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Bonus 6,000 Everyday Reward Points with Everyday Travel Insurance - No Minimum Spend or Travel Time


Similar to the 10k point deal that some people got in January/February earlier this year.

Once you generate a quote the offer should be valid for 30 days, note EDR fair use policy applies (Likely wont get points after 3 or so policies).

As an example a 20 something year old traveling to NZ taking out a one day policy for $26-$30 will receive $30 EDR value.

Unlock Your Offer

Simply select your offer of choice and ensure you have linked your active registered Everyday Rewards card when purchasing an eligible Everyday Travel Insurance policy online. Unlock Your Offer is only available on new International, Domestic and Frequent Traveller policies.

Each personalised offer is subject to specific T&Cs, personal to you, and available only on your Everyday Rewards Card. Your selected personalised offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer unless specified. Your selected personalised offer only applies to the first policy period unless otherwise specified. You cannot select or change your chosen personalised offer after the policy is purchased.

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    Was worth it for 10k - probably not for 6k

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