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1500 Bonus Flybuys Points on $100 Coles Mastercard Gift Card ($5 Fee Apply, in-Store Only) @ Coles


Full credit to FreePoints

Next week's upcoming Coles gift card deal!

1,500 Flybuys points on $100 Coles Mastercard gift cards

Limit 5 Gift Cards per Flybuys account. Offer valid from 17/4/24 to 23/4/24 and only available in store at Coles Supermarkets (excludes Coles Online, Coles Express and purchases via giftcards.com.au), subject to store availability. Excludes $50 and $250 Coles Mastercard Gift Cards. To qualify for this offer you must present your Flybuys card at the time of purchase. While stocks last, no rainchecks. BONUS POINTS can be awarded more than once for each Gift Card type including different denominations of the same Gift Card but can only be collected up to 5 times per Flybuys account. Gift Cards can't be used to purchase other Gift Cards at Coles. Standard Flybuys terms and conditions apply and are available at Flybuys.com.au. Coles Mastercard gift cards are issued by Heritage and People's Choice Limited trading as Heritage Bank ABN 11 087 651 125, AFSL/ACL No. 244310 pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. For Coles Mastercard Gift Card Terms of Use and Conditions, go to www. colesmastercardbalance.com.au.


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  • +29

    So literally only $2.5 off for each $100 card. Obvious it makes no sense to risk your fund trapped in these cards while you can get HSBC 2% cashback for your daily payment less than $100.

    • +1

      And now not able to see balance as well

      • what happened to the balance check website? havent been able to check balance for a while

        • I've had no problems using the website on my computer, but the mobile site using my phone doesn't work.

      • Balance check is working again. started last Friday I think. Was getting tired of the welcoming American on the phone balance check.

        • Yes it's working now. Thanks !!

    • +3

      Good for CC spend though

    • Do you know if HSBC give 2% cashback on $100 purchases or does it have to be less?

      • +2

        Has to be less, $99.9 will work but not $100

  • +2

    I had to visit 3 stores last time to find stock. I am not doing that again for the sake of $2.50 profit. Pass from me.

    • -2

      Because Coles never enforced its 5 cards limitation and people used so many flybuys to swipe them all.

      • Limitation was 5 cards per day per Flybuys account for one offer 5 in total for another. Both were enforced by the Flybuys accounts themselves; if you tried to purchase more than 5, no benefit (Flybuys points or discount) was given.

        • -1

          Ain't you aware one could have multiple flybuys?
          All these cards were gone within 30 mins for so!

          • -1

            @Toxinor: I found plenty inside the shelf.

            Some of the sim and gift card displays have a storage behind the displays. Just open it up and have a root around for spare cards when there are no staff to tell you off :D

    • How much did you spend in petrol to go around

  • +17

    You'd make more profit rounding up loose trolleys with gold coins in them.

    • Sure, with the Gold price as high as it is…

  • +4

    Gosh these points bonus are getting crazy as. No ozbargainers would fall for this

  • +6

    Coles getting stingy

  • How lovely to get 2.5 bucks lol
    I can get 10 k points for spending 50 bucks (4 weeks)

    • actually, it can be a good combo.At least from minimal effort perspective..
      1. Go to Coles
      2. Buy $100 GC first
      3. Spend $50, pay with the GC

      • 50 bucks for $2.5 profit while i can use 50 bucks for my groceries lol

  • +1

    Lol @ $2.50 profit.
    Not worth the petrol and time

    • Enjoy 20 dollar profit

      • +2

        No, wasted $40.

  • No way

  • 3750 Velocity Points for $25… Better than nothing I guess

  • +3

    Nope not touching this.

  • +3

    Will pass. Bank interest is higher. Not worth buying when these cards are hacked easily. Also can't seem to check the balance at the moment.

    Coles is probably doing market research on how many they can sell with this lower offer. Hopefully not many so they will return to 2000 bonus points.

    • +3

      Finding the sweet spot and check if we are desperate at 2.5% off.

  • I think the only use case that is useful for me is if I get a new CC that has some sort of ‘spend $4000 in X months’ condition and so I’ll just buy as many of them that I can and straight away use to pay off my current ATO debt.
    The $2.50 is a psychological bonus for the effort. 😄

      • Thanks for the heads up. I hope they do not change it. I remember when I needed to do $5000 for my HIVER bank account and all my supermarket shopping (mostly pre-paid gift cards etc) were considered groceries and so were counted.

        • -1

          That's the saving grace. I don't think they can determine what is a giftcard purchase from regular groceries from a supermarket eftpos terminal….but if they do…then the t&Cs apply.

      • How does your credit card provider know you bought gift cards if the transaction was simply a purchase from Coles?

      • +2

        This is simply untrue

  • +2

    They are still figuring out the sweet spot to maximise profit and see at what level we are desperate. Even 7.5% off is not going to entice me.

  • +5

    Hard nup from me.

    We are being tested.

  • +12

    Stay strong Ozbargainers - we don't want this to become the norm!


    • -2

      You mean HODL? lol

      • Halving incoming is in a few days !!!

  • +1


  • +6

    They are testing how many dumb/desperate are there to get this so they can permanently stop giving 2000 points moving forward… !

    • My payg is due 29 April and I have two new credit cards with min spend requirement on the way. My only option is buy ShopBack supermarket first then buy this. Sigh.

      • +1

        Prepay private health in advance, energy bill etc.. get points, change insurer or just cancel pre payment and get refunded. They won't take the bonus back.

        • I also just finished three new credit cards in March, payg is the only outstanding big bill right now

  • +1

    lol nope.

  • +1

    % of GCs in 2024 is like

    • 2023 was already a slimmed down in terms of discount, and frequency. 2024 further tightened the screws.

      • +1

        A few states eg WA didn't get the 10% discount that NSW and VIC were getting. Coles had cut back a lot since last year

  • +1

    A big "no" from me!

  • Limit 5 Gift Cards per Flybuys account.

    Beware, this is for the whole promo period per flybuy

  • 8c gain over Shopback 2.25% back on $107.50

    • I wouldn't underestimate the lengths some people will go to to save 8c.

    • +1

      Are you referring to the supermarket card on swapback? Because they are two very different cards.

      The supermarket card can only be used at supermarkets like Coles/Woolies/aldi however the Coles mastercard is accepted pretty much anywhere mastercard is accepted. Not sure if it is still possible but I was lucky enough to buy ShopBack gift cards with Coles Mastercard which means stacking discount. I can pay strata (deft) /ato with Coles Mastercard.

    • Over is not the way to do it when you can on it :)

  • Still 36 upvotes.

    • They value $7.5 in points more than you do.

      • Yes if they are bad in mathematics as you are. Or can't read what the post says

        • 1500 points ≠ $7.5?

          I never said anything about deducting the activation fee. Note I'm not one of the 36 who upvoted! ;)

  • meh!

  • Big NO !!!

  • Can Amex see level 3 data if I buy these gift cards to hit min spend bonus requirement?

  • 10% off is the bottom line

    • It was never truly 10% off from memory. With the purchase fee the best you'd achieve is 7.48% off on the $250 card

  • -3

    2.38% no thanks. Stocked up with $35k of cards in the recent $100/200 2000 points a little while ago, but even that deal wasn’t a great one. We need to boycott this and force them to up the ante again

  • Already sold out at my local. What a joke.

    • Yeah same I popped into local last night and very surprised none on display.

  • Get in quick - they sell out fast. I was lucky to find five cards at 7am this morning.

  • +2

    This isn't good news when they sell out fast for 1500 bonus points. We may not see 2000 points again.
    Coles have recently offered 1000 points instead of 2000 points for other gift cards too

    • People are desperate for any and all savings. I think Colesworth will eventually just give up the gift card game eventually. Too much hassle and might not be worth their time.

  • My coles only 4. This morning.
    Btw, the limit count is 5 GC/day for 1 account or 1account for whole weeks only 5 GC?

  • Has anyone else every had a negative flybuys balance? Mine is -799.

    • What did the transaction activity say that get you to negative?

    • Sometimes the system can glitch and not take points when redeeming 2000 points for $10 off. Then it's caught up and you're in the negative.

    • Did you return something that had a points bonus?

      • I used my phone to redeem 6000 points for 30 flybuy dollars.
        A couple of minutes later, I checked out via the self-serve, spending over $50.
        The terminal asked if I wanted to redeem 2000 points for $10 off, and I said yes.
        I then proceeded to use my 30 flybuy dollars.
        Now my balance is -799 points.

        • Were the points on your card or still in your account when the terminal offered you the option to redeem them?

          • +1

            @Yola: I don't know, but it looks like it gave me $10 off even though I only had 1201 points.

            • +1

              @shoppe: It is a hack you accidentally found, but known to some. It is a good way to ditch an account.

              • @Neoika: Yeah it is a long lasting bug that never seem to get fixed. Back in the days when you need a Coles Financial Services products to get unlimited $10 off, you could double dip all your FB points by buying a gift card with the FB$ and do a lot of $10 transactions at Coles. Rather tedious I would say.

        • +1

          Same thing with me. I ended up with negative 700. I ditched the card, and created a new one…. 😅🤣

          • @zuruhara: How did you do that? New name and same address, or same name and new address? Or wasn't the card registered?

            • +1

              @shoppe: You can have the same address but new everything else. Although some have said the same mobile. Any details you use must be recorded esp DOB as may be required for id purposes.

              • @Yola: Why not change some details before ditch it? It also cost nothing to get a disposable new number.

                • @Neoika: How do you gey a disposable number?

  • -2

    I know it's so unlucky, but has anyone tried combining with this flybuys 10% off offer?


    • -1

      As usual the conditions state

      10% discount excludes purchases of all gift cards,…

  • This 'deal' proved to be popular, cant get hold of.
    Next time they may offer 1200 point 😀

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