Breville The Lift & Look Plus 2-Slice Toaster (Black Sesame) $59.95 Delivered ($53.95 with 10% Signup) @ Breville


$53.95 delivered if you signup for 10% discount, ordered myself and can confirm.

Long time Breville toaster user as I like the lift and look feature, these can sell up to $80-90.

Not sure of expiry

The 2 slice toaster with 'Lift & Look'™
Lift and Look allows you to lift the toaster carriage lever without interrupting the toasting cycle to check progress at any time. The long slot configuration fits 2 regular slices, or 2 extra large artisan slices for ultimate versatility. Comes in a stylish white and chrome finish.

Product DNA

Slot design
Self centering for even toasting. Extra wide and deep for larger bread.

Lift & Look'™ button
Manual 'Lift & Look' lever to check progress without interrupting the toast cycle.

Browning controls
6 browning settings.

Dimensions (WxDxH)
20 x 17 x 28.8 cm

Construction Materials
Cool touch plastic exterior

"Lift & Look", 'A Bit More', frozen and cancel

840-1000 Watts


1 Year Replacement Warranty

Cord Storage
Cord storage integrated into the base

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  • +1

    In 2018 I bought a toaster for 10$, I think it was Kmart or target, it's still being used every day 😂

    I'll think if buying a fancy one if it dies

    • I have a Kmart one, I cut my bread into larger slices, suddenly my toasted shorted!

      Now I use a Kitchenaid

    • My friend bought a kmart toaster for 10 and it only did one side of each slice. Straight in the bin.

  • our toaster died this morning… but i want a long slot than can handle 4 slices or large slices

    • +1


      This is not your deal then.

  • I’m all for not spending heaps on a toaster, but ‘lift and look’ and ‘a bit more’ are genuinely useful features, we’ve been through several toasters at varying price points and currently have this one, quite happy with it at this price point, would buy again

  • We had one of these and they are pretty wide so if bench space is an issue, look elsewhere.

  • Why don't they just make it transparent, ain't Noone got the time to "lift & look"

    • +2

      It"ll look like shite within several uses

    • There are 'windowed' toasters for sale on Amazon, but the brands are not household names so your usage may vary. Not sure what the window is made of either or if it is fully tested to withstand the heat cycling of a toaster.

      A lift and look feature is handy, but my current toaster already has a cancel button that allows you to look AND turns the toaster off to save precious coalfired electricity $$$ from being wasted.

      Single slice length toasters should be a thing of the past though, as artisanal loaves are much more popular and don't fit in a traditional square slice toaster.

  • +1

    This was a fairly decent toaster however it was neither tall enough to fully cook home-made or cafe style slices, nor was it long enough to fit them sideways. I replaced it with a Sunbeam 4 slide toaster which can handle extra wide bread after it broke.
    EDIT: Also, many toasters now feature the preview or “look and lift” feature.

    • +1

      I find it funny the image of the toaster has bread/toast that 100% would not fit in that toaster, I've also tried.

      They also make 4 slice version but has the same problem with height as I also owned one.

  • +1

    Why are toasters so fat these days. The depth on 2 slice toasters you’d think you could stack 4 in there at least. I haven’t had toast in ages cause I can’t find a normal sized one with good reviews (I have limited bench space in my appt)

  • @closed how'd you get the 10% discount? I signed up and i saw the mention of the 10%. I verified my email and am now signed in. But I don't see how I apply 10% off to my cart, did you get a code emailed?

    • Looks like it's come through via email about an hour after signing up, all good !

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