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Boost Mobile $35 Cashback on $12 45GB SIM ($23 Profit with Code), PureVPN 130% Cashback, Bonds 20% Cashback @ TopCashback AU


TCB have increased the CB for the Boost $35 Sim (45GB) from $5 to $35 and its the largest profit every for a Boost Sim @ $23 in the history of ozbargain

$23 Profit with code BOOST12 (promo code advertised on TCB Boost Mobile Page)

Things to note

  • SIM must be activated within 30 days purchasing in order to be eligible for cashback.
  • Cashback is eligible only for new Boost customers
  • Multiple SIM purchases need to be made as separate transactions. If there is more than one SIM in an order, it will result in an untracked purchase and the purchase will be ineligible for cashback.

New Member Subscriptions (min. 31 days subscribed)

Just a heads up that Pure VPN rep has been helpful when transaction are not tracked via CB sites


Referral Links

Referral: random (3192)

Referrer gets $30, referee gets $10 (after $10 of earned cashback within 180 days of signing up).

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  • +4

    Any love for the 365 plans?

    • +1

      Hahaha, no chance.

  • +10


    We’re sorry but we’re experiencing technical issues. Please try again later.

    Anyone getting this problem?

    • +4

      Yes, it never works when I try again later…

    • +3

      Try manually adding address instead of the auto pop up one. Was advised in one of the other posts. Had worked for me last time

      • +4

        Thanks, it's worked after I manually adding the address.

      • +3

        Didn't work for me. I also tried different cards, different devices, and different addresses. None of them are working. I even asked the customer service if I was on their blacklist.

        • -2

          But are you on their whitelist ?

        • Also could not find what was triggering this for me after the manual address entry worked last time.

        • @nned2say Not working (something wrong) and tried the same as you

        • yep same, I contacted chat and they claim its a website issue and to try again later.

      • Thanks. Worked for me. First time did not work. After manually adding the address, it worked.

    • Its now happening with Me, after 6. And bought about 6 in the last deal.

    • +1

      Ok here is my story. I am using the same computer (laptop, google chrome different user profile) with my account I can purchase, but my wife cannot purchase. Same address, same NAB Visa debit card, same computer, different name, different DOB different email. Previously we could both purchase with same card and same address without any issue. In the last SB offer, after purchasing two sim successfully, my wife's account started showing issue "Something went wrong" for the third transaction. That is the first time we encountered having issues. Today I purchased successfully, my wife could not purchase "Something went …". I then used the technique of manually typing the address for my wife's account. It works instantly. Same address same bank card. I do not think it is a device issue, internet connection issue, card of address issue. It may be a messed up account issue, but manually typing address solved the problem. Hope this helps someone.

  • First time placing an order with TopCashBack, hope it gets tracked 🤞

  • +9

    Am I seeing it right? No profit?

    • +6

      It is indeed an outrage.

    • First time TCB offers a high CB for boost. Hopefully next time the rep will be more generous

    • -2

      I read somewhere that the cost of living is going up.

    • +1

      There's a code (BOOST12) that takes the price down to $12

      • +3

        Which would void the cashback

        • +4

          It's listed on the TopCashBack site, on the cashback page. Will it still void the cashback?

        • +3

          but its listed as a voucher code?

  • What's the definition of new Boost customers?

    • +1

      If its like CR and SB, signup to a new sim = new customer even if you already have a boost sim

      • So we can use our existing boost accounts with a bunch of numbers?

  • +6

    May buy one or two and hold for better offers, $35 is abit of a risk compared to $12/$17 at CR/SB

  • +2

    Has anyone received the TCB track email for their purchase yet?

    • Bought 6. Tracked 5.

    • Bought 2, tracked 2

  • +7

    Probably worth noting it’s not eligible for eSIM

    • +3

      Why the negs? Have I missed something?

      • Probably because it's easy enough for people to read that for themselves.

        What will stop me getting my cashback?

        Using a discount code or voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback.
        Cashback is ineligible for the purchase of recharges & prepaid phones
        Cashback is ineligible on recharges, phones, bundles, accessories, eSIMs, plans or products that are not listed above.
        If you return or cancel your order then you will no longer be eligible for cashback and you will see the cashback move to Declined in your account.

    • What if you buy physical then transfer to eSIM?

      • Yeah I just need it soon and not sure how long they take to ship. My first Boost SIM!

        • Probably like 2 days dispatch then like 3 days for auspost to deliver. Wondering if I should get two or not especially since it says “New Customers only”. Is there a TCB rep on ozb that can clarify?

  • +2

    Glad to see this deal. It suggests that Boost is still on the big cashback wagon and Cashrewards/ShopBack will have one soon

  • +2

    My cashback from topcashback isn't yet visible for the oodie I purchased.

    • Hi @Geez, sorry to hear your cashback with us hasn't tracked. Please send us a DM with your email address so we can look into it for you.

  • +1

    My question for smart people here, there is now a voucher available of Boost12 discounting by $23, does that mean its a $23 profit?

    • -3

      The terms and conditions specifically say "Using a discount code or voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback."

      The BOOST12 code isn't posted nor approved by TopCashback.

    • +3

      Yep, code advertised on website means its an approved code

      Using a discount code or voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback

      • +1

        That code wasn't there this morning. Thanks.

        • +1

          That's why I ask because many may not be aware of the addition and the discussion in the last 30 minutes

        • +2

          Yep added at 12pm i believe

  • A novice question…can this be used to topup data for existing 12 month Boost prepaid service?

    • Whenever it says new customer only, it means you can't being using boost already

    • No, I stopped using the 365 plan to take advantage of these.

      • how to take advantage of this while keeping my number? or do you use a 2nd sim as data only?

        • Port out then port back in
          Wait for free SIM promo or sacrifice $2
          Still $21 profit

          • @brokenglish: Every month? what do you port out to when there is no sale or cash back?

            • @viper8548: $2 sim. Although personally I never do that, always stock up on $4 Lebara 8GB sims when on special as I'm actually getting a full month of service.

  • +1

    Hopefully the TCB rep can come on here and confirm the code is good to use.

    • +1

      @TopCashback AU Rep

      • +7

        @Charlie Dont Surf @easternculture just here to confirm the code is good to use!

        • +2

          Hi Rep, can you confirm if we can activate multiple new numbers using one telstra/boost ID. Does that count as a new boost user as long as we activate a new number and do not port etc.?

          For shopback and cashrewards, it counts. What is the policy for Topcashback?

          eg: for shopback, this is what they list:

          Special notes from store

          Cashback is applicable only to New Boost customers.

          • +4

            @geshc: Hi @geshc, we have the same policy where a new number without porting constitutes as a new boost user

            • @TopCashback AU Rep: Just to clarify, if I port my existing number from a different network, does the cashback become invalid?

              • @Schrodinger: The t&c never mentioned anything about porting numbers will invalidate cashback.

  • Wow. The biggest Boost profit ever. Is this too good to be true?

    • +2

      I've taken the punt and bought one. Took screenshots of the process just in case I have issues getting the correct cashback.

  • Placed the order. Hopefully my cashback is traced

  • wowowowww

  • Grabbed this with the coupon code, thanks for updating!

  • +3

    The fac thtat this might be too good to be true makes me wary. Hopefully rep can confirm

  • Is it one per account? Does anyone know? TIA

    • I bought 6. Tracked 5 in my earning

    • @drdarsh there's no limit - just as long as you're a new boost customer

  • They also offer $20 cashback on ExpressVPN 1 month subscription (18.53AUD), which gives $1.5 profit

  • The cashback is tracked in the account for me after using the code

    • I have problems tracking cashing back even when turning off uBlock origin.

      Anyway to guarantee tracking ? It the iOS app almost 100% likely to track?

      • +1

        I normally prefer doing it via the website and disable ad blockers before the click-through.

        • Thank you. Do you use the top cashback extension

      • +1

        I pretty much always use my phone's browser for TCB, and the apps for Cashrewards and Shopback.

        Only had an issue once with TCB during an Amazon deal but they were quick to help, otherwise smooth sailings with all my other purchases across all three.

  • Hmmm is it time to join tcb

    • +1

      Remember to use a referral code from above for maximum profit.

  • +1

    keep getting something is wrong error when trying to purchase.

    • try to key in the delivery address without clicking their suggested address?

      • yeah tried, no luck still.

        • or how about a different credit card or payment method from your previous?

          I did these both, this time, it got accepted. Usually past 3-4 promo events i failed.

    • +1

      Got this the first time, tried again with the same card and it worked the second time

  • Ok took the risk. I actually use these boost sims anyway so if it ends up not working I still get data so no big.

    • Did it track as the full amount yet for you? Did you have any sims before? Thanks

  • Anyone bought seconds or more had their orders tracked yet?

    • +1

      tracked more than 1

      • Did you make multiple Boost accounts, or purchased on same account?

        • +1


          • @henestto: Did you have existing sims though and tracked as full amount?

  • +1

    Received an email from TCB saying order has tracked. Not showing on earnings page yet.

  • So if I join the VPN for 2 years, it cost 100$ and i will get 130$ back?

    Anyone try already?

    I didn't see any max cap in the TCB

      • it looks like scam, lol

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