Spend $50 (Online Only) and Receive 12 Free 330ml Cans of Cocktails (Subscribers Only) & Free Delivery @ Archie Rose


This just popped up in my emails so thought I'd share with those interested.

Spend $50 or more on any bottle and they add a dozen canned cocktails for free. Free delivery as well.
The promotion gets added once you add a bottle over $50 to your cart.

Flavours include Vodka & Soda, Gin & Tonic, Gin Blackberry Spritz, or Vodka Mango Spritz.
You won't be allowed to select a specific flavour, it is randomised.
Promotion is available until stocks last.

Terms and Conditions: This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other promotion, offer or GWP and is exclusively available to subscribers during the checkout process for orders within Australia. It applies to bottle orders over $50 at archierose.com.au and at the Archie Rose Cellar Door. Offer excludes bottled cocktails, merchandise, experiences, experience gift tickets and gift certificates. For every online order placed, you will receive x1 12-pack of 330ml Canned Cocktails, regardless of the bottle quantity in your order. Please note that the flavour you receive will be based on availability at the time of purchase, and you won't be able to select a flavour. The offer is available from 12.00pm 15 May 2024, while stocks last. We kindly request that you allow up to five working days for the dispatch of your order, and up to ten working days for Tailored Spirits orders to be dispatched for onward delivery.

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  • +4

    Great deal. Had their canned cocktails last time, were pretty good. Got the cheap vodka to use for mixing cocktails, at $55 probably one of the best options to get this deal.

  • +2

    Got this deal last time and scored the Vodka/Lime cocktails which were very suitable, gone for the same bottle of Voddie again and hopefully get the same cans again. Great deal thanks OP.

  • +2

    The cheapest gin they offer is actually a really nice dry gin, I liked it better than the more expensive options. The pre mix cans are also really nice

  • +1

    Anyone get topcashback to work with this deal, I get “resources you are looking for have moved”

    • Yeah same issue here. Couldnt see anyway to get it to work.

    • +1

      You could try reaching out to @tightarse if you're having problems getting TopCashback working.

  • Did anyone manage to get any flavour other than lime and vodka during the last promo?

    • +2

      Got the chilli mango, not bad, but a bit cloying after one or two. I think lime & vodka was the pick of the bunch

  • +6

    Damn used to be 24 cans

    • +1

      They were also short dated though, so that might be a factor

    • Weren’t they 250ml cans last time?

    • That was an awesome deal.

  • +3

    Woah! Get to buy a bottle of whiskey I want anyway and 12 free cans to throw at family members.

    • Have you tried their whiskey before? If so which would you recommend?

      • +1

        The rye whiskey is very nice

      • +1

        I've tried the rye whiskey before and got another bottle. Arguably worth the cash with whiskey inflation anyway, 12 cocktail cans make it a no brainer.

  • +1

    Most likely surplus stock or short dated as gin is a “summer” drink

  • Good deal - bought their signature dry gin which I really enjoy. Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Didn’t like the mango flavour at all. Vodka and lime was the best of the lot.

  • Never tried vodka but I guess its time to make some lemon sours

  • i keep getting their gin and tonic cans and i hate gin

  • +1

    No Molasses Rum :(

    I also got the vodka lime twice on previous deals (still have some!).

  • Thanks OP! I bought a bottle of blasphemy rum for the missus

  • +1

    Just bought one. I don’t drink gin though, so if anyone in Melbourne does and they get Vodka and would like to swap I’m happy to!

  • Thanks OP. Bought!

  • Bought their $119 Single Malt Whisky - not much of a drinker and it looked like a decent deal with the x12 cans.

    What'd everyone else end up grabbing?

  • Great bargain!

  • Awesome! Thanks. Ordered the cheapest vodka $55.

  • Thanks OP, gin it is, look forward to trying it.

  • Subscribers only? What does that mean?

    • +1

      Absolutely nothing, I ordered without being subscribed or needing to subscribe.

    • +1

      Just emailed them so as long as the cans are in your order then it should go through

      • Yeah cheers! - Boom, ordered.

        I doubt I'll be so lucky, but I hope I get the smokey whiskey cola :)

  • Damn, wish these had the strength of the Curatif canned cocktails. Those are legit.

  • It says you also receive a cockatiel mug with purchase of the white cane rum. Not sure if it's eligible in conjunction with this offer but it would be a nice bonus though. Bought it anyway

    • Last time they didn't honor the bonus so make sure you check if it is included at checkout also maybe a screenshot.

      • Not in the checkout and it does state that it's not in conjunction with any other offer so I'm not expecting it, but a guy can dream

        • Others did receive the bonus last time while I didn't despite I contacted them

  • The days of 24 cans are over

  • 3 months short dated last time and that you have to finish them in 3 days

    • What do you mean "you have to finish them in 3 days"?

      • So you dont forget and they get expired ;)

  • +1

    My order just arrived, I got six vodka, and six Gin and Tonic. If anyone would like to swap their Vodka for my Gin id be happy to. I’m near Lilydale (VIC) if that helps.

    • +1

      Mine just arrived too. Same split of 6 g&t and vodka limes

      • +1


        • +1


          • @soggypotato: Might be standard this time around. Well if anyone doesn’t like vodka and wants gin just let me know!

    • Same here!

    • Got the same too. Dated best before mid June so keen to get into them!

  • Oos

    • What's out of stock? Its still working for me.

  • Received two orders today. Split between vodka lime soda and gin tonic for both orders. Best before was September

  • With my luck I'll get 12 cans of vodka+soda. :/

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