Dell G3223Q 32" 4K UHD IPS 144hz Gaming Monitor $599.50 | S3423DWC Curved USB-C Monitor $499.40 Delivered @ Dell

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Price drop on these two monitors.

Dell 34 Curved USB-C Monitor – S3423DWC.

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  • jb have 20% off dell as well including the AW3225QF (OLED). Hoping Dell matches and we can grab it for 1.4k again with student code.

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      man, who are these students dropping $1.4k on monitors

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      Thanks, I m looking for a 32inch monitor for work, would this be an good option pls? How does this compare with U3223QE? Cheers!

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        Yes I use 2 32” for work and it is amazing. I hook my ps5 to one of them for a break and it is amazing with VRR and HDR. Great choice for both work and gaming

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          Can attest to this, great for work and gaming. If you're not gaming though, save your money and get a 60hz 32 inch monitor.

      • If its exclusively for work, may be a bit overkill but I have owned one since they first came out & its been an amazing productivity machine when not gaming. 4k 32 inch means having the real estate to have multiple windows open side by side without anything becoming difficult to read.

  • That is pretty awesome. They even have HDR. Very impressed.

    • I noticed that enabling HDR seems to have too high brightness issues when streaming my screen on discord. But that's a probably just a skill/brokie issue on their end for not having a HDR monitor too.

      • You can get the official windows HDR calibration tool for free, work well for this monitor.

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      The HDR is rubbish in these so not really something you want to use

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        Yep I love HDR and leave it disabled on this.
        Wouldn't recommend, it looks better without.

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      People rate these pretty highly but not the HDR. Other issue seems to be a lot of dead on arrival stock which will just be a hassle to sort out. I'm considering getting one this time…

      Man that curved 34 looks alright too though, I only need 100Hz. I'm thinking of hooking up PS5 to this though, so 16:9 is gonna work better.

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      Just got one of these and spent like two hours trying to get HDR to work at the same time as 165hz and 1440p, finally gave up when someone told me the HDR isn’t even worth using and Windows HDR implementation is garbage. Not sure if it’s possible to get working but don’t really mind, screen looks great without HDR

      • Windows HDR is fine on current build Windows. You just need to download and run the HDR calibration tool from the Microsoft Store. No one does it so they say it's shit, do it and it's good. I run HDR on a calibrated OLED using Windows and I couldn't be happier.

        • Should just work from the OS without an app. Can you download the app without Microsoft Store? Don’t have an account.

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          OLEDs actually have proper hdr though. These monitors are more like HDRn't.

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          The peak brightness of the monitor just isn't high enough to do effective HDR, nowhere near high enough in fact

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    Remember you can get extra 7% off with an .edu email

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      Seems to work with my EPP 7% code too (this model was excluded last I tried) $556.53 is hard to argue with…

    • What's the trick with that, I can't seem to register the temporary email addresses.

      Just says "Oops something went wrong, please click on the FAQ."

      • Yes I've not been able to register this time, nor last time I learned of this trick. I even emailed the address in the instructions to ask them to add my legitimate .edu address to their registration and never heard back, and that was weeks ago.

        How are other securing this 7% now, or are they previously successfully registered, not new registrations? Thanks.

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        I can provide a code if necessary….WVW1QC0KWK4DZS

  • been a couple of years (I think) with my G3223Q
    Has been fantastic for both gaming and also colour accurate work for photo editing

    120hz is enough at 4k (my 2nd monitor is a 165hz 1440p in case i need it) but for primary work i love the Dell.

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      same story on this end. haven't thought about upgrading it since day 1. best productivity / gaming monitor I have ever had

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    Oh man why is it so hard to get a monitor under $900 that
    Has 4k resolution
    USB C PD
    90hz+ refresh rate

    It's always pick 2!

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      cos usb-c is probably not a good way to connect to your GPU…. i guess this is why we invented thunderbolt

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        Laptop > Monitor mainly for work, not so much gaming. Majority of office monitors do have USB C but they have poor refresh rates. Once you use high refresh rate its hard to go back!

        • what software for work you are using that can benefit from 90Hz+?

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            @Averell: Anything. All my screens (including my phone) are 120hz+. You really notice going back to 60hz, even when web browsing / moving a mouse.

            • @EKIY-Official: Just wanted to mention I have 3x (G3223q) 4k 32inch 144hz monitors connected to my work laptop all running on full 4k 144hz. I use the Razer Core x Chroma with a Thunderbolt cable. It works great. For the GPU ive got a basic GTX 1660 Super inside it. What this also does is frees up resources on my work laptop which would otherwise be consumed by displaying 3x 4k res monitors and not to mention I would only be able to do 60hz. I know 3x 4k 144hz is overkill for work but I work in IT and also couldn't go back to 60hz

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        I guess in saying USB-C he meant the connector form only. Isn't Thunderbolt 4 has the same USB-C connector?

    • Can you use usb-c to Display port cable?

      • I don't think so. I've never seen any DP that delivers power.
        So to connect a G3223Q to a Macbook, for example, I'll need multiple cords/connections: 1 for power, one for display, and maybe one for webcam, one for speaker,….

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          A Thunderbolt dock is probably the only answer.

  • How's the comparison vs (34 inch curved asides the curve part lol)

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      The 34" here is an ultrawide 100hz 4ms response time 3440 x 1440 USB-C monitor. It's a mediocre ultrawide where USB-C is the point of difference.
      Your link is a 32" non-ultrawide 144hz 1ms response time 2560 x 1440 DP/HDMI monitor. It's a great gaming monitor but just standard 1440p.

      As an ultrawide user I'll never go back to non-ultrawide, but you could do much better than 100hz 4ms at this price point. There are plenty of 144hz ultrawide gaming monitors around $500, and some 165+hz 1ms ultrawides in the $600 range. The standard 1440p one is overpriced for me as an ultrawide fan, but lovely I suppose if you want a multiple monitor setup with bezels everywhere.

      To my mind the 32" 4K monitor in this deal is the thing that's at a good price, but you need the hardware to drive 4K.

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        Thanks for the response. I think dual screen setup is what I would like. Primarily for work purposes but odd gaming would be ok. I'm planning on dual screen with a thunderbolt dock and a windows laptop to replace my imac.
        I like the idea of a 4k monitor but know the laptop I buy won't drive that.

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          Gaming with dual screen is bad if you play games where the middle of the screen is important (e.g. first-person shooters, space/flight combat, etc). The middle of the two displays is where the bezels meet, so your gunsight or target sits between the two monitors. You end up reverting to just one of the monitors, or buying a third. Edit: Maybe you just mean "laptop screen and one monitor" as dual screen, in which case it would be fine - you play the game on the single monitor.

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            @Morven: No I'll only game on one of the screens.
            I did mean a total of 3 screens as it's mainly for productivity

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    Have had the S3423DWC for a few years and it's been great for productivity + gaming.

    I set it up with my work laptop via USB-C and then the PC with HDMI. It has a built-in KVM switch. So when you swap displays, the keyboard and mouse automatically changes.

    The ultrawide took some to get used to. But worth it to have 3 full size word docs next to each other to see 30 excel columns without scrolling

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    Had this monitor for last year or two, bought from ebay for $450 delivered, was a great deal back then, if It deals to around that price I might buy a 2nd one. really good quality and have no issues with it.

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    I have been using the G3223Q for a few months. It's a fantastic monitor. I am considering buying two more for either side of it.

    • How big is your desk?! I was considering another to stack vertically.

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        I'm using a dining table as a desk. It's about 900-1000mm in depth and I think 2100mm in length.

  • What is the normal price for the G3223Q? Nothing seems to show up as it being on special, is this the normal RRP?

    • +1

      Was $669(or thereabouts) when I just happened to check yesterday.

      • Hard to know whether it got jacked the day before the sale though

      • Yep, the price tends to stick at around $669.

        Bought this monitor on release at ~$850 when it had an inflated RRP of $1499. Still happy with it!

  • Seems like last EOFY it was down to $500… might wait a few more weeks I reckon.

    • Wasn’t that dependent on a UniDays code? If you have access to EPP, then you can get it down by a further 7% at least.

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    If you go to you can generate a 7% off code. (no .edu email required)

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      last time i bought from dell direct I just asked support for any coupons and told them it was for business and used our business email. They generated a 7% off code for me.

    • +2

      Thanks mate, bought the G3223Q with the 7% discount code for $556.53. Happy with that price and getting it sooner rather than waiting for a potential EOFY sale.

    • Can this coupon be used multiple times for the same Dell user account?

      I ordered one monitor using this coupon but may order an extra one.

      • +1

        I think the coupon codes are single use. But you can generate as many as you like so you can try it.

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      Hey wow, thanks captainmac! 👍

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      Many thanks. generated a 7% off code without .edu email and bought the S3423DWC. Dont forget the 1.5% cashback from Cashback.

  • Why the bigger one slight cheaper?

    • +4

      Because it's a VA panel and not 4k.

    • 32" is actually larger display area, 437.55" vs 418.55"

  • -1

    For pure productivity purposes (more real estate, the better), would this Dell better than my current philip 32" 4K flat? I like curvy…

    • +1

      Having had both the Dell has Display Monitor which I find invaluable for productivity. It lets you split screens various ways and they act like separate monitors rather that trying to resize all the time. The Dell also has a better picture.

      What it misses is in built speakers that the Phillips (if we are thinking the same model) has. So it won't be usable as is for media consumption or headphone-less Teams meetings. It Does have PIP between inputs though so you can run a separate source in the corner of the screen (NBA Play-offs). I added a small Yamaha sound bar to my Desk set up to give me sound and better sound at that.

      But that Phillips deal has made a lot of my family happy.

    • +7

      Any advice on how to replace the screen?

      I'd suggest buying a new one hehe

    • +4

      Of course they refuse to replace it haha.
      Home insurance or get your wallet out

    • +3

      "it accidentally dropped"

      You mean you accidentally dropped it.

    • -1

      why am i being negged.. just wanted to see if there is any screen replacement option before i buy again

      • you are trying to find someone else responsible for replacing the screen that you broke

        • -2

          i was rather looking for suggestions on if there is an option to replace.
          Buying a new one seems to be the way forward.

          • +1

            @jee: If you mean repair the display and swap in a new panel… I doubt it would be cost effective vs getting a new or even second-hand one sadly.

      • +1

        It’s probably because what you meant and/or what people read was misinterpreted. As the tone is written as if you were blaming Dell for your accident.

        I.e you wanted to see if Dell could repair the monitor (panel) before you buy a new one but they refused to repair.

  • +1

    If refresh rate isnt important to you, this Samsung is 32" and 4k at $309…

    • 100Hz is all I need, 60 is too low and 144 is overkill haha. Is the picture on that Samsung better or worse than the Dell?

  • +2

    I have 2x G3223Qs, used mostly for work but a bit of gaming, and they are outstanding monitors.

  • With a M2Pro MacBook Pro (usb-c) and a Windows PC (display port or HDMI) at the same desk, currently with a single P2723QE monitor shared between them, if I wanted to add this G3223Q What would be the logical setup?

    Need to get a dock? Or get a usb-c to HDMI cable and plug into the MacBook, and have two display ports out from the PC? Something like that?

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    any spare Dell coupon code to share, Please PM me. Thanks.

    • +1

      Check my post above for a link to generate a coupon code.

  • Already have 2x G3223D (QHD/165Hz version of this 4K monitor) and they serve me well.
    How big of an upgrade is the 4K version for productivity? Is there any reason this is priced to competitively compared to other 4K/144Hz+ IPS monitors? Does it really have a high DOA rate?

  • I recall somebody saying that in due time Dell will be bringing out 240Hz versions of some displays, cant remember exactly when that was but it may have been for another display.

    Today I asked Dell if they do trade ins on displays from a current Dell 34" S3422DWG still in warranty. The sales agent said they only do that in the US and not AUS.

    Upgraded the firmware on my S3422DWG as I noticed in the drivers section there was an Urgent firmware update so I done it successfully, but the sensor for turning on the middle/centre blue Led downlight no longer turns on by moving your hand under it or touching it, and only able to turn on with the 2nd bottom button to off or on. Not sure why they disabled the sensor as it was handy (pardon the pun). Anybody else notice that? or is that a bug or why on earth would they disable a Led off/on sensor? Odd

    Tried that code for the G3223Q and it worked to save $41.97 making that model a total of $556.53 AU.

    Wonder if eBay will bring out a deal on them for EOFY as well.

  • +1

    Thank you for posting. I bought one using the 7% off code, taking down to $553. Used cashrewards, it might come through as well.

    • What 7% off code?

      • +1

        Again check my post above for a link to generate a 7% off coupon code.

  • +1

    I got this for free via Amazon. Was the best deal of the year.

    • How?

      • +2

        Lost in transit. Said I still might get it but I can get a refund regardless.

        Refund then it came.

        • +1

          Sweet, you can get the win occasionally lol.

          Also, love the user name 👍👍

    • You lucky lucky bastard! The Romans must think the sun shines out your ass!

  • Hi mate, just want to confirm if there is a warranty within the box. I didn't get my warranty card with my monitor.

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