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Seiko 5 Sports GMT Black Field Watch SSK025K $399 Delivered @ Starbuy


I kinda like this one, but I don't think the bezel rotates which I find weird for a GMT.

Seiko 5 Sports Field Deploy GMT Mens Black SKX Re-Interpretation SSK025K1 Stainless Steel Case and Black Leather strap Automatic Movement Watch with GMT functionality.

The Seiko 5 Sports Field collection was created with an ‘in the field’ military design –taking inspiration from a style originally called a ‘trench watch,’ created to be robust and reliable in tough conditions –echoing the Seiko 5 Sports characteristics.

The Seiko 5 Sports SSK025K ‘Deception’ field watch with its black dial and black bezel takes the design to the next level, with a GMT function that allows you to track a second time zone. The bezel features a 24-hour indication and a large, dark orange GMT hand for legibility. The base design and size remains the same as the original field watches, ensuring that the design style remains timeless whilst the calibre evolves. Whilst being a robust sports watch, this piece is finished in full stainless steel.

The Seiko SSK025 is Designed for practical international timekeeping, the GMT hand and high visibility hour markers, along with clear 24-hour bezel, mean multiple time zone calculations can be made at a glance, quickly and easily.

The SSK025K is powered by the Seiko 4R34 automatic with manual winding movement with an approximate power reserve of 41 hours. The case size is 39.4mm with thickness of 13.6mm and a lug width of 20mm. The full case size is 47.9mm. The SSK025K features a see-through case back, screw case back and a fixed bezel. The clasp is three fold with a secure lock. The hands and indices are coated in LumiBrite – fluorescent luminous paint which quickly absorbs light energy, glowing brighter and longer in partial light. LumiBrite starts glowing brightly in the dark and fades slowly.

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  • +1

    Kinda like it too

  • Wonder how this would look with a bracelet something like say the SSC917?

    • +1

      I have the SSC917. I think this one would good with a black engineer bracelet

      • Any links on which band, looks to be a 20mm. Amazon has a bunch but seem so so.

        • I just got this using my $5 plus voucher, it's pretty much the same as the ones on Amazon, but cheaper and local seller

          https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/313987737782 one left in 20mm, but they always restock

          They also have black beads of rice with a milled clasp if that;s your thing

  • +1

    The rotating bezel would allow this watch to track three time zones instead of two.

    But you can add a dual clock widget to your phone's home screen anyway, so the people wringing their paws about being unable to awkwardly use a wrist watch to display three time zones simultaneously are just bored and wanting to look discerning for no real reason.

    • Is it a traveller GMT or home time GMT etc?

      Tracking two would be enough, it's just novelty and the overall look that people like.

      Pretty good price though, just be aware it's a fairly think watch (dive watch thick), and would be 16mm with the supplied two pass nato. Easy enough to change strap to a one pass or two piece strap. Indicies and hands are lumed only, fairly typical for field watches but you'd expect the numbers as well being that colour. Hardlex is ok for $400 but not the RRP (but who pays that).

    • +1

      But you can add a dual clock widget to your phone's home screen anyway, so the people wringing their paws about being unable to awkwardly use a wrist watch to display three time zones simultaneously are just bored and wanting to look discerning for no real reason.

      You could argue that people wearing a diver and using the bezel as a timer "are just bored and wanting to look discerning for no real reason." Why wear a watch at all when your phone does everything?

      I play with the bezel on my GS GMT when I'm bored just to look sophisticated, and… flex on the poors? Except no one is looking, and if they are they don't care.

      It's a $400 watch lol, the bezel is not a deal breaker, and no one is "wringing their paws"

      • Absolutely agree re: dive watches! We're in sync here.

        See my comment on a previous ozb thread:

        The whole watch industry is hostage to showcasing features that customers basically never use. "Look! My watch has markings around the edge that help me to understand how fast my analogue fighter plane is going!", and "Look! My watch has a twisty dial that lets me count how long my old timey SCUBA dive has left!", and "This watch cost hundreds of dollars more because it tells me what day of the week it is!", and "Look! My watch can survive being under hundreds of metres of water!", and "Look! My very expensive mechanical watch tells the time with a lower degree of accuracy than a $10 quartz watch!".

        It's all pretty wild, office workers paying huge dollars to dress up as someone who did cool stuff 50 or 100 years ago with inferior equipment.

        • Watches are traditional as well as a nice item for the discerning gent (or lady). I like dive watches the most and still consider the bezel handy as well as aesthetically pleasing. Some people seem to get triggered over this but don't make a fuss over others wearing $600 RM Williams boots or an apple watch lol.

          Of course noone really needs a watch if they have a phone, but I like them and saves getting your phone out of your pocket to check the time and or date.

  • -1

    I didn't like the look on the first promo images, dial looked really cluttered on all variants. However, my opinion changed completely when I saw these in videos and with different straps swapped out. This is a really great price. It's a shame it's hardlex and not sapphire crystal though.

  • I wouldn't describe this as a field watch, it has a GMT complication after all.

    • Except for that it is, the style, case shape & size, text style, strap..

      I think they should make a field watch with sapphire and solar, something thin and similar to the khaki field.

      • +1

        Other than the Arabic numeral font and the oft included NATO strap, there isn't much of a resemblance.

        The traditional definition of a field watch is:

        A field watch is a simple and durable military watch that is designed to tell accurate time without extra features

        Even a date complication wouldn't be seen on traditional field watches. You do see some manufacturers today pushing to include date or even day/date and still calling it a field watch.

        The very busy dial and the 4 hand configuration makes this everything but a field watch.

        • Maybe email Seiko, they call it Field series.

          I don't think it really matters anyway, call it whatever you want. Probably more of a sports watch.

          My Hamilton khaki Field mechanical is a perfect example of a field watch, bead blasted case as well.

  • -3

    Hardlex? Pass

    • It's fine for the price point ($400), of course I prefer sapphire but have/had a fair few hardlex and next scratched any. Hardlex is designed to scratch not shatter, useful for divers etc.

      Depends if you are rough with your stuff in general, but can always upgrade to sapphire later if you did happen to scratch it.

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