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$25 Pie Bundle Friday & Saturday 5pm-9pm - Online C&C Order Only @ Red Rooster


Not sure how good these new pies are but decent offer.

$25 Pie Bundle!

What's in this JAM-PACKED offer?

🥧 4 Pies + 🍟 4 Chips = 😍

Available this Friday - Saturday from 5pm-9pm.

To redeem select your local restaurant and visit the ‘Weekend Value’ menu category. Available for a limited time only.

Order via Click and Collect.

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  • +5

    These pies are so overpriced lmao. It's basically a 4n20 chicken pie.

  • +6

    These are literally Four'n'Twenty pies that they are selling for $7.25 each on its own. What an absolute rort.

  • -6

    Chicken pies? Disgusting. You don't need to stick chicken in everything.

    • +1

      Store name doesn’t check out

  • +2

    Not sure how good these new pies are but decent offer

    Tried one the other day, they said I'd get 5 bucks back in RR points (still yet to), pretty mediocre. Save the five bucks and go to ANY bakery.

  • -3

    YUCKKK! Disgusting, wouldnt feed to a dog. Lazy cash grab from RR, try harder!

  • +1

    I like the RR chicken pies…

  • +2

    I might have paid that for the KFC Zinger pies, but these are literally just Four'n'Twenty chicken pies.

  • A pie from Red Rooster… Stay in your lane

  • Says on the website it comes with 4 small chips, but I thought chips only come in Regular, Large and Family size?
    The menu listing for the pie bundle also doesn't include the KJ count for the chips so I can't check that way either!

    • +1

      Small isn't on the menu
      When you buy boxes they give you small chips inside the box vs combo with a separated regular size in a box, small recognisable as they come in paper bags.

  • +1

    I saw the film Chicken Run. It didn't end well.

  • -1

    While I love Red Rooster's menu (friend crispy chicken, sweet potats, rippa rols), I'm not sold on the new 4n20 pie offer. It's a product readily available frozen at supermarkets, and I could likely get a better quality pie for the price at a local bakery. We get them free in our sloppy workshop fridge - just have to get the pie warmer ready. Consider Maccas 25$ family bundle.

  • Red Rooster NEW Chicken and Gravy Pie Review. absolute rort.


    • +8

      YouTube reviewers are as reliable as travel writers who flew as a guest of the airline

      • +1

        Greg's kitchen is pretty good though. I've been watching him for years.

  • +1

    Taste like vomits, sorry OP

  • Would love to see ingredients list, pretty sure it's got at least 20-30 fake additives.

    • So approximately 4 and 20 fake additives?

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