Will definitely look at using it, now that you are the rep :-)

  • Wow congrats! I have been using topcashback lately quite a bit and I really like it.
    My transactions have tracked and paid. Waiting on some big cashback for house insurance and boost sims. Feel even safer about getting my cashback now you are on board!

  • +2

    I honestly usually scrolled past the topcashback deals as I couldn’t be bothered signing up to yet another one, but now that you’re there, I’ll give it a whirl.
    Congrats on the move 🎉

  • Congrats TA on your new role! Knew you would be back in no time to help our saving community :) Looking forward to all the special deals you can deliver us all!

  • Massive congrats TA! Looking forward to seeing the "bonus cashback" TCB deals rolling in :)

  • Congrats! Lots of business trips with the family to UK for those business meetings!!

  • +3

    @tightarse give us some good boost sim deals :)

    • It is time to approve this deal.

      • +1

        Damn $23 profit, and here I am hoping for some $2-3 profit deals….

      • +3

        It is time to approve this deal

        I don't yet have knowledge of all TCB's systems & platforms, so have just emailed the team for you. Not sure if Boost has paid TCB yet so that could be the delay. Will need them to check. Please leave with me and hopefully approved soon. Thank you :)

      • I wonder if boost will be paying it out

        • TA(TCB) stuffed up the deal at that time. My guess is Boost Mobile already paid $12 ea sale to TCB. Sorry to say that I never trust any Rep.

  • Congrate!

  • +2

    It's great that everyone is licking each others (mod: edited) over a new staff member.

    But, personally i would rather keep my tongue in my mouth and have my 40% cashback via menulog from 2 or 3 weeks ago actually tracked


    • +3

      Not with that attitude son…

      • +1

        So, by your logic, getting something as advertised is dependant on how you describe things to others?

        Well I never knew.

        Wish i could just accept companies not doing what they advertise

    • +3

      damn who hurt u

  • Awesome - time to join topcashback then! 😃
    All the best for your new role - I am positive you will nail it !
    Cheers 🍻

  • +6

    Congratulations TA.
    TA indeed stand for Topcashback Australia.

    • +4

      LOL! Never thought of that - thank you :)

  • Congrats! Definitely signing up now you’re onboard ;)

  • Congratulations on the new role! Topcashback sounds like an amazing place for you to be and really looking forward to hearing more from you on ozbargain and on behalf of the organisation :D

    Will definitely reach out if theres any sponsorshop opps to see if you guys might be keen on when the ozbargain birthday events come around!

    • Thank you, and please do. Always open to opportunities, suggestions and improvements. Take care :)

  • +1

    Any trips to the UK HQ coming up, TA?

    • +3

      Quite happy to lay low behind my PC here in Melbourne lol :)

  • +2

    Congrats TA! I am sign up topcashback, looking forward top rate and top cash back deal!

    • +4

      Going to reach out to you re some super Mobileciti deals Aaron, and thank you :)

  • To anyone who hasn't joined TCB, it's worth your time (and you get a joining bonus too).

    I've been with them since they landed here, and it's always tracked for me. I do all the usual "right things" to ensure tracking success.

    We've seen a few issues pop up recently with the other cashback providers, I'll continue to use them, but having TA as a customer rep for TCB is very good news for us!

    • Great feedback CDS, and thank you :)

  • Wow this is suchhhhhhh goood news!! Congrats mate

    I bet CR are spewing right now to have lost you.

    TCB has been great for me lately and I am probably the happiest with them out of all the cashback companies

  • +6

    Be careful with TCB. They are very strict on multiple accounts even from the same household. TCB closed mine and two of my family members' accounts as we used a common pc for purchases and we lost all our cashbacks.

    • +1

      That sucks, thanks for the heads up. Usually use SB and CR, but tried them awhile back, never tracked so never used them again.

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