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Up to $40 Cashback for Everyday Mobile SIM Only Plans ($4 Profit on The $36 55GB Plan for Everyday Reward Members) @ TopCashBack


SIM Only Plans

Cashback terms and exclusions

What will step me getting my cashback?

  • Using a discount code or voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback.
  • Cashback is ineligible on recharges to existing services
  • Cashback is ineligible for purchases of gift cards or use of gift cards for full or partial payment.
  • If you return or cancel your order then you will no longer be eligible for cashback and you will see the cashback move to Declined in your account.

What else is essential?

  • Most retailers calculate the cashback based on the purchase amount excluding taxes and delivery charges. So if your cashback is slightly lower than expected, this will likely be why.
  • Cashback is eligible for customers buying a new service (SIM) & new sign-ups (new customers).
  • Service must be activated within 30 days of purchase and remain active for 30 days to be eligible for cashback.
  • Cashback is limited to two prepaid services per member per month, provided they are purchased across separate transactions.
  • Cashback is paid on only one plan/item per order/transaction, regardless of the number of plans/items purchased on that order/transaction.

What to do and when?

  • Any Missing Cashback Claims must be lodged within 100 days of your purchase.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3079)

Referrer gets $35, referee gets $10 (after $10 of earned cashback within 180 days of signing up).

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  • +1

    It only says up to $40, not specifically on any plans. How do you get the 55g plans? Is it just because it’s the highest cost therefore the highest cashback? It’s listed as SIM only plans - SIM and eSIM, as well as prepaid, which makes think that one is talking about postpaid plans.

    @ta to clarify

  • +1

    I ordered it using the TopCashback mobile app and TopCashback successfully tracked it in about 30 minutes.

  • +1

    10% discount will appear when you add your Rewards card during checkout. T&Cs apply. $40 a month for customers who do not link their Everyday Rewards card.

    Must have Everyday Rewards and login during signing up.

  • +2

    remain active for 30 days to be eligible for cashback.

    They are 30 day plans. So unless you can time your handover perfectly you either have to recharge or be without a service?

    Just realised $40 is for the post-paid plans. Which means you're almost certainly getting charged 2 months' worth, so no profit.

    • "You may cancel the authorisation to charge Your Nominated Card under this Agreement or change Your Nominated Card by contacting Us at least two (2) Business Days before Your Credit Expiry Date by calling Us on 1665 (from your Everyday Mobile from Woolworths service) or on 1300 101 234 from any other phone, or updating Your Auto Recharge details using the Everyday Mobile from Woolworths App."


      • Similar question here, can I only pay $36 and change to another carrier after 30 days?

      • +1

        They can still chase you via debt collectors if they bill you for second month on postpaid. Then it may go on your credit file as a negative event which may impact future applications for loans.

        • +1


          1. Rent, utility and phone bills (most of the time)
            Many individuals are under the impression that bill repayments of utilities, phone and rent are stored on your credit file for the standard 2-year period.
            However, utility and telecommunication companies are not considered licenced credit providers meaning that paying your bills on time won’t necessarily boost your credit score.
            While these repayments won’t be recorded in your credit report, it’s possible that repayments over $150 that are more than 60 days overdue can be recorded as a default. So, try to avoid being seriously late on your bill repayments.
    • You don't need to recharge to remain active?

      • I will either call Everyday Mobile on or before the 28th day asking for terminating the service after the 30th day, or port away the number on the 30th day.

        • That's still too much effort for $4

        • Can I just turn off Auto recharge in the app?

      • If your referring to $40 CB, it's a postpaid plan. They will bill you regardless if your credit card is active or not

        • Oh no, ordered one without reading the fine prints. Seems like they don't offer refunds on change of mind too.

          As per our Returns Policy, we do not allow you to change or cancel an order due to "Change of Mind".

          • -1

            @firestint: Technically if you Return to Sender for the Sim (or refuse the package) , and don't activate, they cannot bill you.

  • -6

    I am anti-topcashback, I don't trust they honour every eligible txn so here I am down voting it

    • Did TopCashback not pay eligible cashback?

    • What's your story, genuine q

  • +1

    The $40 is for postpaid plans and your likely have to pay second month too and also hit with a credit inquiry on your file

  • Pre-paid Long Expiry plans - SIM and eSIM a rebate of only $10 to sign up for a 12 months plan! That is supposed to be enough motivate me to buy this? Geez.

  • am I right to say this $40 cashback deal doesn't seem to apply for prepaid plans? it's more for post-paid deal?

    probably not suitable for sim churners…

  • When does this TCB $40 CB deal ends? Thanks

    • They did not mention.

  • Thanks for reply. OzT. Just bought one. From reading you should be able to turn off Auto recharge, right?

  • Thanks OzT

  • Could we utilize Woolworths Everyday Rewards dollars to purchase the SIM cards? If we do, would the cashback be eligible or ineligible if we use Woolworths Everyday Rewards dollars for either full or partial payment of the SIM cards?

  • Guys what kind of post is this? No link to the topcashback page mentioning anything about this deal. Linking right to everyday rewards with no explanation of how this is a deal? Ozb standards have dropped if this kind of post is allowed to fly.

    • -1

      Relax mate, click 'Go to Deal' to access the TopCashBack page.


      • Thanks, I figured that out but I still believe my criticism was apt. If I recall we used to have a rule that the primary link should be to the actual deal page (which isn't the case for this post). Stating terms and conditions across the entire body of text of the thread isn't helping anyone. Just a confusing post to come across if you're a normal guy who isn't going to be able to see the value of this deal or what it is even about on first look.

  • My cashback of $40 has just been declined, I am not sure why. Have lodged a missing cashback claim and also PMed TA, fingers crossed. Otherwise $36 spent for nothing, and will probably avoid TCB from now on.

    • +1

      Hi. Thanks for advising me and please don't worry, going to get this sorted. Looks like Woolies Telco just pulled the plug on Everyday Mobile and their system auto-declined the lot for some reason. I've already emailed them to find out what's going on. Please give me some time to fix this. You have nothing to worry about, but please understand it's not something we (TCB) did. Cheers.

    • +1

      Update 3:04pm - Woolies Telco have confirmed they're aware of the issue and advised me to let members know there's nothing to worry about. Hoping to have this resolved soon and I'll update more once I know more. Also, they will be coming off all cashback partners for the time being. Thank you :)

      • Thanks TA for jumping onto this so quickly, and for the update!

        • You're the one that needs to be thanked for flagging and making us aware. As I said, once sorted I'll comment back here. Have a great night!

  • Good job. TA

  • +2

    Morning @firestint @Eling3 @ethannguyen @nothingbutbargain and others.

    Confirming we've just approved all Everyday Mobile orders and moved them to Payable while Woolies continues to investigate the issue. Please note Everyday Mobile cashback is not available via TCB for any new purchases until further notice. Have a great day, and thank you for your patience.

    • Awesome, thanks again TA!

      • No worries at all. Enjoy!

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