Google Pixel Watch 2 Wi-Fi $287 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ OnePass/ in-Store/ C&C) @ Officeworks


If you aren't able to get the Qantas Marketplace deal, this is the next best thing. All colours available.

Full credit to user rain-e

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    I am personally using my 2nd allowed refund from this deal at the Google Store. Brings the watch down for me to $287 with $160 Google Store credit + G1 benefit credit :)

    • Trying to understand your comment, but it makes no sense!!

      • They are refunding thier currently watch and getting the difference in store credit.

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          so basically a scam, ok

          • -8

            @liongalahad: These companies are already a scam
            So good on food.

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              @abs898: In what way the Google Store is a scam?

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                @liongalahad: We do some work for Google, and they write off all their taxes via Ireland. It's not a scam but they do dodge a fair bit.

                • @abs898: "Write off tax" a scam?

                  Tax itself is a scam.

                  Company makes a $100 - that gets tax.

                  Company pay the worker - the worker get tax on money that company paid tax on already.

                  Worker buy food - they pay tax on the food with money they've already paid tax on.

                  I'm all for paying less tax.

                  • @PuppieWayne: Company tax: 20%, worker income tax: 30%,good tax: 10% - all numbers are assumed

                    So government can do 1 tax (if that makes you happy): 60% tax

                    But if you don't buy certain goods, you still pay 10% tax, that won't make you happy ?

                    • @z28: I think what PuppieWayne means is that the fact the govt effectively takes more than 50% of what we earn in our paycheck is unfair.

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                      @z28: The company tax and payroll tax aren't stacked. Company pays 20% on profit, many companies juggle it so they pay no tax. Salaries are a cost of doing business, so exempt from company tax. Company get GST credit for any GST they paid. "Only" income tax stacks with GST.

                    • @z28: I'll be happier if people start putting 1+1=2 and look at what the rich and powerful themselves are doing to determine what is good.. and what is government bully tactic.

                      Turnbull name was in the panama paper - Rudd put on write off due to livings at his wife's house etc - nothing got done cause they were both PM.

                      If the PMs don't even want to pay full tax.. unsure why we should.

          • @liongalahad: I wouldn't say a price protection policy is a scam, and if it was wrong then they wouldn't have approved it hey? The credit had no strings attached if the purchase price decreased.

            • @Food: it becomes a scam when someone buys something just for the purpose of getting the store credit and then returns the goods for a refund and keeps the credit. Unless the item was genuinely faulty?

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        The deal I linked tl'dr total watch cost of $447 price match, with $214.90 G Store credit thanks to a promo.

        They allow up to two price match refunds per item, hence me applying for the second price match on this offer so I will end up with a watch cost of $287 with $214.90 G Store credit still.

    • Did you go through chat? The rep I had rejected my 2nd claim saying it's 2 refunds per 'type' of item… I.e. I can make maximum of 2 claims over 2x pixel watch 2… Which is definitely not my understanding. Prob just got a difficult rep.

      I just submitted another form… See how it goes

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        My first one had the same, I just exited and tried again. Certainly doesn't read that way!

        • How do you access the chat? Whenever I click I just get taken to an email form.

          Incidentally, I'm planning the same thing. I bought for $549, price-matched to JB at $449, now hoping to price-match the rest of the way plus get the $160 in credit (sadly I missed out on the 10% bonus, although that would have been SWEET).

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      Huawei watches are activity trackers, they are not true smartwatches. They only have a fraction of the capabilities of a smartwatch that runs OS's like Android Wear or watchOS

      Also because Huawei is embargoed (and has been for many years), they do not have much integration with Google's software. For example, you can't make contactless payments (there's no NFC) nor sync data to Google Fit, or invoke the Google Assistant. The Android companion app cannot be found on the Google Play store but needs to be sideloaded by downloading an APK file and running it.

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        They also last for 10 days without a charge. Still love my gt2e. Yes it only displays txts, incoming calls, needs Huawei Health app to track steps / runs but not having to take it off to charge daily is a great trade off.

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      This message was sponsored by the CCP

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        You think Western governments don't have surveillance on their people?

        laughs in Chinese at you

      • Ignorant. That's what bad people do.

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    its from office works so its got to be a tax refund item (wink wink)

    • Just like Qantas that is selling the item or any other Australian seller 🙄

    • @kungfuman

      .this office works works for this office.

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    how does this compare to fit bit watches? assuming worse battery on this?

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      Google bought fitbit. These have fitbit software integration

    • Similar health stats, more smart stuff but worse battery life.

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    Got JB to price match on this for anyone who is interested.

    • They declined my request on price match

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    Great deal. Yesterday JB refused to price match Qantas store, "our best price is $398 etc", today was able to match straight away lol

    • JBHIFI declined to price match siting low stock on officework.

      Just find a way to say no I suppose.

      Who got this approved with them, please share your postcode. May be they allow certain postcodes - worth trying.

      • 3183 - I might share checkout link with you a bit later, can't find a reason to justify returning the P1 literally 3 days ago

        • Thanks for that. Now same response. Can't match because low stock.

          Disappointing 😞.

          If you are not buying please do PM me the purchase link.

      • JBHIFI declined to price match siting low stock on officework.

        JB probably have this price soon anyway

        • I just got JB Hi-Fi to price match online and they did it with no hesitation at all, for $287.

          Even offered to add Pixel earbuds for $250.
          I said no… haha!

    • same here :)

  • If anyone would like a JB price match link, this expires 11:59pm, and I will not be using it: - Please comment once used!

    Can't justify replacing the Pixel Watch 1 that I bought 3 days ago :(

    • You have to confirm your mobile number to use that link, so it's only good to you.

      I'm in the same boat - only got a Pixel Watch 1 last week. Can't be bothered going to the effort of doing a return for change of mind to get the 2 for $88 more.

      • Na, someone used it to ordered, and now it's linked to their order

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    Well if JB not willing to price match … tell them to go read this:…

  • Is the battery any good?

    • 24 hours according to Google's marketing.

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      A day of normal use easily with screen set to tilt or tap to wake. Less if you play music, call with it, do lots of exercise tracking, use Google maps etc

  • I am long time pixel user but not impressed with the battery life of pixel watches , however at this price its hard to resist. Waited all day to see JB also going to bring it down , finally pulled the trigger and ordered one from my local store in Castlehill , they have it in stock and is ready for collection. I will decide over the weekend to see if i going to keep or return it later.

  • Any deals on the LTE version? Looking to get some more price protection, got it down to $481 so far.

  • This or Galaxy watch 5?

  • Bought one at taren point thanks op though they would not cave in to the $18 difference to Qantas store if only they named it store instead of marketplace. Oh well this purchase was mainly for kicks as its cheap. I intend to change the band, then the world.

  • 24 hour batery life time… pass

  • Is this the new base price now?

  • Bought it by Price match with JB Hi Fi, upgraded from Watch 4. Just set up the watch, the watch feels and looks quite premium. However, the charger is so annoying, it will take some getting used to.

  • Price matched @ Glen Waverley Officeworks from Qantas Marketplace

    No issues. $260.30. 1 left in black if anyone is after it

  • Will this watch support Viber message? Thanks.

  • Failed doing price match. How risky is it to get the LTE from Qantas Market place?

  • Does anyone know if I can keep this watch under my wetsuit when diving up to 5 meters, upto a minute at a time?

    • From this page:

      Is the Pixel Watch 2 water resistant?

      It is water resistant up to 50 metres (5 ATM). You can swim in the ocean, play in the pool, take a shower and more without worrying.

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