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Citizen Tsuyosa NJ0151-88X Turquoise / Lake Green Dial $359 Delivered @ Angus & Coote


Limit 1 per purchase.

This is the pick of the Tsuyosas IMO, except maybe the orange one and the new spectrum dial but they ain't reduced and this one is a pretty sweet colour rregardless and even sweeter at this price.

Other Tsuyosas have been cheaper but not this one, the last deal had it come down to $361 with a signup here. StarBuy had these for $365 but are OOS.

You know the specs, but if you don't:

  • Automatic movement w/40 hours power reserve
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • 40mm case
  • integrated bracelet
  • 50m WR which should save it if you happen to fall into your backyard kiddy pool while wearing it

I've seen the dial described as both blue and turqoise, Citizen themselves call it Lake Green. The fact it can't be easily described means it is interesting. Pair it with your blue/gold dress for maximum confusion.
Here is a random YT unboxing video which shows how one second its is greenish, the next second it is blue.

Since most of Australia has an Angus & Coote store at their local megamall shopping centre you can check it out in person if you like - local stock may vary of course - and then walk out the door immediately with your new acquisition if you like it.

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  • Bought this from A&C the other day myself and am very happy with it.

    Unfortunately my deal got taken down.

  • Thanks OP! Missed out when it was on sale at Watson's.

  • This is the pick of the Tsuyosas IMO, except maybe the orange one and the new spectrum dial

    This one? https://starbuy.com.au/citizen-tsuyosa-mens-automatic-watch-…

    I got it from SB VIP for not much more than this

    • This is why I stopped looking at watches. Now I need this one too.

      • It's pretty cool

    • Yeah that one. I was in the throes of flying back from Europe so didn't see it when it first came out but I've been umming and ahhing about whether to get the spectrum or the turquoise one (don't say both - one of this style is enough). If I hadn't seen the A&C sale I would have jumped on the spectrum dial but now I can't make up my mind.

      • I already have a Tiffany PRX so the choice was easy.

        The spectrum is pretty unique. I was not going to buy a Tsuyosa until I saw that one on sale.

        • Does "unique" equate to "gimmicky that doesn't see much use" though. I feel that the plain dial would go with more things.
          If I had known of the NJ0180-80X before I flew back though I would have 100% picked that up. I wonder if we'll

          • @Astronaut Joe: Nah, not gimmicky at all. Just a cool dial, and have worn it quite a lot. I don't really try to match colours with watches and clothes, only the style of the watch to what I'm wearing, idc about dial colour. I have plenty of plain dial watches, and can buy more whenever I want. We're not talking about @WatchNerd's legendary Joker watch here.

            I remember you saying you were gonna pick up a Citizen titanium something from the flea market. Did you end up buying it?

            Edit: NJ0180-80X is cool but still 8 series movement. The Tsuyosa will the the last 8 seires I buy

  • +1

    omg stop
    i just bought a watch last week, and now i added this to my cart

    whats happening

    • +5

      Just one more is okay.

  • +1

    Just waiting for the new Tsuyosa small seconds to be available - They are the new killer watches

  • +1

    Most watches have ridiculously large/unnecessary water resistance depths that humans can't even survive in. I appreciate this one only offering 50mm, although even the kiddy pool is deeper than that.

    • Hahaha I didn't even notice that until you mentioned it.

    • Typo fixed!

    • It's been said before but worth repeating: a greater water/pressure resistance often — but not always — means the watch is better constructed.
      Materials, tolerances etc.

  • Agree this is pick of the bunch. Stock won't last long at this price.

  • ok got it, arrived in 2 days. looks super nice but bracelet feels a little crappy

    • Yeah that's where a lot of the cost saving will have come from, but there are already a bunch of replacement bands and straps available for the Tsuyosas.

      • Agree that build quality of the bracelet is not the best especially the clasp which I would describe as cheap looking. However, I find it very comfortable and have no desire to replace the bracelet on mine.

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