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50% off Select Business/Skyboss Tickets to Vietnam or India (Fly 15 Apr - 31 Oct) @ Vietjet Air


Similar to previous deal

Can see availabaility for the Easter Long Weekend, so could be a last minute holiday for anyone looking (but need Visas if not just transiting Fyi).
I already had plans which were impacted thanks to Air Asia so was looking around options and noticed this so sharing if someone is considering travel in the period.
Though not for me, but the pricing looks good for a flatbed after the code and you get 60+18 Kgs, 2 proper meals and lounge access.
I am was getting 40kg + 7, only 1 economy meal and no lounge in Air Asia for comparison for a similar trip to KUL.

From T&Cs
  • Promotion Applicable to customers with booking period from now until 3am (Brisbane time), 4am (Melbourne, Sydney time), 2am (Perth time), 3:30am (Adelaide time), April 9, 2024 when entering code HAPPYBDAY50.
  • Routes Direct flights to and from Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide) and connecting flights between Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide) and India (Mumbai, New Delhi, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Tiruchirappalli)
  • Travel Period April 15, 2024 - October 31, 2024

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    I just flew vietjet - just to let you know you get all the comforts seat wise and food but you don’t get any inflight entertainment or usb so I’d consider it renaming the service to premium economy

    • The difference in Business and Premium Economy is not Enterntainment. Its seat, meals, luggage allowance and lounge access which their tickets include so I wouldn't say that. I do understand but being low cost and with mobiles in our pockets I think this is a fair tradeoff and something I am happy to lose for low cost.

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        opps i totally forgot about the luggage and lounge access and immigration / boarding plane priority which is a plus.

  • Something wrong with Vietjet. December - January Melbourne to India is $2900. Singapore and Emirates are cheaper

    • Dates? I checked and Vietjet business is coming 2000-2500 one way business without promo and Singapore is 4000

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    They are the worst airline or have the worst airline staff when it comes to handling crises. Their attitude and service management are extremely poor. From personal experience, when our flight was cancelled, they created chaos and put everyone in a difficult situation, including business class travellers. Overall, not worth a penny for the peace of mind. It's better to choose Singapore or other airlines.

    • Can you elaborate? The price of Singapore and other doesn't compete with these so not a fair comparison.

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        While waiting at the airport, we were informed at the last minute that our flight had been cancelled and rescheduled for the next day at 5 PM. Later that evening, Luckily we contacted Vietjet's customer service team over the phone and were shocked to hear that our connecting flight had not been booked by the airline. The next available flight to our destination was 2-3 days after the original booking date, which was shocking as we expected the airline to arrange the connecting flight by default.

        As a result, we had no other option but to change our flight to another city in the country. At the Sydney Airport, the ground staff manager informed us that we would be provided accommodation at Hoh Min Chi Airport. However, when we reached the airport, they refused to provide any accommodation.

        They provided us with vouchers to use at the airport, but they were useless. The sleeping arrangements at the airport were fully booked out, and we had to spend our own money at the lounges. Even the next day, when we tried to use our vouchers for meals, they refused to take them, as there were no great food options available under $10 and they refused to take vouchers even though we were ready to pay extra for the remaining sum.

        Furthermore, although we had paid for meals with our tickets, no meals were provided or even offered to us throughout our journey. Only when we intervened did they say that it was the airline's mistake and that they did not have hot vegetarian food to serve us. Throughout the entire journey, the experience was dreadful. The rigidness and lack of understanding of the passengers' situation caused us mental stress.

        Other passengers travelling to different cities via Vietnam had worse experiences. For instance, some of them booked extra baggage but ended up paying extra at the counter because it was not coming up in their system. Secondly, people who cancelled their flights were promised full refunds but that was another challenge and nightmare dealing with them. They delayed the process as much as they could.

        • O wow that is really really poor. Thanks for sharing, feel bad for you.
          Guess I will keep your experience into account if ever thinking of traveling with them.
          Can you file a consumer complaint?

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            @archieduh: After complaining, we received no response or apology from them until today. Their attitude is highly ignorant and shrewd.

  • Hi, any idea where to apply this coupon code. I tried doing the booking but on payment page the only option is Voucher which if you select it asks for Voucher, password and PIN Code.


    • When you are searching for flights and selecting number of passengers, there will be a promo box.

      So technically the promo is applied at Step 1 before hitting the search button (and after selecting your airports)

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