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30% off Damn Good Blend Coffee $40.60/kg + $9.50 Delivery ($0 SYD C&C/ $50 Order) @ Normcore Coffee


Other coffees on sale

30% off on Damn Good Blend, Cornerstone Blend and Orange Sugar Blend, Decaf
20% off on Golden Dingo Blend
20% off on Single Origin Coffees

It's a flash sale, only today—23rd May.

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  • +8

    $50/kg delivered is a deal?

  • +3
  • +3

    This store has a history of posting fake bargains.
    Much better (cheaper) deal as mentioned above by BB, neg.

  • Was burnt when I was hoodwinked on a previous deal

  • Wouldn't even pay $20 for the "Damn Good Blend", threw out half a bag last time. Supermarket quality beans.

    • +2

      Oi, Aldi Brazil and Colombia beans are fantastic for the price :)

  • I quite liked a previous SO deal from these guys, but it looks like that was nearly 2 years ago.

    Have they really gone downhill?

    I won't be buying this time because I need to drink what's in my freezer before I get any more, but I had these guys on my watchlist as a decent roaster.

    • They are a good roaster imo, they do roast typically more on the lighter side. I personally have found them better for filter and increasing contact time or grind finer, otherwise for espresso, really need to know what your doing otherwise going to get a lot of unpleasant flavours.

      They all roast pretty well for SO and their blends Cornerstone and damn good blend are respective medium and dark roast blends.

      Cornerstorn is quite fruity and dark roast is more chocolaty with a slight vanilla on aftertaste.

      would suggest 1:2 for medium and 1:1 for damn good blend.

      Otherwise you can always go to their Town hall cafe to have a taste of their SO, especially their batch brew, always very yummy.

      • Cheers. I almost only ever brew filter so this is good to know.

        Sydney is a bit far for me to travel for a taste!

  • Not a deal.

  • This is a joke not a deal.

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