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Direct Return Flights to Vietnam from PER $355, BNE $437, SYD $431, MEL $408, ADL $435 (Fly 1 Sep - 31 Dec) @ Vietjet


Travel dates between 1 September to 31 December. Tick the "lowest fare" option when searching and look for the dates with $0 fares, taxes will be added which is where the prices below come from. Luggage, meals, etc. cost extra on these sale fares.

To Ho Chi Minh City:

From Brisbane $437 return
From Sydney $431
From Melbourne $408
From Adelaide $435
From Perth $355

To Hanoi:

From Sydney $474
From Melbourne $451

There were still many dates available on all routes at time of posting.

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    Can you give some examples dates where cost is $200 return? I tried and its about $200 in taxes for each leg (~$400 return) even when selecting the $0 fares?

    • I'd imagine Perth is the cheapest for taxes.

    • I think you're right, OP's prices seem to be just the first leg tax

    • sigh

      Will fix prices above. Thought I was being shown return prices since I had selected both flights.

      • +1

        all good. Still a pretty great deal, good find OP.

  • Not return prices.

    Prices listed in title/desc are one way.

    • Apologies, prices corrected now. All are return fares including taxes.

  • Yeah, I only see one way price for that.

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    Just adding my two cents. Pay a little extra and fly with Vietnam Airlines.

    After you consider adding luggage, food and drinks your not paying that much difference.

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      Vietjet was great last year. HCMC is hot as shit so you won't need lots of clothes. Fly onto Cambodia to see interesting things.

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    They are the worst airline or have the worst airline staff for handling crises. Their attitude and service management are deplorable. From personal experience, when our flight was cancelled, they created chaos and put everyone in a difficult situation, including business class travellers. Overall, it is not worth a penny for the peace of mind. It's better to choose Singapore or other airlines.

    Please refer to my full notes:-

    • -1

      Unfortunately this is the norm with, and one of the risks of, flying with a low-cost carrier.

      For the vast majority though whose flights operate without any issues, they are perfectly fine.

      • +2

        Totally agree, in the end, what you want is important. My major concern was their attitude and whatever their staff promised at Sydney Airport later got denied in Vietnam. I am still waiting for the outcome of my complaint and many are still waiting for their refund(s).

        • I remember our return flight from Vietnam via these guys had some connecting flight that was delayed by a bit.

          Instead of waiting we left and more than half the plane was empty, we all got to sleep lying across entire rows at the back of the plane.

          One of the weirdest experiences for an international flight (Hanoi to Syd or Mel I can't remember)

  • -1

    Sounds like a Bonza scheme to me?

  • I cannot find any flight from Mel to SGN during Xmas.

    No flights found for your selection. Back to choose another day.

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    Can't deny it's a good price but Vietjet is the most uncomfortable airline I've ever flown, much worse than Jetstar. The seats are extremely narrrow (1 inch - 2.5cm narrower than Jetstar and a whole 2 inches - 5cm narrower than Scoot!) and the cabin was kept to an uncomfortably warm temperature with no personal air vents. Just keep that in mind before jumping on this deal, and protip: fork out the few extra bucks for an extra legroom seat.

    • Funny, on our recent flight from BNE-SGN the cabin was unbearably cold, and on our return the cabin was kept at a really nice comfortable temperature. So there is no rhyme or reason. Also found the seats to be quite comfortable. You're comparing their older A330 fleet (previously operated by AirAsia X) with a more modern fleet of 787s. Vietjet do have A330-900neos on order but they won't be delivered for some time yet.

      • Numbers speak for itself. The fact is the seats on VJ is narrower than JQ and TR. Personally I found it uncomfortable for a 9 hour flight but if you found it comfortable then good for you.

  • please provide some sample dates from melbourne to vietnam return, cant find any for the said prices.

    • Depart Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh 1st September. Return Ho Chi Minh to Melbourne 1st September. Total $408.39 to enjoy the sights of Vietnam for 5h15m and don't even need to use annual leave if you have Sundays off. Alternatively, there are many other dates available if you prefer to stay longer.

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