Defibtech Lifeline Automatic Defibrillator (7 Year Battery Version) $1645 Delivered @ DDI Safety (Was $2300)


Save Lives, Save Money!
If you don't feel like Spending $1645 on a $4080 then spend it on something that can save lives.

This Defibrillator is at an all time low, beating our April 2022 price of $1699

One of it's best features is a really long standby battery life, it's got a 7 Year Standby which is the longest battery life in market.
Defibtech have shipped more than 550,000 units since 2003 and are made according to U.S Military standards. They are a reliable unit with an 8 year warranty and would be a great choice for a business, or at this price even home use.

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    made according to U.S Military standards

    So as cheap and disposable as possible?

    • +2

      No just not available for sale in China or Russia.

    • Exactly what military grade means lol

      I'm from Queensland so I'm unlikely to make it from the Ambulance to admittance into A & E, unless the Ambos can keep me alive for at least a day and a half.

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    If you don't feel like Spending $1645 on a $4080 then spend it on something that can save lives.

    Does it play Crysis though?

    • Yes, but unfortunately it's still not powerful enough for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
      We've sold more of these than they have Xbox Series X.

      • You've sold more than 27.23 million units of this?

        • Haha, ok mabye not so many.. I was thinking about getting a series S for gamepass, but i heard that recently series x/s been outsold 5 to 1 by PS5.

  • 7 year battery! Does it have lots of Nokia 3310 connected inside?

    • +4

      CPR can break your ribs, but so can getting a Nokia 3310 dropped on you……

  • +1

    safe and effective

    • Gooloo is cheaper.

      • I would say dying is cheaper, but funerals are expensive…..

        • -2

          I would say dying is cheaper

          Post it as a deal then…

          • @jv: Sure, I'm just trying to work out how much you save for the title tho…

            • @cheapjack:

              just trying to work out how much you save


              • @jv: Or just have a 'do not resucs' / NFR in advance care plan

  • Pray that you don't need it

    • +1

      Or do something useful like eat healthy and exercise

      • Well, we are all dying. Recently heard that, each hour of exercise adds 3 hours to your life

        • +2

          Then I should be dead by 2007, great

          • +2

            @linkindan: Thanks MyMaccas weekly deals for keeping us in business.

            • @cheapjack: Try their new stuff, McMop

              • +1

                @sqheaven: Arrgh, googled it. Grosss………..
                I nearly had a heart attack reading about it.

            • @cheapjack: I haven’t eaten McDonalds since 2009

              And not just because I was dead for 2 years

              • @linkindan:

                I haven’t eaten McDonalds since 2009

                The burgers are better and Hungry Jacks.

                • @jv: Honestly getting into grillds mad bunday 2 for 1 deal. Free burger if your team wins. Just sad Nathan Cleary is out for the panthers, my burgers depend on it.

    • That's how all insurance premiums work

  • Any recommendations for first aid course with CPR?

    • +3

      Yeah absolutely.
      HLTAID011 Provide First Aid is the course that you'll likely need.
      Many courses have moved to watching online videos and then an hour or two practical, but if you really want to get educated, try to find a course that's all day. Chances are you'll learn a lot more and have more hands on time.

  • I saw this and my heart just stoppe….

    • This is a public service announcement: buy now or risk what happened to @LPS

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    any info on the replacement battery?

    • Yes it was easily found on their website and also "defibtech battery" on Google. Hope this helps ✨

    • +1

      Yeah absolutely.

      So the 7 Year battery is enough to power the battery for around 300 shocks for 16 hours, so can be helpful even in remote places where it will be a long rescue.
      The battery also has enough juice for the unit to turn on and perform self tests through those 7 years.

      Its $420 for replacement 7 year battery, or $315 if you want the 5 year. It's pretty mind blowing to think about the standby length of this thing.

  • What is the shelf life of the pads?

  • If we come across somebody with no arms or legs, do we bother resuscitating them? I mean, what quality of life do we have there?

    • But it's only been 20 seconds….. call it

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