Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 4-Pack $101 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Samsung SmartTag2 4 Pack (2xBlack 2xWhite)

Stay connected to your valuables with the Samsung SmartTag2 4 Pack. This versatile set of tracking tags helps you locate misplaced items in seconds using your compatible Galaxy smartphone.

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial


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    Waiting to see if googles solution will be any good but brands are taking forever to release their trackers. Wish Samsung would open their trackers to take advantage of google implementation

    • Had the original Samsung trackers and they were fecking shite! Swore never again absolute waste of money.

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        New ones are far better. Plenty of reviews say better than Airtags.

        I have both a smarttag 2 + Airtag in my car.

        • will go do some research! Dont have any apple devices so limited in that sense. My folks use the airtags and they seem to work a treat for them!

        • I bought one of the new tags to use for a recent o/s trip where my luggage had some important stuff in it. There were no issues with the luggage in the end but the bag was trackable in each airport along the way so it worked well enough I guess.

          I would have preferred an android-wide solution rather than relying on Samsungs but it is what it is.

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    Great price. I have these on my car keys, expensive keychain but everytime I can't find the keys I ring them… and I think to myself, what a good purchase.

  • Anyone know if Samsung will price match GG Commercial? Got some Samsung Rewards I've gotta use. CS Agent said Good Guys is eligible but wouldn't confirm if Commercial was included.

  • How is the battery life? And would it be a problem if left in the car on a hot day?

    • Got mine as part of the S24 release and just got a low battery alert recently, but that is not on power saving mode which they say can last up to 700days i think.

  • I've decided to go with chipolo instead as i don't want to be tied to samsung. Something to think about for all thosr Ozb G54 users

  • They had the same offer in March. I signed up and everything… still waiting for someone to get back to me. Has anyone had success claiming any deals from the good guys commercial?

    • I've had to create a new GG commercial account a while back after it stopped recognising my original one.

      I placed an order for these tags on Sunday, delivered on Wednesday.

      • +1

        for what it's worth I did get the tags (jb hifi) and they work amazingly well!

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