[PC, Steam] Free DAVE THE DIVER - Godzilla Content Pack (Base Game Required) @ Steam


News here - https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1868140/view/4145079…

This content requires your Steam account to have licensed the base game DAVE THE DIVER. Before you can add this product to your Steam account, you must own the base product

Godzilla DLC Free Download Distribution Period
May 23, 2024 (00:00) (PDT) - November 23, 2024 (11:59PM) (PST)
Download will no longer be available after the distribution period.
If already downloaded, the DLC can be played even after the distribution period ends.
If downloaded during the distribution period, the DLC can still be deleted and reinstalled after the period ends.

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  • +2

    Looks like good fun to me!! But to be clear this DLC also requires owning the base game (which I see is currently 25% off) to add to your library, or download.

  • +3

    Such a great game, 200% recommend ❤️

  • Just want to add that this is a chill, fun game. Well worth a purchase.

  • +1

    This game is amazing. I played it nonstop when it was released on PlayStation.

  • My favourite game on the Steam Deck. 10/10.

    • +3
      1. Do you have balatro
      2. Wow even better than balatro?
      • I haven't tried Balatro yet (hear great things) but can attest Dave is a pretty sweet game.

        • Cheers ruddaga
          I just bought on your recommendation

          (Balatro is actually awesome too if you’re into that genre)

          • +4

            @Jimothy Wongingtons: Yeah I have been meaning to get it. Hell might grab it now that we've had this convo lol

            • @Ruddaga: Good thing about steam is you can just no questions refund it if it just ain’t for you after an hour or so of gaming

          • +1

            @Jimothy Wongingtons: I think Balatro is good in short bursts.
            I have it on the psportal but this type of game is enjoyable for longer . Also have Dave the diver on psportal.
            Then again I was playing octopath traveller 2 and ff vii rebirth on portal so the calibre of games I can play on the portal are amazing

      • +3

        Dude you're not allowed to push hardcore drugs on OzBargain surely. Balatro is purest crack.

      • +2

        Balatro destroyed my life lol, I have around 150 hours in this game. Very addictive

        • I probably should not play balatro on steam deck while in bed
          Next thing I know it’s 4am… and it’s happened way too many times

  • +4

    Free on PlayStation for me too, along with the dredge DLC.

  • -1

    So need to buy the base game? It said free to play but can't add it to cart.

    • It's literally in the title dude and description.

    • -2

      Add to library if you're not prepared to buy the game right now (that being said, it is $30 for the digital deluxe version right now, if i had a steam deck and time to play I would get it myself)

  • +1

    You can add the DLC on Switch without the base game.

    • +1

      Thanks mate. Just waiting for a price drop now. I hoped we might get one around the time of this dlc release 🙄

  • -6

    If I bought the game on steam, get the dlc, and then refund the game, can i keep the dlc? I only buy games 50% or less.

    • -3

      LOL at all the downvotes who think I'm being stingy or something or don't care about indie developers when its just a company owned by Nexon, one of the most greediest and scummiest game corps in the world.

  • +3

    $19.34 for the base game wt Green Man Gaming (Steam key) with the BDAY14 code.


    Cheapest it's ever been.

    • Site says OOS

      • Dang! Was active last night when I bought it.

  • I don't really get into single player games but this was one so fun and relaxing.
    I've got almost 46 hours played and unlocked all 43 achievements.
    Well worth the purchase imo.

  • fun game, i love the animations

  • What’s the rrp for the dlc?

    • +2

      It's free…?

  • +1

    Update title to other platforms please (PlayStation & Switch)

  • amazing game, i just finished it last week (the main story, not the side & replay ability stuff), definitely going to jump on to do this DLC.

  • Such a great game. I got distracted about 3/4 through but need to go back and finish. These DLCs will get my interest going again!

  • You can buy the Steam version of the base game through GameBillet for ~$18.86.

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