nbn/OptiComm 1000/50 $109/Month, 250/25 $99/Month for 12 Months (New/Existing Customers, FTTP & HFC Only) @ Aussie Broadband


2024 EOFY deal from the Aussie BB homepage.

Existing customers.

Get $20 off per month for 12 months when upgrading to 250/25 & 1000/50 unlimited residential plans. Use code: UP240.

Eligible for existing residential customers on 25/10, 50/20, 75/20, 100/20, 100/40 or 250/25 (that upgrades to the 1000/50) plan that upgrade to the 250/25 or 1000/50 plan. Customers must not have downgraded in the last 6-months.

T&Cs - Existing customers

New customers.

$20 off for 12 months on residential unlimited 250/25Mbps & 1000/50Mbps nbn® and OptiComm plans. - EOFY240

A ‘new customer’ is defined as an individual who has not had an active broadband service with Aussie Broadband in the last six months or hasn’t been an authorised contact, residing at the same address as the primary contact, on an active broadband service with Aussie Broadband in the last six months.

T&Cs - New customers

Speed Promo Price Was
1000/50 $109/Month $129/Month
250/25 $99/Month $119/Month

To redeem, a redeemer must:
• call 1300 880 905 and quote the promo or
• Apply relevant promocode through MyAussie.

Referral Links

Referral: random (377)

$50 each for referrer & referee apply afterwards.

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  • Just downgraded not long ago :(

    • how have you found it since downgrading? you gaming or working?
      thinking of downgrading too at moment

      • +5

        I am not able to find much difference for 4k streaming and gaming.
        I downgraded 1000 to 100.
        Still able to game from TV using GeForce cloud, no problems.

        FTTP with 2-3ms

        • +2

          Same FTTP, no problem streaming 4k, no gaming.

          I think depends on how many 4k streaming, gaming at the same time. Only 1 x 4k streaming here, no gaming.

          • @superforever: I went from 1000/50 to 50/20 fttp and don't notice any difference streaming/daily use for 3 people.

            • @gingerscale:

              50/20 fttp and don't notice any difference streaming/daily use for 3 people.


              • @superforever: yeah no issues, Use 4k netflix and Kayo most 4k now needs 25mbps and buffers aswell.

                most the house is Cabeled with ethernet so that helps aswell no wifi lag anywhere

        • FTTP with 2-3ms

          latency is a factor of distance to the server

    • Just downgraded not long ago :(

      Seem UP240 works with 1000/50 or 250/25 from my current 100/20 even I downgraded not long ago and previous promo ended 🤔

  • +11

    Running the 1Gbps plan on Leaptel for $99 per month with the 12 month promo if anyone wants to save another $10 per month. Have used the promo twice now (port out and back in after 6 months) and I must say Leaptel are amazing. I've been getting 900+ mbps during peak hours and I rate them the same quality as ABB.

    • What do you mean by, port out after 6 months? Isn't the promo for the entire year?

      I am also with them

      • I was with Leaptel for 12 months so once the promo ran out I ported to Superloop for 6 months as their promo only ran for 6 months and now ported back to Leaptel to get another 12 months promo for $99/month.

        I was only getting around 600 - 700mbps during peak with Superloop and was also experiencing micro disconnections. Went back to Leaptel and all the problems literally went away overnight.

        I would like to add I used ABB before Leaptel 2 years ago and in my experience Leaptel are on par with ABB.

        • Thanks. I also need to know what router are you using for Wi-Fi?

          I am getting 900 speeds as well but only on cable 😂 my wifi sucks, Asus RT-AX82U, I am planning to upgrade to RT-AX86U

          • @sqheaven: Running a Pfsense router on a Lenovo SFF with an Aliexpress low profile dual NIC and an RT-AX86U for the WiFi.

          • @sqheaven: There won't be much difference in Wi-Fi speeds between the RT-AX82U and RT-AX86U.

            1. What are your Wi-Fi speeds on 5GHz?
            2. What client device are you using?
            • @Twix: This is what I fear, even if I upgrade my router I might still be getting same speeds.

              I have a TV on 5Ghz, S23. S21 phones and my work laptop Lenovo P1

              I need a solid router, I am ok with connecting cable to my dock but for Wi-Fi to TV, it should play 4k Netflix easy

          • @sqheaven: @sqheaven
            Any way you are planning to upgrade, why not wait for a BE router instead of AX

            • @APN Adelaide: Well, I sold my 82x, bought a 80$ router from Amazon, now I wait.

              I'll google this Be router, no idea mate

              • @sqheaven: BE is Wi-Fi 7.

                • +1

                  @Twix: Any timeline? I think you saved my money, thanks mate 🙌

                  • @sqheaven: There are routers with Wi-Fi 7 out now. I don't think they are the final Wi-Fi 7 spec.

                    The RT-AX82U 5GHz Wi-Fi should have worked fine for Netflix. Can you hard wire your TV with ethernet?

                    • +1

                      @Twix: You won't believe it, TV has a fast Ethernet port but has WiFi 5Ghz support so I connect it only on Wifi.

                      I saw wifi 7 routers too. Do I hodl?

                      Netflix worked fine, I was just not getting speeds in speed tests on my phone 😂

                      • @sqheaven: Hodl unless you have a specific reason to get it. What speeds did you get on your S23?

                        • @Twix: Speeds sitting next to the router 300-400, occasionally get 700. On cable connected to pc, I get 900+.

                          I got a 80$ Tenda router from Amazon, the damn thing is doing better than Asus RT-AX82U, I get 700 sitting next to it, and 200 ish at the far corner of my place. But, occasionally, the Netflix starts showing its loading :s That's absolutely crappy during a movie. I recently upgraded to Netflix 4k, so never tested it on Asus RT-AX82U.

                          Looks like I am a stupid person to upgrade to 4k Netflix and get a cheap Chinese router. I was about to pull the trigger on RT-AX86U, priced at $409 on scorptech but someone said there's no diff.

                • @Twix: Hey Twix,

                  I've just updated to the 1000/50 plan, but my router is old Archer VR2800, with a VR2100 as a repeater, as I previously needed FTTN.

                  My house is quite long and the router will be at the front of the house. Do you have any recommendations for a good value setup to harness the new speeds?

                  I was looking at the TP-Link ARCHER-BE550, but thinking I should go to a couple of DECO-BE63's instead, though no ethernet backhaul.

                  Any recommendations would be appreciated!


                  • +1

                    @rompastompa: Yeah a Deco mesh setup is suitable. TP-Link Deco BE63 isn't available in Oz yet and I don't know when it's coming here.

                    1. Do you need all four 2.5G ethernet ports?
                    2. How much do you want to spend?
                    • +1

                      @Twix: Deco BE63 is a USA version of our Deco BE65 which is already released.

                    • @Twix: Looks like you can get them from GoodGuys for $899.

                      I could probably get away with 2x ports. One for WAN & one for NAS, as most things are both ethernet & wireless. I have a spare switch that I can add, anyway.

                      As for budget, as little as possible. However, everything is now wireless (surveillance cameras, etc) so I'm happy to spend more on the infrastructure that keeps growing :)

                      Thanks again!

                      • +1

                        @rompastompa: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/296164186668
                        Deco BE65 2 Pack
                        Code: TECHMAY

                        I recently decided between these two routers but went with the BE550 since i wanted 4 useable 2.5g ports to avoid the need for a switch.

                      • +1

                        @rompastompa: Purchase the TP-Link Deco BE65 2-pack if you want Wi-Fi 7, four 2.4G ethernet ports and one USB 3.0 port per Deco.

                        There is the TP-Link Deco XE75 Pro 2-pack $534.19 delivered @ Amazon AU. The difference is that you get Wi-Fi 6E and one 2.4G ethernet port, two Gigabit ethernet ports and no USB ports per Deco.

                        Both Deco's are tri-band which is good.

          • @sqheaven: Will i get same speed if i go with Deco M5?

            • +1

              @UD: Deco M5 is capable of around 850Mbps wired and 450-500Mbps on Wi-Fi 5.

              • +1

                @Twix: Thanks mate

              • +1

                @Twix: I get full 930 Mbps on M5's 24/7 with wired backhaul.

        • +1

          If you chat nicely to Leaptel after 12 months they'll give you the discount again for another 12, so no need to port out (I just did that)

        • +1

          To counter your experience, I never had issues with Superloop, but I’ve had a bunch of issues with Leaptel. Their support was good in the end, but they initially blamed NBN for issues that were related to my router config, which they messed up the first time I reached out to support. I can’t comment on Superloop’s support because I literally never had to speak to them.

        • were you using ipv6 by any chance. it seems to be very hit and miss with superloop

    • Whats the promo code for Leaptel ? Im with ABB

      • No promo code needed

    • +1

      $89 per month according to their home page.

      Edit: didn't see that it was for fibre upgrade customers. $99 is pretty good though I'll move across from superloop

    • It's $99/month on NBN but $109/month on Opticomm :(

    • +3

      I second this. Moved away from ABB and haven't looked back. The speed is always consistent and never been a single dropout. Stop giving away your money for nothing.

    • My experience was really good as well. Support was fantastic and they also don’t have 30 days notice policy. My refund went through quickly. I only opted out due to Black Friday deal. Their speed was actually 115 most of the time on 100 plan lol. Going back soon. Cheers

  • Same as deal before. Nothing too crazy discount wise, but appreciate it nonetheless.

  • I just signed to swoop $99 gbit down

  • +2

    for new Customers use code EOFY240

    • Deal updated. Thanks.

  • +6

    Damn, these guys are expensive even with the promotion

    • -3

      Don't worry, even 1gig connect feels slow in 2024

      • And I only pay $80 for 1gig connection, damn thats $29 per month more lol

        • Who with?

          • @Twix: More Telecom

            • @boomramada: How is your experience with More Telecom

              • +1

                @Whattadott: I had two connection issues, once due to NBN itself, second, I had a slow connection, I contacted them at 2 am, and they reset the connection.
                Plus 1 gig connection is too much for my needs, I got it as a promotion (12 months), and I will downgrade it over time, maybe with them or some other provider.

    • +3

      With the promo Aussie is $10/m more than Superloop and Leaptel.

  • +2

    Why is there so much chatter out there (not here) that "NBN is cheaper", "grab a great deal", 'omg these prices"? Moving up lower end prices close to the high end and then scream out that there are better deals. Just marketing BULLTISH

  • +4

    Remember you can always downgrade it during the promo period, they will still apply the $20 off to your bill.

  • Does anyone know if you cancel with ABB mid month do you get refunded pro rata?

    • It says yes on their website.

  • +14

    Fun fact - if your already on 1000/50 you are not eligible for the discount cause your not techically upgrading.

    Currently on the phone with AB and was told this. Ive told them fine, i will just switch to Superloop and now they have me on hold to esculate to customer retention team.

    Really AB, you need to look after ALL your existing customers especially those like myself who have been with you since day one.

    • +5

      I am about to switch to leaptel now for $99

      • +6

        I was with aussie for a few years and I asked them to see what they could do on pricing. They told me the same thing as you, I said "Superloop had a better deal" and the person on the phone was really rude and said "We can't do anything for you, go join superloop…". I haven't been back since. Hopefully their retention team has improved.

        • +2

          Literally same for me. They were really blunt about it. They’re probably sick of being “threatened” by people leaving, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

          • +1

            @alcadive: Felt exactly the same. It was more the way they spoke to me more than anything. Glad to hear i wasn't the only one.

        • +1

          I am happy Superloop rejected the take over bid by Aussie, I want Superloop to remain better.

          • @bluey47: Aussie BB can own up to 19.9% worth of shares in Superloop. They still might end up merging.

      • I can see $109 for 1000/50 on Leaptel. Is there any promo code?

        • No code needed for Leaptel.

        • I think the pricing depends on your address. It initially showed $99 for 12 months for me, after I put my address it changed to $109 for 6 months.

      • I was with Leaptel. Speed was fine but latency was terrible. Minimum pings for all Australian servers started at 60ms for me. ABB is <25ms now. YMMV though.

    • It's the most annoying part about ABB always having to call and go through an unhelpful "supervisor" to then waste more time to get the retention team to actually do something

    • I tried this last year and they basically said "oh well".

    • If ABB wont match it - I do recommend Superloop, they have been great for me. I was on 250/25 at $85 for 6 months until recently (back to $99 after the initial 6 month discount but my sister used me as a referee when she signed on so ($89 a month for the next 6 months discount now). The speed is fast enough for me but they also give you several boost days a month which upgrade you to the next speed tier (1000/50) for free each month. I've been enjoying using them for the past fortnight to get bulk downloading done.

    • Are you still on the phone ? Lol

  • +1

    I see they have fixed the wording on this after the debacle last time. I complained then and they gave me the $109 for 12 months which expires in September - on the phone to them now to see if they say nope new customers only and I'll do the same, ask for retention team…..just daft marketing it really is…..

    • How did it go?

      • +3

        They said go away cant help - probably best to churn - seriously thats what the dude said….

  • ask for retention team

    be interested to see how you go.

  • Bummer, I just switched over to Superloop 2 days ago since my 6 month promo expired. Would have considered staying on with ABB even though Superloop are still $10/mo cheaper for their 1Gbps plan.

  • +1

    This is a no-brainer. Not sure I'll need the speed but it's $4 extra a month over 100/20 to go to 250/25.

    • That's what I've done also, if I don't notice any different I'll drop back down before the 12 months is up

    • Just did the same coming off the 12 month discount from May 2023. But I'm probably still paying $14 more than I honestly need for 50Mbps plan.

    • I’m on 100/20 with Superloop for $69. You are overpaying.

    • +1

      Same here… was paying $119 for 250/25, now i'll be getting 1000/50 for $109. More speed for less. Though, looking at other ISP's, the promo price is on par with their regular pricing. I can't fault Aussie's Customer Service though. Always exceptional.

      • Yep - I churned out elsewhere for a month due to price, service was subpar. I'd rather pay a bit more and get an overall better service.

    • Yeah $4 a month more for me going from 100/40 to go up to 1000/50, no brainer.

  • -1

    If you can move to Uniti, you MAY be able to get $79/m forever on the 1000mbps plan…

  • I just upgraded with 6 month code a month ago ! :(

  • +1

    Wish you could upgrade to the 250/25 when on FTTN, should be getting upgraded in the next 3 months to FTTP.

  • +2

    Business 100/40 plan is available for $84 for 6 months.
    Code: EOFYNBN100

    • +1

      New customers only, nothing else for business customers unfortunately, I need a static IP.

  • Unfortunately Opticomm is a hot mess and I am in the unprecedented position of moving to 5G broadband when I have FTTP.

  • EOFY120 is listed on their site for some other plans, but that is for new customers only. So I tried UP120 and that worked too.

  • +1

    Superloop still cheaper

  • Only if they had included modem/router in the package as well. I am unable to leave Telstra due to.this one-off cost. Although Telstra is working OK for me for past 10 years with no price increase (touch wood)

    • Telstra modem/router works with Aussie BB.

      • Will it work. Would hate to be stuck without internet while shuttling between two ISPs.

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