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Trade-in a PS4 for $150-$225 off a PlayStation 5 Slim (Disc, Digital or Digital with 2 Controllers) @ JB Hi-Fi


Good deal if you have an old console in good working condition that is not used. If it works with price match, Amazon $769.95 or David Jones $759.05.

Total trade-in value of $225 is based on the trade-in value of $159 for a Playstation 4 Pro in good working condition, plus a $66 bonus coupon supplied once you submit your trade-in.


  • To get $150 off, base PS4 500GB trade in value of $84 + $66 bonus coupon after submitting trade-in.
  • To get $170 off, PS4 slim 500GB $104 value + $66.
  • To get $225 off, PS4 Pro $159 value + $66.

Coupon is redeemable until 26/05/2024 11:59pm AEST.

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    SEGA !

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      Truly riveting stuff.

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      My condolences

    • +2

      you're very special dont let people tell you otherwise!

    • Will they still let you be a man?

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    Want to try my PS2 : )

  • These is backward compatible? So its not a bad deal at all

    • With everything PS4 other than P.T I think

      • +1

        There's a very small selection of games (like 8 I believe) that aren't back compat. Only one from my stack was Hitman Go. Fortunately, I played it on Vita rather than PS4 so I'm not missing much.

  • Are you able to do the trade in instore ?

    • Unlikely

  • +5

    Not bad, certainly beats dealing with endless 'is this still available?' messages.

  • I don't really see this as a good deal. Surely you're better off selling your old PS4 on ebay and waiting for a better price on the PS5 Slim…

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      Not really true
      The PS4 500GB have been selling at $150-180 based on the eBay sold history. If you factor in the eBay fees and postage cost, it’s the same as trading in to JB

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        Agree to disagree. I sold my PS4 Pro on ebay for $350 + postage end of last year, if you aren't desperate you can get a good price!

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          "last year"

      • They're also going for a similar price on Facebook Marketplace so this clearly isn't a bad deal.

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    traded in my ps4 slim to get a 450 priced ps5 a year ago and i have never used it…. is this the adult life…

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      I believe this is more of a married or parent life….

    • On which site? I have PS4 pro 1tb and looking forward to upgrade to PS5.. not that gonna get any time to play lol

      • +1

        think it was eb games? i recommend just dump it on facebook market for 150-200 and wait till another sale when there's an actual game you wanna play (assuming you maintained it well, no dust etc.)
        regret i didn't do that, it's sitting there eating dust.(the box is eating dust, console is still inside the box)

        just checked my receipt folder, it is EB games , was trading in a PS4 slim 500GB (they gave me 1TB price)
        PS4 1TB +187
        PS4 games*4 +(11+27.5+27.5+16.5) (They jacked up the value of the games, i got all of them for 10-20 bucks )
        random fee +3
        PS5 -669
        net out of pocket 402.5

        • +1

          awesome.. thanks for the details. will keep a track.
          i have 30+ games cds.. so may get a good deal around.
          Heard that PS5 PRO or something is around (black friday) may be.. so will wait.

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            @averycarson: Keep in mind I think they're phasing out PS4 games, you'll get better value on FB market.

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    If you have a low firmware Slim or Pro, you'll fetch way more than those prices on eBay/Marketplace.

    • bang on my friend!

    • what's a good firmware to have? me ex left her OG ps4 here when she moved out, i don't think it's been updated in a year or two. How much do they sell for?

      • I'm not really sure anymore as I have been out of the jailbreak scene for awhile. My PS4 Pro had 7.5FW on it and sold for $350 just for the console only. Apparently anything under 11.00 OFW can be jailbroken now. Having a look at eBay sold listings there have been consoles with 5.xx to 9.xx selling for around $250-300. Try eBay sold listings, search "ps4 firmware".

  • Anyone know how this works if you have two consoles to trade? Got an OG 500gb PS4 and a 500gb slim that need rehoming.

  • Looking at the second hand market, this isn't too bad if you have a console laying around.

  • What would they give you for a PS5 trading in for another PS5?

  • -1

    Good deal

  • I’ve PS5 and may consider when PS5 Pro is available, given that Sony hasn’t sunk in recent and outcoming controversy.

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