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$10 off $50, $25 off $100, $45 off $150 Spend on Liquor + Postage ($0 C&C/ $250 Order) @ Coles Online (Excl. QLD, TAS, NT, N WA)


Spend & Save on your liquor shop!*

$10 off when you spend $50 (20%)
$25 off when you spend $100 (25%)
or $45 off when you spend $150 (30%)
Use code SAVEMORE at checkout!


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  • Very nice

  • Fantastic. 7 bottles of premium Sav Blanc and a bottle of Chivas 12Yr for $109. That's great value.

    • +1

      Can you please recommend a good Sav Blanc that’s good value Curren at Coles?

  • +1

    Aberlour 12 for $75 yay

  • Probably a dumb question, but I've found a few things, trying to buy and getting an error saying liquor can't be bought in a particular click and collect slot, and I can't get delivery to work either. Website tells me to remove the liquor from the cart to continue. Tried a couple of different stores in Canberra as well, same issue.

    Anything obvious I'm missing?

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      You can only get liquor for an afternoon/evening pick up as the liquor store opens later and isn't open for the pickers to get it from the store. Same goes for deli meats.

      • Thanks, yes, I assumed that might be the case, and did try a few after hours slots and still didn't work.

        I'll try again later.

        • +1

          Also experienced this issue. Decided to suck up delivery and did two orders.

        • Make sure you didn’t select a locker either. That’s what went wrong for me.

  • How much spend to get free delivery?

    • $250 for free delivery

  • Limit of 2 uses, so I found out

  • My order got cancelled :(

  • +1

    Thanks OP, saved $45 :)

  • Excellent price for the 16.

    Thankyou I grabbed one from Yarraville Coles just now (pending pickup) and the order was processed.

  • Got a bottle of Elijah Craig Small Batch bourbon and 800ml (4x 200ml bottles) of Patron Tequila for $118. Bargain!

  • They always cancel orders….

  • +3

    Items cancelled for 3 x 24 can pack of Hahn ($159). Coles fulfilled the rest of the order ($150 worth of overpriced groceries) but cancelled the 3x 24 pack of Hahn and indicated no substitutes available (which is fair enough if it was out of stock), but it's in stock.

    Confirmed with the attached liquorland (Windsor South) who asked would I like them to put 3 cases aside and come collect them at full price as the discount is only valid through Coles orders and they "aren't sure why the items weren't picked and processed".

    Love your efforts Coles, always making people's day.

    • Welcome to Colesonline 101 -

      Section 12.1.3 - BS Stock Levels

      It's because an online order is linked to the store that does delivery (the delivery hub). So your store may have 1000's…but you wont get it of they have none at the hub.

      12.1.4 - There may be 1000 at the hub in the morning, but if your delivery is processed 1001…you wont get it.

      12.1.5 - Stock may come in 1 hr later…but since you were order 1001, you will miss out…but the person after you who ordered the next day will get it.

      12.1.6 - If you receive the wrong order, or receive parts of the order you are no longer interested in..you can return your part order for a full refund…BUT…you need to return it to the hub, not your collection store. The hub may be 100's of km away!!

      12.2.1 - If you are part of 12.1.6, tell them to get stuffed, and the order is sitting on your front lawn and they can come and collect it. I have done this. Got my refund

  • Fyi, you can do this twice only

    Was trying to place the third order and saying limit of codes have been used

  • thanks. Got two cartons of blocks of tooheys new and 2 x 10 pack fitch pear cider (marked down to $18 pp) for $107 ($152-$45). Hopefully the order is fulfilled….will know later on when my slot is ready (6pm-8pm)

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