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2000 Bonus Flybuys Points (Worth $10) on $100 & $250 Coles Mastercard Gift Card ($5 & $7 Fees Apply) @ Coles


Full credit to FreePoints

Next week's upcoming Coles gift card deal! Great to see Coles back offering 2000 points on these gift cards after the disappointing 1500 offered previously.

2,000 Bonus Flybuys points on $100 and $250 Coles Mastercard Gift Cards

Limit 5 Gift Cards per Flybuys account. Offer valid from 22/5/24 to 28/5/24 and only available in store at Coles Supermarkets (excludes Coles Online, Coles Express and purchases via giftcards.com.au), subject to store availability. Excludes $50 Coles Mastercard Gift Cards. To qualify for this offer you must present your Flybuys card at the time of purchase. While stocks last, no rainchecks. BONUS POINTS can be awarded more than once for each Gift Card type including different denominations of the same Gift Card but can only be collected up to 5 times per Flybuys account. Gift Cards can't be used to purchase other Gift Cards at Coles. Standard Flybuys terms and conditions apply and are available at Flybuys.com.au. Coles Mastercard gift cards are issued by Heritage and People's Choice Limited trading as Heritage Bank ABN 11 087 651 125, AFSL/ACL No. 244310 pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. For Coles Mastercard Gift Card Terms of Use and Conditions, go to www.colesmastercardbalance.com.au.


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  • +3

    Perfect time as I just got yello $10 off Coles $100

    • Can it be used to buy a gift card?

      • +5

        Officially no, but they don't know.

      • i have bought ubereats giftcard, it worked last month

  • +24

    Seems like more trouble that it's worth.

    • +4

      Still you won't find any on shelves from Wednesday

      • -1

        Only if you live in regional (Broken Hill / NSW or Warrnambool / VIC or Mildura / VIC, you will be able to find it.

      • +2

        You'll find them in the most unexpected shelves if you look close enough

    • +3

      10500 Velocity points for $50 (2 accounts), not a bad trade imo

    • Okay best you don't bother then, I'll happily get 10.500 Velocity points (2 account) which is 6,774 KrisFlyer miles which is worth around $200

      • +1

        How do you get 10500 Velocity points from this deal? Im guessing its 5250 if you have 1 account..

      • +1

        I was with you all the way up to 6774 Kris miles is $200 - excluding overvalued upgrades, how? I make it around $67.

        • +2

          I only redeem for business class fares, not upgraded

          Sydney - London 130,500 miles + AUD 116.07, which is around $4,000.00 if purchased (as a round-trip, more if one-way)

          So 3,883.93 (taking out taxes) / 130,500 = 2.9 cents per mile

          6,774 * $0.29 = $197

      • I've seen a few comments in previous deals where cards were hacked.

  • Is max allowed 5 card per flybuys account ?

    • +4

      I’d say yes, because the deal description says…

      Limit 5 Gift Cards per Flybuys account.

      … and

      BONUS POINTS can be awarded more than once for each Gift Card type including different denominations of the same Gift Card but can only be collected up to 5 times per Flybuys account.

  • +3

    sucks that QLD hasn't got the 10% off Coles Mastercard GC deal like when NSW did

    must be punishment from getting all those electricity rebates

    • WA also didn't get those 10% off Coles MC that NSW and VIC got. Probably a year ago since we got 10% off

      • +2

        Better wait for those Giftcardz.com.au deals.

        • +1

          Those $250 10% off were pretty epic indeed

          Issue was like 1. half of the transactions couldn't go through and 2. also issue of them being hacked

          But I use them all in the same day any way

      • Didn't your state budget also just announce power rebates. It's punishment, just like Poor Ass says :)

        • Yes being punished for that :)

  • -2

    Hi @WookieMonster. Do you if I can use TCN Luxury eftpos gift card to buy this Coles one?

    • +1

      No idea, because I have not used an eftpos gift card with the same BIN as the TCN Luxury eftpos gift card to purchase any gift cards at Coles in over two years.

    • -1

      Just spend the money

      You'll save jack all from stacking GCs on these <5% discount deals

      • When they work… assuming 5% for each stack, $1000 spend would return somewhere near $100. For about an hours work, I'd take that.

        Or if you are converting to Flyer points … it could be much more too.

        • Issue is there's always restrictions

          Feels like those daigous with milk formula few years ago

  • +5

    It has been posted many times before, but use these cards immediately.

    I have had a good run with them, but one in my last batch was hacked a few days after purchase, and InComm won't give me a refund (having "investigated" but not given me any reasons behind their decision).

    • +2

      Did you ask InComm for a refund on a gift card that was already purchased and (partially) redeemed, or did you tell InComm you wanted to dispute a transaction?

      If you did the latter, did you then lodge a complaint with AFCA? Disputing a transaction is specified in the Cardholder Agreement as something you can do on these gift cards, and an AFCA complaint should get Heritage Bank to tell InComm to sort it out.

      • Thanks WM (was hoping you may respond!)

        I told Incomm I wanted to dispute the transaction (as per clause 14 of their Terms and Conditions). I have been considering next steps, and wasn't sure whether to try Heritage Bank first, or go straight to AFCA.

        Was also considering initiating a Chargeback on the credit card I used to purchase the CM card.

        • +4

          Sounds like you said the right things to InComm.

          I would be tempted to go straight to AFCA, because the Cardholder Agreement says if you do not agree with InComm’s assessment, you are welcome to take your complaint to AFCA.

          I would be wary of doing a chargeback against the merchant (e.g. Coles, Shell Coles/Reddy Express), because the problem lies with InComm (not the merchant), and I think it would be harder for the merchant to put leverage on InComm than if you went to AFCA instead. You also probably should not risk the merchant banning you and/or terminate your linked Flybuys account in response to the chargeback. I would treat a chargeback as a last resort (i.e. if the AFCA complaint fails).

  • -1

    @WookieMonster Can I use ShopBack Supermarket Visa Gift Cards to buy? Thanks

    • +3

      I do not have a ShopBack account, so I do not have access to those gift cards. However, this comment from a couple of months mentions it worked, plus I have not heard nor seen any more recent report, so it probably still works.

    • +1

      Yes just did this morning. 2 x $300 ones. Then have used these Mastercards to buy egift cards on SB or other platforms with cashback/discount.

  • +4

    I've used almost a hundred of these cards without problems… but, beware that the online site to check balances hasn't worked for months. I've given up on it. Need to call the number on the card to find out the remaining balance.

    • I thought it was just me not able to check balance online

    • did you use this https://www.mybalancenow.com/? I just tried with one of my used cards and it works for me

      • Hey, what do you know. It works again. Mybalancenow was offline for many months. Always returned a generic 'system error' for all the cards I tried it with.

        Good to see they finally resolved the problem.

  • +2

    So are these working with the ATO at the moment? I recall there was some suggestion on other recent deals that they may have stopped working with the ATO.

    • +3

      Last time I used these to pay ATO was 26 April, worked fine

      • Thanks, got my assessment due!

  • +4

    We buy them, go home and immediately pay rates or power bill. Easy. 25 bucks off is still 25 bucks off.

    • Only if you value FB points at its face value; as you can get Coles GC at 3-4% discount.

  • +1

    does the trick of adding one random item to the mastercard giftcards and pay the whole lot with Coles gift card still work?

    • Didn't know about this trick

    • I havent tried it myself using that particular trick but I thought Coles’ EFTPOS machines no longer accept any kind of GC for any purchase of any GC — whether by itself or mixed with other groceries — ever since they updated their systems last year and it would come up with ”Invalid Product Mix”.

      • thanks
        I was afraid this was the case

  • I am new to Aussie. Can you please guide me which one to buy ?
    $100 card - I will get 2000 points and $250 card still 2000 points?

    • That's correct.

      • Thankyou. If get 2 X $100 - I will be getting 4000 FB points ?

        • +1


  • +9

    Sick of seeing these flybuy promotions. We need the real deal. %10 off please come back soon

    • When there is 10% off you won't find card anywhere

      • -6

        Hide them a day or three earlier, easy

      • +2

        IMO they should just keep them at the service desk during this week - order heaps of additional stock in preparation, then have them available by request only.

        • so they will need to hire extra stuff to just sell them off the service desk.

          • @SnoozeAndLose: Could still process them at any register, just handled by the staff to prevent dodgy behaviour

  • I use to top up my Oz Lotteries account via paypal. "You win some (very rarely) you lose more!"

  • Can we use coles gift card to buy this?

    • No

    • no, but you might be able to use cards bought on woolies deal to pay for these, I've used these to buy cards at woolies when the deals have lined up.

  • +1

    not topic related, if anyone know how to subscribe to post? was ok but now once clicked top button, it went to new window then nothing could do there.

  • Thanks OP

  • How much is 2000 flybys points worth in monetary terms?

    • +1

      $10. Minus the purchase fee = $5 profit on the $100 card. Not so great…. however….

      If you transfer the Flybuys points to Velocity points, its a 2:1 ratio. So this promo would get you 5k Velocity points.

      Their value is arguable but if you redeem on Business Class international flights, you could roughly assign around 3-4c per point
      5000 x 0.04c = $200 worth of Business Class flights (optimistically)

      • Hi, I'm new to these Velocity Points concept. Could you explain how does this work?
        Do we need any velocity account?
        And can it be used to book only business class flights or international economy class allowed too?
        Does flight bookings needs to be done a specific website?

        Sorry for so many Qns, I'm just trying to understand it.

        • +2

          Could you explain how does this work?

          I can do my best

          Do we need any velocity account?

          You don't need a Velocity account to earn the Flybuys points from this promo, but eventually you need a Velocity account to transfer the Flybuys points into the Velocity account at a 2:1 ratio (i.e. 2 Flybuys points = 1 Veloctiy point)

          And can it be used to book only business class flights or international economy class allowed too?

          You can do lots of things with them like gift cards, hotels, flights, car hire etc, but the best use of points will be on flight seats, in particular upgraded seats or booking business/fight class. So you can book international economy, domestic economy, etc but the redemption value will be less than booking business/first class

          Does flight bookings needs to be done a specific website?

          I don't know enough about the flyer programs/partner programs to answer this one in detail, but generally yes to redeem Velocity points you would use them on Virgin flights ideally a Classic Reward seat.

          • @rekke: Using points on things you wouldn't otherwise purchase, to get a perceived better value is not smart.
            Just because the airline tells you a flight upgrade is worth $x doesn't mean it is. It's worth what you'd pay if there were no points.
            Same with business and first class redemptions.
            Work out the value to yourself (not the price you are told the redemption is worth).
            Otherwise you are just getting conned into wasting points and helping the airlines sell overpriced business class seats, that might otherwise be empty. PS also reducing the chance people will get free upgrades like in the old days.

            • -1

              @jrvb42: That's a good point and I've seen it made many times. For me personally… I want to fly Business/First class and the retail price is substantiated by people paying full price for those seats, so for me the value redemption is calculated based on the actual price for Busineess/Fight class redemptions.

              Work out the value to yourself (not the price you are told the redemption is worth).

              Given I've been redeeming them on Business Class Reward seats, the points have been worth around 3-4c per point. I'm okay with getting conned by the airlines to spend more on my seats.

  • +1

    wait for 10%

    • +1

      Anyone know when the next 10% deal is due?

      • +1

        I believe if giving 20x points still sold out
        they will not give the 10% off anymore
        I haven't buy it since it changes to point

      • +1

        Probably the week after. There was such pattern before.

  • Honestly given the potential risk of these cards getting hacked and the effort to go through as well, is $5 profit on the $100 card or $3 profit on the $250 worth it ? I don't understand the 80 something upvotes honestly, let the downvotes begin as I know it's coming for even posting this comment lol

    • +1

      I mean if my council rates were due I’d save around $130 on them, you’re right it’s not the best deal going around but even if it took me a couple of hours to buy all the cards using different flybuys accounts I’d still probably do it

      The downside is having to track which accounts have flybuys $$ on them etc..

      Last year I paid my council rates with that 10% off online card deal, came to I believe $231 for the $250 Mastercards after the activation fee

      • +1

        This is my point though, I value my time more than the amount I would save and would rather spend it with family etc Unless the saving is large enough to warrant the effort. However, this is obviously subjective because everyone values time differently.

        • +1

          Sure, but people's time is valued differently. An unemployed or retired person might well be willing to spend their time.

          • @jrvb42: That's literally the last line in my comment from earlier haha.

    • +1

      I agree - $3 is not worth it. At least with 10% I got $20 off $250

  • HODL wait for the 10% off…

    • +2

      Or do both.

  • How about paying with an HSBC Everyday Global and splitting into payments of < $100 to get a further 2% off (rebate)?
    Does that work? If so, would reduce the $5/$7 activation fee.

    Thanks to OP for this deal, and for those who painstakingly explained how to maximise it!

    • +2

      You could do that, although you have to use a staffed checkout. At Coles, self checkouts will not allow split payments if you are buying any gift cards (even including SIM cards).

  • Not bad if you happen to be at Coles and can find them.

    But hardly worth the trouble running around looking for them.

    • $100 + $5 - $10 = $95, effectively 5% off

    • $250 + $7 - $10 = $247, a miserable 1.2% off. Probably makes sense if you can get additional reward points from credit card reward programs.

    Max discount per Flybuys account is $25, but this is not instant money, it is from future spending.

    Still a good deal for people geniunely buying them for gift. It turns into a bad deal for people trying to profit from it.

    • The logic you use is close but not actually correct. For example, for the $100 card, the correct way to calculate the % is: $110-$105 = $5. Then 5/105 = 4.76% ;-) Similarly, the $250 card comes in at 1.167%. Neither of them that great. Sigh

      • These are only useful if you just signed up to a new CC and need to hit the min spend for points.

      • So, you're saying you are getting $5 off $105. I don't think people use it that way. eg if I pay my rates bill of exactly $500 using 5 x cards; that cost me $475 right? $475 instead of $500; 5% off.

        • +1

          It costs you $525 to buy the cards.

          Pay your rates bill of exactly $500 using 5 cards. Then, use $50 (10,000 points) at Coles to buy goods.

          The total spending is worth $550. It costs you $525, saving you $25. The total transaction of $550 results in a 4.545% discount.

          It will be easier to understand if you pay all $550 at Coles, but you spend $525. = 4.545% discount.

          • @Riverking: Yes agree 100% with the maths.

            I'm saying I don't think people use it that way, i.e.not buying the cards so that (in the eg above) the $50 to buy goods at Coles cost $47.73 ($50-4.545%). The points which you transfer to $ and then spend/redeem at Coles can be considered an expenditure you would have nevertheless incurred.

            My reason for buying the cards is to get 5% off my rates, which I will get, and there is no change to my other expenditure or discount on that. One can consider that the t&c of getting 5% off rates is to buy and convert $50 worth of points at face value. Off to Coles now!

      • But if you also get +105points for the $105 purchase itself…lets call it 5%

  • +2

    Can this be used to buy gift cards at woolies?

  • Anyone use this card with samsung wallet?

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