Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE CPU Air Cooler $49.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ suomole Amazon AU

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A well regarded CPU Air cooler. Amazon deal, order within 12 hours. Equal to previous sales. - no RGB fans available

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +7

    Yep, rated the best overall air cooler by Steve from Gamers Nexus back in 2023. Really great value for moderate heat loads.

  • +9

    I'd pay more for no rgb fans so this is a top deal

    • +2

      Are there many fans out there where RGB costs less?

  • +1

    Still usingit. Love it!

  • Overkill for an R5-5600x? The fans are noisy on my current 4-pipe single-tower air cooler, thinking this will be quieter & last me a while as it works on AM5..

    • +5

      Absolutely not. Great unit and would do a great, near silent job.

      But for $5 more, consider the next model up - The Phantom Spirit 120 with extra heat pipe and improved thermals, all with flashy LEDs, if that’s what floats your boat.…

      • +1

        nice, only $5 more for an extra heat pipe is tempting but I cant have LEDs its a glass case door so I find it too bright at night.

        • +6

          Yeah, I’ll never understand the fascination with making a PC look like a pinball machine… Simple often sells the original edition and non-LED versions under a range of names, PS120, Phantom Spirit 120 etc - just keep an eye on his Amazon storefront…

          • +4

            @UncleRico: RGB = More FPS

          • +2

            @UncleRico: I have all my RGB set to off 99% of the time and when it boots or shut down they all turn on in shell white so it makes my black and white PC look like a storm trooper.. :) no idea why people leave their PC's set to unicorn vomit :)

          • @UncleRico: What's not to understand? People like the option to customise their PC and RGB let's them do that in many very simple ways. More choice for consumers is really never a bad thing.

        • +1

          does your mobo have RGB controller?
          Just turn off the lights

        • +6

          You don't need to connect the ARGB cable on the Phantom Spirit and could probably surgically snip it closely to look decent. It won't glow if not connected (I have this cooler on my R5-7600 and did not connect the ARGB).

        • +1

          I didn't connect my ARGB up, so it does not turn on.

      • thats the SE, Isn't this the better model…

        • No SE = second edition. ie. in theory revised to be improved (haven't checked benchmarks to see if true though).

          • +1

            @mayo: All recent Thermalright SE models that I'm aware of are lighter (lower mass) and explicitly cheaper versions of the non-SE base model (e.g., less accessories, no heatpipe covers), so they're actually marginally worse. It doesn't looks like they're using SE to mean "revised to be better performing" for these coolers.

          • +1

            @mayo: They are similar. SE just means it has the exposed heatpipes on the top of the fin stack to make it cheaper, whereas non-SE was the original with flat top heat pipes and plastic covers to make it look better. There is no difference to performance.

            Personally, I prefer the look of the black Phantom Spirit 120 EVO instead!…

    • +5

      Is it noisy because your motherboard is making the fan run at an unnecessarily high speed?

      • nah just crappy fans from a cheapo cooler hey

      • +1

        The automatic fan curve on my cooler was ramping up constantly with my 5600x because the boost behaviour of that cpu would see it throw half of the whole cpus tdp into 1 core for single threaded loads. It was actually hotter loading web browsers and stuff than running cinebench because in all core loads the power gets more spread out across multiple cores.
        I ended up setting a custom fancurve based on vrm temps instead of cpu temps and its been working fine ever since.

  • Does this perform OK with just the center fan? Not sure I have clearance.

    • +3

      I remember seeing someone test this with a noctua nh-d15 and it made almost no difference
      Thats a very different shaped cooler and better fan than this one though but i cant find anyone trying it out with this specific model so the best i can do for you is a "probably".

    • +5

      probably, or ghetto it and move the fan up a bit on the ram side

    • +1

      Yes, there is hardly any difference really. The bottleneck is the heatpipes and heatplate (which is why this is better than the bigger Noctua D15) not the fins and fans.
      These twin tower air coolers have been oversized forever.

    • I run one centre fan only with a 7800X3d with PBO set at -20 all core and my temps are fine running any game I've thrown at it. But I have not stressed tested it for hours on end.

    • +2

      Could also be moved to the opposite side if there's clearance there

  • +1

    The newly released arctic freezer 36 has been on sale since launch for their birthday

    • I've got this and it is excellent and it also better if you have ram clearance issues.

      • same. I changed from liquid freezer 120 to air cooled 36. So good and can't believe how affordable it is. Ram clearance was bit tight with g.skill trident class, but not too bad

  • Is this significantly better than the Assassin Spirit ( for a R5 7600? Picked that up for $30. Just wondering if it's worth the cost and not sure if it'll fit on my mATX board.

    • No real difference unless you are overclocking.

  • +1

    Will it fit in a NR200?

    • +1

      Edit: Yes it should fit, because NR200 has a height limit of 155mm. But I have a Thermalright Silver Soul 135 instead of this model. Not sure why I chose the SS 135 over the PA 135 though.

  • This better then something like this?

  • Just wondering why this is a deal now when it was this price for a while? It was even $47.90 not long ago. (camel history shows that)

    I'm not questioning the quality of the cooler and the value. But its odd that it suddenly became a deal when it was this price for some time. (perhaps it was out of stock for sometime and the stock came in)
    Ding ding ding me if thats correct 😆

    • +1

      I was checking the other day and it was not in stock and the other model was like almost $90, they have gone up in price maybe its just a different seller.

  • +3

    I bought this to replace a 360mm AIO that wasn't cooling my 5900x properly anymore. Best decision of my life!

    • Surprisen an aircooler works better than a AIO liquid cooler. The heatsink might be dusty and/or fans are weak?

      • +1

        It was a surprise to me as well. The AIO seems to have malfunctioned and was not pumping the liquid through properly anymore - I suspect that the liquid/coolant congealed and was no longer flowing. Just a bit annoying because it was not immediately obvious that the AIO wasn't functioning anymore… (but then again this was after about 2+ years of use).

  • -1

    Open case, $20 box fan from kmart. Cooling sorted. Doesn't look very good, but blows well.

    • +1

      "Doesn't look very good, but blows well."

      A yo mama joke?


  • Some years back. I have had a tower (old school thermaltake silent tower) heatsink similar to this. Duct taped plastic around the edge to create wind tunnel coveirng the two heat sinks. A single fan worked well in pushing air through all fins.

    Surprise they dont sell some cover/housing to create this type of wind tunneling. Works really well when there is also a case exhaust fan at end of the tunnel/duct.

  • Such a gamble to
    Buy it before getting case and mobo… but I would have to hand in my ozbargain licence if I didn’t make use of free returns.

    • +1

      Am I not mistaken that isn’t saving much so there is no rush to buy

    • Just hodl.
      Get the other things first. Get this last. It always hovers around this mark. You can get the ARGB version for $65.

      • +1

        Good call. I’ve been holding back buying anything until I have a plan… I’ve been mulling itx vs micro, and considering getting hackintosh compatible parts… way too many decisions!

        • Have you put together a PCPP list yet?

          I saw a deal for good ram if you like.

  • +1

    Definitely improved my temps by quite a bit upgrading from an NH-D14. It was 14 years old though.

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