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UGREEN 100W USB C Gan II Charger $69.97 Delivered @ UGREEN via Amazon AU

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** Edited on 17/06/2024 **
This deal is back again..

This 100W charger is now 30% off RRP ($99.99) and best price by Camel3x.

The price for UGREEN 200W USB C Charger is also dropped to $159.96 (20% off RRP 199.99) - click here

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    this is also a good deal if you want different brand, $45 pp


    • Is this brand better than UGreen though? Also you need to factory in delivery costs with yours.

      • +2

        I did a search - personally I don't think I'd trust it and would simply pay more for Ugreen as a known, quality brand/product.

        I get fibes that it is simply rebaged chargers that are similar in quality to others at the price point and people will buy in a similar nature to Zyron (support Australian business).

        • What is it that makes you not Simplecom? They have been around for 7 years so its now an established Aussie business with local support. I have two of these chargers and they work perfectly with anything I throw at it.

          • @Omarko: Known, reliable quality vs unknown.

            May have been around for 7 years, but this is the first I'm hearing of them. If they were high quality products (which in my opinion is what we're comparing to here), I would have expected to have heard of them before.

            Yes 100% would prefer to support an Australian business, but I'm usually going to choose the higher quality product especially when the cost is not wildly different.

            • +1

              @Apostle0748: Given the risk involved with chargers and the countless stories out there of fires/explosions/burns (even if they are rare), I'd spend a little more for peace of mind nowadays.

          • +2

            @Omarko: Lack of reviews. Never heard of them, never seen people talking about them. I rather go for a brand that has some form of awareness simply to highlight any quality control issues.

    • I bought this charger and it doesn't charge my Macbook Pro 15 2019. I've tried 3 different known working (with the original Apple charger) 5A/100W cables. I'm returning it to Umart and buying this instead.

  • Honest question: would a three-pin wall plug (ie with ground) be better so you don't get the 'electric' feeling when charging metal laptops?

    • I've also wondered this…

    • +2

      AFAIK, the third pin (ground) on these chargers are usually only present when the device is not double-insulated (e.g. when the housing or externally accessible part is conductive/metal).

      However, I don't know how that translates to grounding on a laptop …

    • Nah, the third pin is for earthing, not grounding - sometimes they are the same thing, but not in a USB power supply like this.

      As @P1xellat3d suggested, the earth pin is for mains short (to chassis) protection only (ie it will trip your circuit breaker / ESD if the high voltage mains somehow comes in contact with the chassis). However, this earth pin is kept independent of the USB ground, so won't have any impact (good or bad) on that 'electric' feeling you get. Of course, other components within the power supply might.


    • +1

      Only thing I can add is that these two pronged style chargers tend to pull out easily.

  • +1

    If you plug in a new device or a device stops charging (e.g. because it is full) does this charger reset the charging state across all devices?

    I find it can be rather annoying when devices are continually making a charging notification sound.

    • +2

      All GaN chargers do this, it is to re-distribute the power between devices.

      • Almost all of them do it but I've seen rare ones that don't - they probably have separate/individual charging subsystems. I think the reason they aren't popular is that it's hard to advertise this feature, increases the costs and gives less max-power per port too.

        One potential way to find these is that the sum of the max port outputs don't exceed the total power of the charger.. For example, 2x 100w port charger with 200W total power. Or 140W+ 2x100W + 45W + some USB A with 300W total power.

        • This.
          Can’t remember the last one that advertised this, maybe a heymix 140W for $70 with the power output display. But it’s a heymix so…
          It’s not something people check unless they’ve been looking for it

        • I think there's a Chargeasap 200w charger which is essentially two 100w chargers inside… was tempted to order until I read the scathing user reviews on Reddit. Even taken with a pinch of salt, I think I'll stick to buying from either UGreen or Anker.

        • I don't so much mind the renegotiation when another device is connected and pulling power, but are there any options where you can leave cables connected without it limiting the output to other ports? I haven't gone round and tested it specifically but I believe most, if not all of my chargers can't handle this.

          • @Arsenal: Having piqued my own interest and read a little more about this, it seems this is likely being caused by USB-c - Lightning cables as those are apparently always 'active'. Annoying, but I suppose at least i now have a reason to wish all my Apple devices were USB-C where before i really didn't care about getting rid of lightning like everyone else seemed to.

    • PinePower Desktop or similar don't reset when adding or removing devices.

  • +4

    Good deal, it does often go down to this price however so if you don't need it urgently, you could wait until a special on gift cards, etc. comes up.

    Charger itself I have and I love it - works very reliably.

    • It was this price a week ago, you're 100% correct.

  • +31

    I sometimes wonder if this site saves me money

    • +5

      I question that myself at times.

      I now think I buy many things i dont generally need but I buy it thinking it s a good deal and will regret it later if I dont get it now.

      • This is sooo me…

    • +5

      No, I definitely spend more.

      However, I would say it's not just about saving money - the idea of getting a great bargain and "beating the system" (so to speak) is what's great fun about this place.

      • +4

        I have flipping 10 power banks because of "Amazon deals"

        • Given most real power bank deals on Amazon expired less than 30 minutes after being posted, I’d say that’s quite an achievement!

    • This haha. It's a balance between buying things "actually needed" at greatpPrices vs the mindset of creating a need when something's priced really good lol

      • i bought this as a cheap ish nice to have. Same with my anker 737 lol

  • +2

    Took one of these travelling, worked great. Only needing one charger for 2 x Apple Watches, and 2 x iPhones along with other various tech (headphones etc) was excellent.

  • -1

    Night one when last one special, Great device

  • +1

    Bought this on a whim last year, it's been overseas with me on a few occasions and has been solid. I'd pick up another one for sure.

  • +1

    I ended up buying this one https://www.amazon.com.au/NOVOO-Charger-Compact-Adapter-RG12…

    With the 26% off coupon it's $51.79 and comes with two cables and does 60w/60w

    • Appears to have a non replaceable wall plug, so no using it overseas without the appropriate adapter (if that matters).

      • Yeah not a concern for me, can always get a travel adapter if needed as well, they're like $2.

  • -4

    Wouldn't the price be cheaper on AliExpress.

    • +4

      Not sure. Did you check?

    • +3

      It is more expensive on Ali and you have factor the cost of replacing the power cable or use a travel adaptor. Warranty claims will also be a pain on Ali.

  • +1

    I got this exact model and the same price i paid about 2 months ago on Amazon. It appears that it gets discounted to this price frequently like a new RRP. Overall, works very well. You get the added benefit of a Ugreen quality assurance. So far all my Ugreen products even purchased years ago havent skipped a beat.

  • +1

    I bought one a month ago when it was nearly at RRP because I needed it urgently. I took it overseas, and it was the only charger I needed for my laptop, tablet, and multiple phones.

    I'm very pleased with its performance and portability. With the new price, I decided to get another one for upstairs. I own several other Ugreen products and have been satisfied with them. They're reliable and I haven't had any issues so far. Highly recommended.

  • Wish they had the 2x USB-C + 2x USB-A design like the 65W version.

    I'm still using too many USB-A cables :(

    • Bro it's time to move to usb c ;)

      The one practical benefit I see for keeping type A is if you have a ton of electronics to charge at once and prefer to save money on cheaper high port count type A chargers.

      • @Dubious speculation lol yeh getting there slowly. Just got so many USB-A cables still for older laptops/computers.

  • https://www.mwave.com.au/product/ugreen-nexode-200w-multi-us…

    200W charger is cheaper at mwave ($146.95 click and collect or + 9.95 delivered).

    I have it and it is bloody good.

    • Does it really only renegotiate when you plug in a 3rd device like the reviews show? (Ie. 2 e-mark cables = 100W max, then adding something else)

      I assume it's old enough to not support EPR (ie. 28V output) though.

  • Is there any good 100+w chargers that come in white? I'm trying to find one that will blend into the surroundings. Would have definitely bought if white.

  • +2

    I have one of these and can definitely vouch for it. I love that the power cable is detachable, I bought a local cable when I was in japan and used that.

    • Question - did you get the power cable from Bic Camera Store or similar?

      I was going to buy these online from Aliexpress, but saw some reviews talking about how thin the cable was so thinking of going down your route instead.

  • I couldn't see it in the listing… does it come with USB-C PD cables?

    • +2

      No it does not. It tends to be only the cheap generic brands that include a USB C charging cable in the box.

  • +1

    I have a dead one of these that I am waiting on a refund for. I bought it in November last year. It just shat. Didn't let the magic smoke out but doesn't work now. I might buy another, I really liked it while it was working. Great for travel.

  • Would this work to charge a Laptop (Has USB type C charging port) that normally uses a 200w power brick?

    • +1

      It would, but if your laptop requires 200W to run, you might need find it charging slowly and CPU throttled or battery discharge while charging.

    • I'm curious… Which laptop requires 200W of power to run?

      • Gaming Laptops running high end graphics cards. My (5 year old) laptop has an GeForce RTX 2070 in it, and it needs a 230W AC Adapter. I would not necessarily recommend, but it is the answer to your question!

      • I have an ASUS Zephyrus G14 2023 version with the 7735HS CPU and RTX 3050.

  • Is it better to purchase this now, or wait, i dont really need this atm but travelling at the end of the year, so is it worth purchasing now or holding off, perhaps for a better option or deal
    Also looking for a power bank with similar specs, any recommendations?

    • Haven't seen it cheaper, buy now claim it for tax purposes ;)

  • Thanks OP

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