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[VIC] GIANT Cross City 3 Disc (2022) Bicycle $549.99 + Delivery ($0 to Melbourne CBD or Pickup) @ Melbourne Giant


$0 delivery up to 10KM of Melbourne CBD

$250 off this 2022 model is a pretty good deal. My local GIANT store was willing to price match so see how you go.

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    There are no specs given on the gears, except 3x7.
    I think we can assume it is a freewheel with 14T smallest. So avoid. Your legs will be spinning out at a modest speed.
    I've owned many Giant bikes, still do, but perhaps the value is no longer as good?

    A quick example of a far superior specced bike at the same price:

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      The Merida bike is a good deal and I was about to buy it - but only kids sizes (or very small adult) available. I didn't post it for that reason.

      • Ah, damn. That's what I get for posting the first link i see.

        Still, I'd hope you could find something similar, even if you have to stretch the budget a little. Look for 8-speed minimum so you get a freehub.
        ( Do 7-speed freehubs still exist? )
        That is stronger, gives a much better gear range, and allows for upgrades in future.

        • I'm just replacing a Speeder 10 which has suited me well for 4 years. Happy with this one for the price.

      • Damn, that's a shame. My wife just picked up one a few weeks ago - not quite as discounted as this but not full price either. It's been great for riding to/from work for her.

    • Yeah I have a Giant ATX (2021) and I've already had to replace both tyres due to bad punctures, and replaced both pedals because the stockies aren't really big enough for my feet (US13). It's 3x7 and I've noted that I basically never change down from the third chainring, so anything new in future that's more than like 1x10 or similar is largely pointless for me.

      I have been considering either a Trek FX 2 Disc or the Triban RC 120 eventually.

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    Pedals: Giant platform


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        Yes, I have big feet…

        • And, BIG mouth?

          • @Bargain-er: Statistically, my mouth is of average size.

  • Does anyone know how much it weights roughly?
    On the website, it just says, it depends…

    • Although I can't remember the weight, I can say it's 'reasonable'. ie not heavy in my opinion.

  • Any tips for an ok road bike at that price? (got excited when I saw a Giant bike for $550)

  • any recommendations for a 24" Bike for a kid? Not pure road bike, but not hardcore mountain bike either.

    • Giant XTC 24" was a great choice for our kid when he was moving up from the smaller bikes. Found fairly cheaply on marketplace…

      • has 3 gears, a good intro to how to hill climb
      • both backpedal brake and cable brake
      • chunky enough tyres to go on dirt
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    For $549 you better be getting at least an altus groupset, this is an absolute rip off

    • Nah the ripoff is the number of retailers charging over $600 for this. Hard to find Altus & disc brakes on a decent commuter bike under $600.

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    If the smaller sizes (S or M) are for you, the carbon fork 2 x 8 speed Shimano Claris Reid Osprey at $489.99 would be worth considering

  • This one looks OK to me

  • Plenty of margin on Giant, Trek, Specialized, Merida big brands. Winter off season, full warehouses and cost of living pressures, bike shops bleeding like all retail. Expect even bigger discounts in months to come. Reid bikes are never off sale !

    For $549 Progear (XDS Bicycles) have a decent spec MTB for Melbourne shoppers, or organise your own freight as Progear charge far too much for shipping:



    • The Vivace A2 for $479 looks good but no carbon fork.

    • Are Pro-gear ones any good? I've come across the name before, very.. very cheap compared to others.

      Anywhere in Sydney to see them?

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