EveryPlate Meal Kit - Free First Order via Select Referral + $9.99 Delivery @ EveryPlate

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EveryPlate, the cheaper alternative to Hello Fresh is offering free boxes for new customers. To get the free boxes:

  1. Use a referral code (you can use random from the OzBargain referral generator below). Keep cycling until you find the best discount (4 people 3 recipes with $9.99 delivery fee/ $80 off the first box).
  2. Select 4 people and 3 recipes per week to maximise the discount
  3. Pay using PayPal/Credit Card, do not use gift cards as it will void the discount.
  4. Cancel once you have your order delivered. To be safe you can also skip the next week right after signing up.

Referral Links

Referral: random (362)

$20 credit for the referrer and $20 off first box for referee. Some referrals will also have $20 off the 2nd and $10 off the 3rd box. Some referrals will have $115 off the first 4 boxes with $75 off the first box.

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  • Thanks, got a box, the meals arent really my style. A lot of pork options, and very little chicken. The beef steaks are extra costs.

    Good for $10 though

    • +3

      Welcome to meal delivery kits!

      • HelloFresh has quite a few chicken meals though

  • +2

    Not letting me do it. Perhaps because I used a similar deal last year. I did use a different email address.

  • worked!! cheers

  • +2

    Keep cycling until you find the best discount.

    So what is the best discount??

    • +3

      The one that gets you to only pay for the delivery fee on your first order.

    • +4

      4 people and 3 recipes box for free with $9.99 delivery fee.

      • Yep on the top red letter should say $115 free first box something like that.
        Or 125 free but the same thing, cant go over 3 box 4 ppl without pay more

  • +2

    any advice on what to do if "We're sorry, this voucher can't be added to this order. If you want to proceed with your order, please remove it." pops up. I think Ive used every companies one, is there a way of by passing or anything I can change to use it? cheers

    • Same here.

      • Me too

  • Damn my referrals 69 clicks since last year.

    • How has that converted?

      • +4

        $1,780 converted in total $2,000 pending.

        Oh now it's 70

  • Hmm first delivery is always Saturday?

    • You can change to any day you like

      • +2

        Ok got it. But it will be after Saturday 25 may

        • -1

          Yes, I think, it locks in Saturday for the first one and then you can change - at least thats the only options I can find

  • +1

    Didn't work for me, go to payment and goes back and says voucher needs to be removed

    • Have you used EveryPlate before?

      • +1

        all good, just used a different phone number!

  • Done for first time Thankyou!

  • Nice find, ordered

  • +2

    I got "voucher needs to be removed", then used my partner's name and email, and our landline number and was succesful. Thanks OP.

    They are likely screening on unique identifiers such as mobile number, email address for "bonus abuse".

  • Try 2 people 3 meals

  • My little brain is confused…. I take it you can't just order 1 week…. you have to order more then cancel after the 1st delivery. How many weeks do you have to order., I can never get to a payment processed screen. The discount works for the first week, as stated just keep trying, but from there I go nowhere…fast. BELAY THAT… just got a confirmation email for my first order… I must have missed something, not like me. Pfffft . thanks for the post!!!

    • +13

      Are you having a stroke?

    • Yes, you set up all the parameters with the first order and then it is a good idea to set 'skip' for the immediate following week to give yourself time to remember to cancel etc without getting caught out. You want to receive at least your first order and them cancel (or not if you like the service)
      If you got the corfirmation order, it looks like you are in. It's pretty easy, I am sure you will work it out

  • Do remember to cancel. I tried with Revolut card and I cancelled a few hours after the due date. It said they delivered but I never received the box. Plus they sent my case to the collection team and now and then I received emails from them saying I owed money.

    • Plus they sent my case to the collection team

      RIP your credit report.

  • Worked for me.. thanks

  • Was able to put through an order, thank you.

  • Placed a free order yesterday snd now got plan cancellation email as below:

    We're sorry to see you go!
    Your EveryPlate plan has been successfully cancelled, but you might still have one last box headed your way!

    • They and Hello Fresh seem to review all the orders a day or two after placing so if your address has been used or any other flags come up, you may still get that email.
      If they approve, you get a 'confirmed' email and I think they charge your card - in this case $9.99

      • +1

        I see. Now On my card i have $0.00 pending still. Just pre autho

        • But yesterday already received email We have received your first order, and are looking forward to delivering your first box on Saturday, 25 May 2024. Still pendin $0. Weird

          • @CyberMurning: Yes, that's just how they roll. Next day or so there will be either the charge and a confirmation or the dreaded cancellation email - at least that is how Hello fresh does it

  • i don't have a 'skip week' option

    • +1

      Click on the date you want to skip and edit

  • +1

    Unfortunately, doesn't ship to the NT.

  • Managed to snag it, thanks OP. Will run again on my wifes mobile later too.

    • Same address, can?

      • I'll do it at 49A instead of 49, see how I go

        • I did that last year, the driver was genuinely looking for 12A, he called my mate who told him it was at the back so he left the box near the garage

      • I just ordered my second box under my partner's name/number after cancelling my first subscription. Didn't even have to change my address :).

  • +1

    Thanks op, seems my referral code doesn't give the same benefit. Oh well

  • Just got a cancellation email too. Haven't used it before.

  • +1

    Card got charged the $9.99 overnight - that means its coming!

    • +1

      Same. And got few spam emails as well already

  • +1

    Anyone else also get charged $9.99 and $39.92?!
    I didn’t customise anything.

    Premium / Customisation

    Seems premium meals attract a surcharge although wasn’t mentioned during selection!

    3 meals (12 servings)
    2 premium recipes
    Promo code


    Found the answer in live chat bot support.
    Each week, there is a Premium meal available on the menu, so you can enjoy an upgraded dinner with premium proteins and ingredients.

    You can also customise your recipe and add extra protein, with an additional charge.

    Please note that the discount you received doesn't apply to these meals

    This meal has a $2.99 surcharge per serving and is deducted separately from your weekly box price

  • I believe you can already cancel your subscription if your order status is on:

    "Order placed
    Arriving on date
    You can no longer make any changes to this delivery."

    Plus they've already charged me $10 so it seems like it's all gone through.

  • Order got cancelled, now i am getying spammed…

    • -1

      Probs coz it's been OzBargained ..tho I got 2 box's $10 ea so lucky me lol

  • Food arrived today - looks pretty darn good.
    Thanks OP

    • Which one?

      • +1

        Got Korean Chicken Burgers, Pork Schnitzel and Pork & Spinach Pie.
        All meat and veg looks like decent quality

  • +2

    Thanks OP! Got a box last night. Had Korean chicken burgers tonight and they were great so can recommend. Got 4 people 3 recipes but only 2 of us so will do us 6 meals. Very easy to halve the recipes too as the card has measurements for either 2 or 4 servings. Will just have to keep an eye on freshness of ingredients as they don't tend to last long in my experience. Great value at $9.99

  • Just checked how my referral code is going, had $116 of credit sitting around, so picked up a box using that. Cheers everyone, I owe it to you!

    • wow.. too bad mine is Give your friends a FREE box of their choice! In return, you will earn $10 when they place their first order.
      got 5 clicks but no $ of course haha

  • received my $10 box this morning, all the food looks good cant wait to try out the recipe

  • I got mine yesterday and cooked one meal last night. I had the Mexican lamb rice, and it was okay but nothing amazing. I can’t say I’m into this format of meal box, as you still have to prep everything and they’re all these bits and pieces of packets. That said it’s good to have some different dishes and the ones I like I think I could easily replicate myself later. However a ripper deal, so thanks OP and those who shared the code. I could see this being useful if you didn’t already have a cupboard full of spices etc.

  • just tried the random referral code to roll for a $75 off box - wasn't able to submit the order and was told I needed to remove code to proceed. Anyone else having this issue?

  • now its only available for 2 people 3 meals for $10?

    • Did your order go through? I just tried and it kept saying i need to remove the discount code to proceed…

      • my first order went through, then i wanted to order again saw the smaller meal portion and did not proceed

  • If anyone wants my paper referral codes that came in my box which are "$105 off the first box" there are as follows:

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