Skmei 1628 Digital Watch (Dual Time) with Any 2 US$0.99 Items: US$7.85 (~A$11.80) Delivered @ Aliexpress


Just noticed the Skmei 1628 has been added to the Buy 3 or More Selected Choice Items For Free Delivery for US$4.79 + GST.

If you add 2 US$0.99 items it works out cheaper than buying on it's own from Skmei Store… US$6.65 + $1.99 delivery + GST.

Example deal screenshot of my cart… US$7.85 (~A$11.80) Delivered.

I recommend the positive display as some might find the negative hard to read.

  • Crystal/Lens - Resin
  • Case Size (LWH) - 49mm x 44mm x 14mm
  • Dual Time
  • Day & Date, Stop Watch
  • Hourly Chime & Alarm
  • Backlight with Afterglow
  • 12-Hour or 24-Hour Display

GOAT Reviews.

Best to pay in USD using a credit card with no international transaction fees like 28 degrees mastercard.
Thanks to altomic for the original post.

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  • +3

    Very nice

    • InB4 should I get this or a Rolex comments.

  • +2

    I haven't got time for this deal

  • -2

    I havent got time to post this comment

  • +4

    I use one of these for work doing school maintenance, nice because it's very easy to read (the date is American style but you get used to that quickly) and cheap enough that if I scrape it along a brick wall or it gets covered in oil/grease I'm not going to care.
    Would definitely recommend for this cheap, I think I paid about $14 for mine and would do it again in a hearbeat

  • oof got a-g shock when I saw the thumbnail, the Case…io reckon, it looks familiar

  • I thought I was already being cheap owning a casio g shock

    • +1

      Best not to live your life worrying about what others think.

  • One of the links has sold out of the positive display but if you keep scrolling there is another one that has it.

  • How long will this thing last if used daily?

  • +1

    @Jimothy Wongingtons… one of the links has the Skmei 1628 for US$4.79 + GST again.

    Also noticed a cool little 40mm keyring pocket watch for US$1.59 + GST. So cheap.

    • +1


      i am thinking about splashing out on the skmei 1335 in gold instead - sometimes you just gotta treat yourself ya know

      or skemi 1901 in gold @ 9.98 usd - cant believe i even considered the casio version A1000MG-9E at $289 like there isnt a current cost of living crisis

      • +1

        I don't like resin case watches pretending to be metal. You can get the Synoke version of the Casio Royale for US$1.99 + GST via this deal.

        You know they don't have world time yeah?

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