Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet 1 - Three-Booster Blister $12 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ In-Store/ $65 Spend) @ BIG W

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4 bucks a pack + promo, not bad. Delivery and click and collect available.

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    Wow so much packaging for 3 booster packs…

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      The environment's not just gonna destroy itself now, is it?

  • Paldean fates premium collection fairly cheap down to $55 as well

  • Gotta catch em all!

  • Just wondering, does anyone actually play the Pokemon card game or just collect the cards?
    My 8 year old son has hundreds, possibly thousands, many collected from Japan. He has no interest in learning how to play the game.

    Also, is the game easy to pick up? I'd like to play it with him.

    • It's easy to learn. One way is to get the PokemonTCG Live app, it's free to play.

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      I used to play the online free version its very easy to learn especially if you know a more complicated game like say magic the gathering.

      Main issue I had with the game I guess was the simplicity and some matches seemed to be decided very easily from the start so it was very hard to come back from a losing position.

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      Pickup a Pokemon Battle Academy from Kmart for $34, super easy to pickup the game

      • We have a battle academy set. great way to start learning and playing. comes with a few decks that are setup.
        You can also get some pre-built playing decks. The decks need to have a good mix of Pokemon, energy and trainer cards to play well (because it's all chance draw).
        I just bought a bunch of decks this weekend and started playing with my kids.

        Once you get the hang of it you can build sets with the other cards.

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      The game is fun. I learnt with my kids when they were 5 and 7yo last year. We focus more on collecting to build better decks to play with. Takes away the money concerns about buying expensive cards. It's easy to learn the basics but obviously hard to master techniques. Once you have learnt the basics then buy a championship deck and try playing with it. You'll soon learn you know nothing about highly skilled techniques and this is quite a fun learning.

      I grew up playing Magic the Gathering but I feel Pokemon is a bit easier to play.

    • Both. Love playing with my partner. Kids not old enough yet.

    • Easy to play, hard to master.

      If you are keen, try by purchasing the ready made battle decks or these -


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      I picked it up again to play after 20 years. I've been playing at local tournaments and recently the Perth Regional.

      Your son might collect heaps but collection and deck building follows very different philosophies so you may not be able to utilise the cards.

      It's a fairly easy TCG to pick up, the goal is to collect all 6 prizes by knocking out your opponent's pokemon (some might grant 2 or 3 prizes). There are no traps like in yugioh and complex phases in other tcg. During your turn, draw a card, play cards from hands and follow abilities/instructions and finish your turn with an attack. When it's your opponent's turn, there is no action on your side apart from auditing.

      As others have stated Pokemon TCG live app is great start where they give you 8 pretty competitive decks to start for free, both your son and yourself will need to make an account. Its a bit unstable but does the job for easy entry. You can just choose to play against each other.

      If you want to go for a more physical playstyle, you can print proxy decks from limitlesstcg. It's just a matter of copy and paste decklist and there is a tool that formats and gets it to the right size to print. From here, grab a set of sleeves (depends on your budget but recommend dragon shield or katana sleeves) and cut up the cards, use trash cards as backing.

      I think once you and your son decide to go deeper into tcg you can get league battle decks on whichever decks you enjoyed as proxy or tcg live.

      Note that pokemon tcg has a lot of shuffling. There are loads of cards that search requires shuffling after. Which brings me to my next point, pokemon tcg live will do it automatically but it's big preference thing. I love physical medium and I love playing irl. As you get more experienced, you will be able to minimise shuffling but grouping actions and resolving one after another.

      Thanks for coming to my TED talk. If you have any questions, feel free to reply and happy to answer them. Good luck

      Edit: a competitive deck cost around $70-200 if you buy single (individual cards) via eBay or Facebook. You might supplement this with battle decks and league battle decks. But dont get boosters. Look up their pull rate and you'll see why it's not economical to build a deck this way

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        Very informative thanks. My son is aging into Pokemon so this info will come in very handy.

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          That's really great thanks. I didn't expect such a good response.
          I will definitely look into this.
          Thanks guys.

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