Kings 12Ah LifePO4 60W USB-C Portable Power Pack $109 + $10 delivery @ 4WD Supacentre eBay

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all time low for the 12Ah.

this code is showing for me so available to non Plus subscribers as well.

I recommend this more for back up battery/power bank use because of the smaller capacity. if you are running a fridge or something like some others plan to do I think it's better to go for the 24Ah or higher capacity.
smaller 12Ah capacity also means decent charge time of ~4 hours (only around 2 hours wait if charging it from 50%) compared to the 24Ah which takes 7 hours.

already bought this one and tested. so here's my feedback. I don't plan on using the cigarette lighter port so just USB power use.

in the box: power pack, USB-C cable and manual.

obviously LifePO4 is heavier than Lithium ion so it does feel hefty.

charging indication with 4 LED's is a bit vague as I saw in a video before purchasing and charge indication is as written in the user manual.

so the problem is how to tell if it has a full charge or not. with all LED's solid it's still charging, because the final LED only indicates it's between 70% and 100%. (if you are used to most charging indications you would think the battery is fully charged but no all LED light up at 70%)
I can tell it was still charging at decent power because the 65w USB-C power adapter I was using was still warm to touch.
without a USB-C power meter, you can't really tell when it hits 100% even if the USB-C charger is cold the Kings could still be at 90 something %.
either need to use a USB-C meter or estimate and set a timer is your only option.

USB-C port also felt a little wobbly when pushing a cable in. I dunno I'm used to my USB-C ports never wobbling. a bit concerning long term if that port is used to both charge the pack and charge other devices (in/out function).

just to test charging my ipad via USB-A port it cut power at 95%. honesty 95% is good enough but I think USB-A at 5V the current gets too low because replugging ipad and the power pack turns off after 10 sec again. second test I charged ipad with USB-C port this time it charged fully to 100% and power pack even kept the power on at 100%. good 👍

because USB-A cuts power at 95% ipad charge, I think you won't be able to charge small battery devices like TWS earbuds on their own. if you want to charge very small devices I think it will work if you plug it in while you are charging something else via USB-C. so the power pack sees more current and keeps power to USB-A even during super slow charge with that port.

other than that it is handy to have something to charge larger battery devices with and also have enough left over to give everything a charge during a black out. that's why I got it anyway. LifePO4 also gives more total cycles than Lithium ion so batteries inside should last long term.

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  • +3

    On the ebay link it says $20 off list price $139 -> $119, but on their website it says $130 off $249 -> $119.

    Love Kings / 4wd Supa Centre marketing.

    • yeah and I noticed few days ago they upped shipping on the 24Ah from eBay to $15, then it was $189 or $199 on their website which was the same as eBay after coupon.

      so at the time slightly cheaper to buy from them direct.

    • I did buy it for $249 in January though from their store.

      Edit: apologies, just checked the invoice, $249 was for the 24Ah model

  • +1

    Does it support passthrough charging? Was thinking it could work with dashcams with parking mode.

    • +1

      it didn't say so on the manual. but I think a youtube video says it works under certain connections.

      obviously can't charge via USB-C and use USB-C output at the same time because it's the same port.

      but if I remember the video you can charge via USB-C and output via USB-A does work and pass through. but please double check the video there are only a few on youtube.

      what I would worry about is if the Kings stays powered on with something low power like a dashcam plugged in. I added in my description my experience with charging an ipad. USB-A port cuts power and power pack turns off when power reduces down under a certain amount.

  • -2

    Airplane question.

    • +4

      12.8V 12Ah = 153.6Wh

      It is over 99Wh so it can't be taken on without airline permission.
      It is under 160Wh so can be taken on with airline permission.

  • Does this support USB-C PD to charge a laptop?

    • USB-C port supports PD but 60w max.

      I have the manual here so here is the specs:

      USB-C: 5v/3a, 9v/3a, 12v/3a, 15v/3a. 20.3v/3a.

      • USB C Output DC5V3A 9V/3A 15V/3A 20/2.25A

        Isn't it 45w max?

        • that's USB-C input spec you are quoting. I have the manual infront of me. Power pack itself charges at 45w max via USB-C.

          sorry I was just editing and adding "output" after USB-C but you replied so can't edit.

          • @harshbdmmaster718: So the Spec on Ebay is not correct I'm guessing?

            • @vash12: I just had a look. that's the exact same as USB-C input spec written on the user manual. someone probably made a mistake on ebay listing.

              but just be aware if your laptop charger is normally PD 80w or 100w, 60w will charge it much slower.

              I learned this recently looking at Surface laptop USB-C adapters, apparently laptops use a lot more power just to keep the laptop on. so for surface laptop with included 65w charger, 20w is used by laptop when powered on (45w used to charge). usb-c surface adapter only supports PD 45w max, so would still use 20w for power on, only give 25w used to charge. almost half. read many complaints the charge is too slow and bordering on unusable.

              if you need fast laptop charge of PD 80w+ this might be the better buy. can do PD 100w but less capacity.

          • +1

            @harshbdmmaster718: only charges at 45w?

            that's disappointing

  • price went up when I checked last time.

    but price is back down now to the same as when I posted with the same code. marked as unexpired. deal still available.

  • something interesting I discovered.

    bought a USB-C meter to track the 12Ah Kings charge level when charging it. haven't done that yet but I measured what voltage the ipad (9th gen) charges from power pack.

    at 50% battery ipad charges at 15V 1A which was surprising to me because I always thought it charges at 9V max. included apple charger is 9V 2.22A max but I always thought it wouldn't charge at higher voltage.

    • USB-C meter has been really useful.
      I recommend buying one as it has many uses and has helped me find out things I wouldn’t know without one.

      I got this white kowsi one. it’s around $10 to $12 delivered when I checked on aliecpress from good rated sellers and around $2 if you buy $10 worth of selected items.
      I just paid $17 to get it next day from amazon. I like the cable design because I often found USB-A meter hard to read when it sticks right into the charger.…

      I already had a USB-A meter as well but the USB-C is very useful for PD.

      I have a device that is meant to charge at 20w and found out the ipad USB-C charger was only negotiating 5W 2A. it was still pretty quick to charge so I thought it was charging at 9V.
      I plugged it into the USB-C of Kings pack instead and it negotiated 9V 2A but actually dropping power a bit down to 8.90V and 1.85A. which I thought was weird because when charging ipad with Kings USB-C never dropped below negotiated 15V. next I used USB-A meter with the 18W USB-A (2) output. it performed much better with 9.04V 1.98A.
      so now I know the USB-A 2 output is best for charging that device.

  • probably no one is going to read this but I charged the Kings 12Ah with USB-C tester and it does help to show when the power pack reaches 100% charge.
    this comment will also be helpful for those who don't want to buy a USB-C tester because it shows how much time it takes from 4 lights fully on to 100% charge.

    I took some photos to show what I mean. I'm charging the Kings with a 65W USB-C charger.

    I forgot to take a photo straight after plugging in, but here is the Kings with 3 lights fully on. charging at 40watts (19.6V 2.11A).

    here is the Kings with 4 lights fully on (you would think fully charged but it's not). still charging at 40watts.…

    here is 30 minutes later. USB-C tester shows 0.6watts (19.7V 0.03A) which means charge has slowed to almost nothing meaning fully charged.…

    so basically, if you keep an eye on the Kings battery indicator lights and see it change from 3 to 4 lights fully (constantly) on. start a 30 minute timer on your phone and by the time the timer rings the Kings 12Ah power pack will be fully charged. no need to buy a USB-C tester (even though I find it has many other uses).

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