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TPG FTTB Network 100/20 $54.99/Month for 12 Months + $10 Del (New Customer Only, Select Locations, $89.99/Month Ongoing) @ iiNet


I got a letter from iiNet with what looks to be a legitimately good deal. Looks like this is only for the TPG FTTB network which is mostly inner city blocks and is for new customers only.

This is a $35/month discount for 12 months, $89.99 after.

Includes a wifi router too.

Minimum cost is $64.99 as there is a $10 modem delivery fee.

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  • Anyone have experience with this internet plan? Or iiNet opticomm in general? Seems like a good deal

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    Hmmmm. This deal or yesterdays 12/1Mbps Unlimited Data $59/Month.

  • Not available in your area

    • Same here. I get this message.

      This product is not available at your address.

      The good news is nbn® is available in your area

    • If it is available in your building (apartment block) you would already know about it.
      If there is TPG FttB there won't be NBN, it's usually one or the other.

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        I seem to have TPG FTTB and nbn available at my building (and I didn't know about the former)

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        I have both in my building. Have the NBN and TPG FTTB.

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          Yes, there are exceptions, but the general rule is one or the other. Hence why I said, usually. :)
          They also are no longer rolling out this network, so whatever is in place will not change.
          No new apartment blocks have copper wires installed and haven't for years, so there is no option for TPG to install FttB in new builds.

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          Try getting https://capti.com.au/

          Look at the speeds - https://www.speedtest.net/result/15445283963

          Same TPG FTTB / Vision Netowork's footprint

          • @Turd: Agree I've been on Capti for a few months now, didn't know TPG FTTB was in the building until I randomly checked address checker on TPG website.
            Found on Ozb Capti is using TPG FTTB, and they use G.Fast. TPG/iinet aren't doing G.Fast for their FTTB (yet?).
            it's not bad… 250/50 or 1Gbps/max uplink plans for $89/109 iirc

            • @hubbadeba: What sync speeds do you get?

              • @Turd: When they installed the tech said the copper loop length was ~250m and syncs at ~820Mbps DL, UL i recall is 118Mbps

                • @hubbadeba: Very nice, exactly what g.fast should be working at and doing, im jelly!!

  • Wow, just joined Leaptel at $69.95/mo (for 6 months) for only 50/20 on Opticomm, didn't think Opticomm usually did discounts.

    Ah, no this is for TPG's private FTTB I'm pretty sure.

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      I thought TPG FTTB == OptiComm?

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        No. What made you think that?

        • I remember looking into it and seeing something about TPG selling the network but I must have been wrong.

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            @samyall: You’re thinking of Telstra Velocity. That got sold to Opticomm.

            • @PainToad: It really doesn't help that telcos wont tell you which network a deal is on either…

          • @samyall: What you probably saw was TPG renaming its TPG FTTB to FTTBWholesale then FTTBWholesale became what is know now as Vision Networks.
            Overall still a subsidiary of TPG until the next sale, i hear that vocus may be buying it in plans to do so.

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        No, TPG built their own FTTB network a ways back (which the ACCC then forced them to open up to third parties as a wholesaler).

        • They also fitted out some TPG FTTH yea optical fibre to apartments!

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    OptiComm FTTB

    This has nothing to do with Opticomm.

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      Eh. All's well that ends well. No static IP, no IPv6 with iiNet. Both problems for gamers.

      The problem is at this price it was very tempting to switch from Opticomm Exetel.

      • Unlikely you could switch if you are on Opticomm, TPG FttB isn't usually supplied to buildings where NBN or Opticomm exists. Normally only a single infrastructure supplier. Some exemptions to this.

  • Limited geography coverage, being the direct to building FTTB service networks, and probably same locations as deal I posted a few years ago. This $55 deal is also available to CBR customers with access to the old TransACT VDSL2 network. I believe they have limited community-scale private network footprint in a few other locations (Geelong and small part of Perth I vaguely recall).

    I had faster sync & active DL/UL (~114/37) a few years ago on TransACT via Westnet as the RSP, compared with recently (97/37) on this iinet plan. The techie visiting my address mentioned the provider (via TransACT network) may be offering speed tiers once some recent & ongoing replace & upgrade to network gear is completed. New connects get mandatory supply of pre-config modems (you can easily identify the key details if you prefer your own device).

    • Capti may be using the upgraded g.fast systems on the VDSL2 networks

      Just maybe. So keep a look out

  • I’m with opticomm and it’s not available in my area

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      Because this deal has nothing to do with Opticomm.

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    Looking for a fibre alternative

    It isn’t a (comparable) alternative. This still uses the old shitty copper phone lines from the building’s basement to your unit. The service is dependent on the length and quality of that old copper. It’s just FTTN, with potentially a smaller copper section.

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    This is not Opticomm.

  • Sadly not available in my area. Is there a coverage map of sorts?

  • Not available at my address in Melbourne

    • And? It’s only available for a very small number of unit blocks in cities.

      • Yep, should be marked as targetted / limited. Also available on the community-scale Canberra TransACT VDSL2 network (which doesn't cover all of Canberra).

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    Sounds like alot of people aren't getting this deal. Is this an Opti-CON?

    • Did you not read the comments? This has nothing to do with Opticomm 🤦

      OP why haven’t you edited the deal to fix your mistake. You are causing a lot of confusion…

      • I've reported given I caused same confusion when I posted similar deal a few years ago. Hopefully mod /su team can update the title & description soon.

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      No, unfortunately it's just the specific and limited targeting of the offer is misunderstood given the OP deal post expressly states OptiComm (it's not) and is only available to the FTTB single buildings and the CBR TransACT community-scale network, and possibly other same bespoke networks owned & run directly by iinet.

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    This doesn’t use Opticomm. It’s TPGs own FTTB network.

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      Thanks. Updated.

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      There's a report -> title/description to get it updated, doesn't warrant a neg

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        You’d think a member of 10 years would know this 🤦🏽

        • -1


      • Oh damn. Didn’t know, this was my first neg. Revoked.

  • Not for new customers only. I'm on their NBN 50/17 plan and was offered the same deal via email. Saving $25/mth for 12 months over my current plan.
    Seems like a no brainer for the extra 40MB down, but keen to hear of other people's experience before pulling the trigger.
    Have to add, we've been very happy with iiNet. Next to no downtime, legitimately close to 50mb down, even during peak.

    • I am currently on a similar plan with Exetel (will probably switch to iiNet now) and it has been flawless service as the network gets way less traffic than NBN.

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    After hiking all their pricing a few months ago from around this level, I assume this is damage control from a wave of customers leaving the network.

  • What a useless website. I have FTTC and their check address says I can only get wireless. Useless.

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      You should be able to swap from nbn FTTC to FTTP. Check here.

  • I heard TPG FTTB network can max out at 150/50 even if you're on the 100/20 plan. Is that true?


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      No not for old TPG FTTB they dont offer g.fast but capti do



      • No not for old TPG FTTB they dont offer g.fast

        what do you mean old TPG FTTB?

    • Depends on the TPG infrastructure in your building. If you're lucky it has the newer equipment which supports the faster speeds. In my case, I'm stuck with the ~90Mbps/40Mbps speeds.

  • My building is available but my speeds are 55/20. Pretty dissapointing! Must be some old copper in the building.

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    I called TPG on Monday to cancel this FTTB 100/20 plan that I've been using for the last 4 years because it was unstable and crap. I was paying $74.99, and they offered me $20 discount per month for the next 12 months, which is essentially this deal. But I declined…

    • Folks and sister are on iiNet and never skipped a beat, did you check it wasn't your router/cable/computer etc?

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        Could 100% be line quality and extra phone lines in the apartment and star wiring

      • Router is provided by TPG, and I use WiFi and no cable. It happens on different divices, so I doubt its the device. I cant really check wiring and phone lines…so I decided to switch to test it out

        • Fingers crossed for ya

    • Thanks for that information. I just called up and got them to give me a $20 discount per month for 12 months as you said. $240 saved for the year!

    • Awesome, good to see you are posting on a nice deal for others, seeing as though you are happy with your plan elsewhere.

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    Guys guys guys dont join this

    Get Capti - It utilises Vision Network's G.fast in buildings it is the same as the TPG FTTB,

    TPG FTTB is now known as Vision Network

    Look at these speeds - https://www.speedtest.net/result/15445283963

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      Not sure why people neg.

      Do you know the history of this all?

      TPG FTTB / iiNet is now known as Vision Network
      They have tested and rolled out g.fast in QLD and NSW
      But they do not offer it retail side

      Only retailer that offers it is capti

      For $109 a month you can get 1000/110

      • Thanks for the info, I wonder if they will be available to transACT network customers. Quick check said "coming soon" but that could / probably is just the standard capture of potential customer eoi.

        • +1

          They are testing but not relased yet…

          • @Turd: cheers, appreciate the insight, will keep an eye out. My previous experience on TransACT was quite impressive: $30pm (12mth promo) for ~115/37 with very low latency and excellent stability. Current performance ($55pm deal) is a bit worse however, I'm using the ISP supplied modem and haven't bothered trying to optimize it yet or replace with my own (line sync is about the same as previous, but data throughput is worse).

            • @xdpx: Line degradation will be the major factors for that VDSL setup. Sure the DSLAMs are closer but you are playing with environmental effects too.

              G.fast requires mostly a clean line to work or even sync properly even some induced noise or crosstalk can fail it.

              But yeah try wait and see when they roll itoutz if they dont it means technically it is not possible due to failed syncs.

              • @Turd: Just got a "service now available" email from infinite.net [Vision] for 1gpbs via the TransACT wires. Intro $109/mth and then 139 ongoing; noting they typically have biz clients. Nothing new on iinet service check (existing VDSL2 and nbn plans), and tpg didn't even return the transact VDSL2 plans as an option (just nbn). I've got a 100/40 via nbn and also 100/40 via TransACT for $55/mth (aggregated at 190/76 in dual-wan router) until Nov, so can wait to see if the g.fast service becomes available at a good price through resi retail provider. Thanks for the tip about infinite / vision, handy to know that it's now available!

      • -1

        Not sure why people neg.

        People lash out when someone knows more than them.

      • Wait, I'm really confused. So Vision Network is using TPG's infrastructure, but is not sold by TPG themselves but through a 3rd party known as Capti?

        I'm interested because I'm currently using iiNet FTTB (aka TPG FTTB — and I love it, it's been super reliable and fast), but the Capti plan is a bit cheaper so I'm considering moving to it.

        • +3

          So some terms and definitions:


          Vision Network FTTB [formerly know as FTTBW (Formerly know as TPG FTTB)]

          So way back when TPG owned it's FTTB setup, then they split it for TPG retail and TPG FTTB, then they decided to further split it out to FTTBW.
          Come recently they renamed themselves as Vision Network reason? So it can be sold off again to another private firm instead of a subsidiary of TPG, which Vision Network is currently. Think why recently TPG increase the FTTBW prices to match market NBN? To look good on it's books for sale.

          From the technical side of things Vision Network workers are all the same generally, from day one of TPG FTTB, they havent changed, the people thay setup TPG FTTB are the same group of techies that did the g.fast tests and installs.

          Dont ask me why capti has access to the g.fast network of vision networks, being a new player they must have signed a good deal.

          I mean not even TPG retail knows or had heard of g.fast on their own FTTB systems lol.

          So yeah the above is just my own research and understanding of it all.

          In other note Vision Network and even back when it was TPG they have TPG FTTP so optical direct to apartment! Yeah dreams… so anyways capti are testing 2G 5G, 10G and even 25G capablities on the Vision Network FTTP.

          God i wish NBN was never created, look what a private enterprise can do, though not telstra they are a shit hole of red tape trying to please the government.

          • @Turd: Thanks for the info, I will have to look into this some more!

            Here is the Whirlpool discussion thread if anyone else is interested:

          • @Turd: NBN was created because private enterprise never did anything. Surprise, surprise…only recently do you now get all these new networks popping up, but they only service apartments because can make more money from density, and new suburban developments (exclusivity deals). You never get these new networks setting up in established suburbs. Thanks to NBN I can now get much better quality internet for pretty much the same price I was paying TPG for access to their adsl2 network.

            People like to shit talk NBN, but it's been a great experience for me and it's been a worthwhile investment for the country. Blame the politicians for mucking up the rollout by makes unnecessary changes (Liberals). Of course people on non-fixed networks have it worse either way….looking at you sky(shit)muster.

            Now I'm hoping that the Government never privatises the NBN and doesn't interfere so it runs more like a corporate entity, like AusPost.

    • +1

      Whats the downtime going from normal FTTB to Capti FTTB? I read that they send out a technician to activate Capti.

      Is there any special modem required for G.Fast?

      • +1

        Depending on your building, downtime can be anywhere from 5mins to a day

        Technician that comes is the same one that services TPG FTTB/Vision Network and/or setup your building for original TPG FTTB.

        They provide a NTU/Modem it's a Adtran branded bridge, so all you do is conect a router to it and it will work, You SHOULD be able to use the original FTTB Vdsl2+ modem (check if it supports g.fast) most should.

        Let me know if you sign up and how you go Ill be interested to know.

        My building has this Capti service however my copper cat lines are very poor and far, cant even get sync with g.fast :( So unable to get this

        • My building has this Capti service however my copper cat lines are very poor and far, cant even get sync with g.fast :( So unable to get this

          That's a shame, so are you stuck with TPG FTTB 100/20?

          They provide a NTU/Modem it's a Adtran branded bridge

          oh so you actually need a modem and not just a router

          • +1

            @Homr: They should supply it

            Yeah i get 100/40 TPG FTTB no issues speeds good, pingd sucky but what can you do, gfast is in the building but i cant sync so yeah

            • @Turd:

              gfast is in the building but i cant sync so yeah

              Is it just your apartment that can't get it or everyone in the whole apartment building??

              • +1

                @Homr: Whole complex can get it. I can and likely whole apartment on one side can't. Distance of the physical cables run too far. Over 700m

                Abit more technical info.

                The hardware itself is the same hardware (DSLAM) as you put it, same as the TPG FTTB VN . But what TPG/VN have done is enabled g.fast on it so it works with your building and everyone connected to it.

                G.fast is picky on line quality, majorty of builds should get g.fast no issues some like mine will.

                This is why NBN dont touch FTTB or have upgrades for it, too messy especially with dick strata

                • @Turd: Is it because you're on a higher floor so the cable is longer hence lower line quality?

                  • +1

                    @Homr: Low floor, just the cables go around the world

                    • @Turd: Would higher floor units have less chance to get G.fast? Im talking about from level 20 upwards?

                      • +1

                        @Homr: Not nessarily, depends on your building and how the cables run, can be up and down directly to MDF, which some cases can be 40m, some can go up down, left, leftt, right, left, right, up, down, sideways, then MDF, despite MDF being right below them.

                        Basically no one knows until the tech tries to connect you.

                        They are pretty good and try and get the best for you and if you have star wiring in the apartment or IDFs they usually can disconnect/remove them, usually costs $300-$500

  • After 15 years of being a loyal Telstra customer I have finally jumped ship. I have 100/20 via NBN FTTB and it costs $110/month.

    This deal is going to save me $660 in year one, this is a no brainer.

    • -4

      There’s basically zero chance that you can get this deal at the address where NBN is available at.

      • +1

        We have both NBN and TPG FTTB and I when I went down to the MDF you could see most connections were NBN so its definitely possible.

      • +1

        Already signed up mate, they have their FTTB box in my building MDF for about 2 years.

      • +2

        My building has TPG FTTB, NBN FTTB, plus DGTek FTTP and Opticomm. To say there is zero chance is wrong.

        • Which one do you use?

          • @Turd: DGTek 250/250 at $69 via pineapple.net.au. Changed to them after TPG jacked the 100/40 up from $59 to $89

            • +1

              @Grannular: Ah nice optical is always better than copper

            • @Grannular: Looking at Pineapple's plans - that gonna go to $79 after the promo period ends I assume?

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