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50% off Plans: Annual Standard $44.99, Premium $62.49 | Monthly for 3 Months Standard $4.99/M, Premium $6.99/M @ Paramount+


This popped as an ad on my Facebook. Previously was very popular.

Apply promo code at checkout (if it doesn't automatically apply it).

Works on existing (expired) accounts using may2024wbau

50% Off Annual Plans
1 Year - $44.99 Standard, $62.49 Premium|
3 Months Stand. $14.97, Prem. $20.97

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    New accounts only? What's difference from standard and premium?

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      Works on my existing (expired) accounts using may2024wbau

      • @Tiggrrrrr need a bit of help here. :) How do you use the code for existing account?

        • Existing account that is still in service? Or expired account? Mine expired about 6 months ago.

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      Standard is 2 streams and only full HD.
      Premium is 4 streams and 4k Ultra HD.

      • JustWatch isn't showing more than 5 titles as 4k these days.

        I'm assuming there's a heap more and it's just an API issue like Binge has?

    • Premium can stream 4 devices
      4K Streaming, with Dolby Vision and HDR (for available titles eg: Mission Imposible: Dead Reckoning part one, Knuckles)
      Dolby Atmos Sounds track (when available, eg: Mission Imposible: Dead Reckoning part one, Knuckles)

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    Just in time wasn't worth 90 to me to renew, but I do appreciate a full star trek back catalogue at $3.75/mo

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    Is there anything to watch yet?

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          Each to their own. I think most people could get their moneys worth from it at this price.

          • +12

            @gosm: Maybe if you havent previously subscribed, very quickly run out of content and not much new of value

        • +2

          Surprisingly So Help Me Todd is enjoyable light family viewing. And there's other grittier (violent?) shows that I can watch on the tablet now since I lost the TV to the little one's shows.

    • +5

      Sure is, they've got at least two prior seasons of I'm a Celebrity on there. Can't ask for more than that!

      • +6

        err….. I can't tell if you are serious.

        or do they pay you this money to watch re-runs of I'm a Celebrity?

        • +1

          Sorry, I forgot the /s. I signed up for a month of P+ just to see what was on there, and… Well. I suppose if you enjoy Transformers, teenage mutant ninja turtles or any of Channel 10's garbage reality shows then there's something to watch. The only thing I bothered with was Key and Peele, because they're never not hilarious.

      • +1

        I watch that for free on 10play. Along with most other shows which are available on paramount.

    • +5

      Took a look myself since I've never had this sub.


      Looks pretty decent, for this price I might check it out for some months, or possibly a year..

    • Soccer sometimes. At least what my FiL reckons.

    • All of Star Trek is on there. Half of the new series are good (Lower Decks and Brave New Worlds), the other half are bad (Discovery and Picard).

    • I enjoyed Tulsa King, 1883 and 1923 plus they have the D&D Movie if you haven't already seen it.

  • I can't seem to add the code when re-subscribing on android through play store? It won't let me subscribe over web browser etc…

    • As a current subscriber I couldn't figure it out either. I then cancelled, resumed, cancelled and then it popped up we will give you 50% off. So it is due to renew with 50% off in 3 days, see what happens.

      • I got same flash when I did cancelled resumed cancelled, but when I contact P+, they told me it would charge me $89.99 when renew, so I cancelled it again,

        • I had exactly the same experience. I got the 50% off when cancelling my annual plan, took up the offer, and then later got the $89.99 renewal email, and then had to cancel again.

  • +16

    Still waiting for $9.99 annul deal to return

    • +3

      Hope you're patient.

    • Just waiting for a free month tbh

    • +7

      I'm still waiting for house prices to go back to 2017 prices and Bitcoin to go back to <$1000 too …. but is that going to happen?

    • +25

      I’m just waiting for Linda to call me back I’ve left 50 voicemails please Linda I can change

      • +1

        Yes I checked the messages honey…

    • +4

      Still waiting for the cash rate to return to 0.1%

      • +2

        You might want to look into starting a pandemic while you wait.

        • +4

          It's good to be proactive! Lick more Bats, get more Pangolin in the diet. Get a job as a janitor at a diseases lab. We can do it!

    • Was it $8.xx something? Haha

    • Still waiting for my scammed money to magically reappear in my account.

  • +1

    Star Trek Discovery network

    • +6

      Don't worry about that garbage, strange new worlds is where it's at.

    • ew! I watched 1st episode after watching Enterprise, made me gag :/ strange new worlds is good though but not like TNG or ENT

  • +11

    And then halfway through your annual year they will put ads in it and eff you

    • +6

      Like Prime?

    • +2

      Looks like that's already been announced.

      It does look like there will be two tiers of basic plans though (with ads and without). I really hope they don't push people who sign up now to the version with ads.

  • Great - I was subscribed through Apple TV so cancelled that and signed up for a year

  • +3

    All 5 seasons of the Brady Bunch !!!

    • +7

      Marcia Marcia Marcia!

      • +5

        Loved the camp movie from the 90's! I lusted after Marcia, hard (no pun intended)!

  • +1

    Far better price than greedy Netflix… But is there any Korean drama and movies on this one like Netflix?

  • My sub is up in a few days, do I wait for it to lapse then get on this? or can I do now?

  • Great find OP!

  • Just in time for my expiry in a few day

  • +6

    Is there a free trial? I just want to watch the FA Cup final this weekend?

    • me too…

      Also hoping their is a deal for the upcoming Euro's with Optus Sports too…

  • How’s this compared to Amazon, I find Amazon only worth turning on when Netflix gets boring. Amazon soon has me turning Netflix straight back on!

    • +4

      Prime just introduced ads.

    • +5

      Amazon is much better imho

      • Cool I will save my money, I find Amazon brings out something new every 6-8 weeks, then zip.

        Yeah I saw the add thing, might end up being background noise now

        • The good thing about Amazon Prime is you can just subscribe for a few days and cancel and you'll not only get free delivery on shopping and Prime Video, but you will get a pro rata refund for the days you paid for in advance. Eg, subscribe today, watch what you want to for the next week, then cancel and get the following 3 weeks refunded, effectively only paying for the days you used it.

          • @SimAus007: Yeah i was doing the old watch for a month and change to subscribe and back cheat for months, then one month i missed it and got charged, so stuck with it for the year now

    • +5

      Netflix > Amazon prime > Paramount

      I don't mind Amazon Prime though since it's basically free when you take out Amazon shopping subscription.

      Paramount has good stuff but it's easy to burn through the best bits in one of the discounted 3 month offers.

      • +2

        Don't forget Prime Gaming too.

        • +1

          I always do. Lol

        • And Amazon Music

          • +1

            @Headless: Which even has some podcasts ad free too.

            Don't forget amazon first reads.

        • And your 1 free twitch subscription you can use for a creator of your choice.

        • Is it any good? tbh i have never used it, just like their music as i have Spotify

      • +1

        I hate to say it since I don't like the app, but Binge > all of the above. They have HBO and FX content, plus recent good blockbusters and Taskmaster.

        We had all the services at once, and it when we were scrolling through all the content, it was always Binge we ended up watching.

        Netflix had too many promising shows that turned out to be crap, and good shows that got cancelled to trust them with the time commitment of trying something.
        Amazon has the most obnoxious interface (auto-play a trailer when you stop scrolling for .001 seconds, so you never even want to stop moving) and most of the library is B-movie trash.

        Paramount has Star Trek, Corporate and pretty much nothing else.

        • What season Taskmaster does it have up to? What about Would I Lie To You?

          • +1

            @Munki: Up to the current season (17) of taskmaster, plus specials. New episodes released a couple hours after airing in the UK.

            Seasons 6,8,11-15.

            • @Minimum chips: Thanks for that! I don't get why the seasons are so random with WILTY.

      • except Prime are introducing ads

  • +4

    might get it just to watch all the mission impossible catalogue

    • +3

      It is your mission, if you choose to accept it.

  • +1

    Don't know if this helps anyone, tried to cancel my subscription and after getting through a 'are you really sure' screen, they offered me 50 percent off as well..

    • +2

      the old Foxtel / Audible customer retention method

    • Just worked for me too, for my subscription via Amazon. Got the next 3 months half price ($5/month)

    • tried that and didnt get the 50 percent offer…any idea why?

  • +3

    New season of Aussie top gear is pretty good.

  • +1

    can you still access even if overseas?

  • Thanks OP

    Looking forward to watching the new Top Gear Australia

    • +1

      Just watched the first ep. It's promising, but needs to find it's rhythm a bit.

  • Just cancelled mine from the previous 50% off deal, and all I watch is Star Trek which I also have the physical media somewhere. Should I go another year? :D

    • +1

      Gotta watch those Q episodes

  • Can you sub thru amazon? There's no native app for my C7 LG oled..

    • You should be able to link your Paramount account with Amazon prime

      • Is this a relatively new thing? It always told me when I tried that I needed to sign up via Prime to access it within Prime..

    • That's what I do.

    • Or thru Apple

  • Does PM+ work with an Argentine account?

    • -1

      … Do you see the point of paying for your groceries at the self service checkout when you could walk out?

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