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Google Pixel 8a 128GB $100 on JB Hi-Fi Mobile $69/M 120GB/M for 24 Months (Port-in Only & in-Store Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


Like the deal last time, but less good: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/844832

JB are offering the Pixel 8a for $100 on a $69 24 month plan.

Total cost is $1756 ($1656 for service plus $100 for phone) and cost without discounts/vouchers at JB is $849. Same as last time, given current gift card offer is $500 for the $69 plan, this could be interesting if anyone was looking at combining the two.

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    Prefer more good

    • Sometimes bad is good too

      • Oh bee-have !

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    Far out. With a pixel 6 trade in, I picked the 8a up for $399 + $200 gift card. $1700 over 2 years is a big ask.

    • Who waits for 2 years?

      Just port out and pay the ETC.

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        China has spoken

        • Now you can shuddup or else will disappear you.

          • @Chinese: how does it work? paying the etc i mean

            • @JeremyPWE:

              1. Sign a contract
              2. Collect the phone/gift card
              3. Read the TnCs, especially the amount for terminating early
              4. Port number to else where, or simply cancel the numer
              5. Woolaaa magic
  • HN are $0 upfront with a $300 GC. But on an Optus $69 24M, not Telstra

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      Whats their ETC

      • $828

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          Jb = - 450 - 69 - 100 + 200 = 519 and stuck with 200 JB GC.

          HN = - 828 + 300 = 528 and stuck with 300 HN GC.

          Close one. But JB wins coz it is not HN.

          • @Chinese: So just to be clear you can't use the $200 GC towards the Phone right?

  • I’m on Belong $19 5GB (5G) plan.

    Very happy. Not worth it until they bring back 12 month plan + gift card…

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      We will be waiting a very long time (never) for those plans again I think.

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      Yeah that’s never happening again. You’ll be gone before that deal returns

      • Sadly…most likely

        • Most likely ? Its a fact .

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    People pay $69 a month???

    • If you know, you know.

    • I pay for 69 every month, yes.

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        You should revoke your ozb account.

      • @krisspy, I am concerned for your well being.

    • A lot of employers pay for it. So you just grab the most expensive plan possible.

      • Then just go to Telstra store and buy off the website?

    • Whats the better option?

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    the 8a is eveehere on marketplace with receipt for $500-550…get that, $200 Sim only plans, save yaself $1k

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      Bought my last few phones this way. Save so much and still get warranty.

  • better to trade in and get a cheaper plan than this

  • So receive a text saying Hi we're giving you a $30 discount for 12 months on your $99 JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys Mobile BYO Plan. You'll receive your discount automatically each month. Discount will end early if you change plans or cancel your service.

    I'm porting out… Use 14gb a month I'm going prepaid June 2nd

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