Ozito PXC 18V 125mm Brushless Angle Grinder Skin $84 + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store/OnePass) @ Bunnings


Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Angle Grinder $89 + Del ($0 C&C) @ Bunnings matching aldi

Mod Update 16/5: Price has dropped from $89 to $84

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    Other ALDI Power Tools has also being 'matched':

    Bunnings matched their brushed version of the Reciprocating Saw & Multi Function Tool.

    Ozito Brushless Multi Function Tool & Reciprocating Saw are still full price.

    • Bought and returned their chainsaws and recip saw last year, chainsaw overheats every 5 seconds into use.

      Recip saw jumps all over the place dispite rotating function is turned off.

      I can recommend their circular saw, which is awesome.

      Going to try their multi sharpener for $25 this year.

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        Aldi's or Bunnings's?

      • Recip saws will jump all over the place if you don't apply firm pressure to the material you are cutting prior to triggering the mechanism. The overheating is likely the battery overheating or bottoming out and not necessarily the tool. Heavy duty tools are often unable to power themselves to their owners satisfaction, for that reason I wouldn't bother buying an 18v 125mm angle grinder unless it was impossible to get power where I needed it.

        Also it's worth mention these tools are made by the same company, so there's very little difference between the apart from what's on the spec sheet

      • What size battery were you using in the chainsaw? I got 8's from the steel deck mower kit (which itself is pretty good), 2x4ah is only good for light to some medium cutting, don't have problems with 2x8ah.

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    Normally $119?

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      Yep $119 normally.

  • I was waiting for aldi to sell drill/impact driver, so that i can get the ozito ones from bunnings cheaper. Can someone suggest hammer drill/ impact driver combo for home diy stuffs.

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      These often go on special at bunnings. Wait a little longer and you shall receive

    • Just go Ryobi.

      So many extra skins available over Ozito and doesn't have the tradie tax of Makita/Milwaukee

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    I’ve never needed an angle grinder before. Unfortunate, as I really want to purchase one.

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      I too was once you. I purchased it and have now used it twice in 5 years! No regrets

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        I like that logic. But I’m blaming you when my wife attempts to kill me ;)

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          I too was once you of the future. I purchased one. But did not use it. When the wife killing me time came, I sold IT on FB.

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      Get a rotary tool instead if its just for use around the house. Almost does the same thing and more.

    • Just buy an arc welder.

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    I have this one, surprisingly powerful, I expected it to be substantially less capable than a cheap corded, but it stands up.

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      Same, i posted earlier how its equivalent or better than my Bosch 1400W corded one. Fantastic unit, chews through batteries though.

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    Waiting for a circular saw to drop price :)

  • Does it have toolless blade changes?

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      Buy a Fixtec nut. Been using them for years. I use the Milwaukee ones. Look up M14 Fixtec. They are about $15.

      They fit any 125mm and 115mm grinders.

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        Interesting, will have to pick one up from Bunnings or Total Tools

        • Same thing, just different brand. They work really well, you won't regret buying one.

        • Just a tip, when you use it, you still have to use the spindle lock on the grinder, but just wind the nut up finger tight then flip the lever down. No need for excessive pressure.

          • @revheadgl: And it doesn't loosen, even when it's finger tight? I've heard of these, very tempted to go get one, though I'd only be changing blades probably every couple of months so may not be worth it

            • @cowiie: Definitely don't loosen. These days I only have one grinder and its great to be able to swap from a cutting disc to a flap disc in just a few seconds.

            • @cowiie: Grinders are designed to spin in the direction that tightens the thread, tight enough becomes very tight after you use the tool.

      • Damn. Why have I never seen this???? Amazing! Have 2 corded and 1 cordless grinder because I hate having to swap discs over. Might have to get one of these….and a cordless ozito grinder for good measure.

    • They all have toolless blade changes if you're sketchy enough.

  • FFS. Went and bought a whole makita kit so i can get a free grinder. ==

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      Could have also downloaded it for free.

      • There's always a price…

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    "Astrologers proclaim the week of thives. The number of stolen bikes is doubled"

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      Thiefs use milwaukee grinders that ones they've stolen from tradies.

      They don't waste their time with ozito

  • Thankyou, been wanting to pick one up to compliment the rest of my PXC gear.
    Most of the time I reach for my PXC gear now when I am heading out to help family or friends, because I don't have to care if it gets beaten around or dirty and it really hasn't let me down at all.

  • Unfortunately no stock at my local store as usual. Next nearest store 55km, followed by 64km. Both are beyond their "50km max delivery range" (even though they use Australia Post for delivery). Makes OnePass useless for Bunnings. Not sure why Target, Kmart, and others can ship anywhere from around Australia, but for some reason Bunnings don't take responsibility for their own terrible stock management.

  • EOFY very soon.. you'll get a bosh blue 18v kit for $140 (I paid $160 2 weeks ago) or Metabo or hikoki.

    $89 on this you're wasting your money.

  • Only small discounts this time round. Is it better to hold?

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      Depends when Aldi do their next sale and how much. Bunnings is just matching Aldi, so it is all driven on what Aldi does for their pricing. Next time round it could be $99. I would buy now.

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    Price has dropped to $84.

  • What's the best all rounder disc? To sharpen mower blades and cut through colorbond fence sheets and steel posts? I'm paranoid cheap discs will break off and slice through my safety goggles ><

  • Hopefully the brushed POS is retired, they burn out even under no load right out of the box, the brush holder melted, AND they only had 1 brush …. sooo pathetic!

    Not one of the Aldi tools I bought many many years ago, nor the batteries have failed!

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