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Meguiar's Megafoam Snow Cannon $63.72 ($62.22 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Sparesbox eBay


On the look out to replace an older version of the snow cannon. This looks to be the newer version. Happy bargaining.

  • Advanced Technology and Design: Meguiar's Foam Cannon incorporates cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal foam generation with every use.

  • Unrivalled Foam Generation: With the Megafoam Snow Cannon Kit, experience unmatched foam generation that blankets your vehicle in a rich lather, ensuring thorough cleaning without damaging delicate surfaces.

  • Versatility and Compatibility: Compatible with most pressure washers, including those from Meguiar's, this foam cannon offers versatility and ease of use.

  • Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency: By pairing the Foam Cannon with quality car wash soap, you can achieve professional-grade cleaning results in the comfort of your own driveway. Its ability to produce dense foam ensures that dirt and grime are lifted away effectively.

  • Safe for All Surfaces: Meguiar's Megafoam Snow Cannon Kit is formulated to be safe for all interior surfaces, ensuring that it does not cause any damage or discoloration

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  • compatible with?

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      Comes with a few attachments

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      Meguiar’s Megafoam Snow Cannon

      $119.99 RRP



      High-performance Snow Cannon with insane foaming action
      Snow foaming done right without the gimmicks
      Anti-topple, 1-litre bottle with adjustable wide fan
      Eliminates the possibility of washing swirl marks and scratches

      The Meguiar’s Megafoam Snow Cannon delivers extreme foaming action. The thicker, denser foam provides superior cling and greater dwell time for a deeper more thorough clean. Large, high-flow nozzle features adjustable spray pattern that maintains extra-thick, extra rich foam – even at extra-wide fan settings. Stable, anti-topple, 1-litre bottle sports a wide mouth for ease of filling. For best results, combine with a 1400 to 3200psi pressure washer and Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner, or Meguiar’s Shampoo Plus. Unlike many foaming products that are just expensive pre-washes that need to be followed by a completely different wash product – these high-sudsing, premium-quality car washes deliver the thorough clean, stunning gloss and vibrant colour that Meguiar’s is world famous for. They gently lift and whisk away road grime and contaminants, without inducing washing swirls or scratches – and without stripping your vital wax protection! Snow foaming the Meguiar’s way – without the gimmicks – is quicker, easier and safer. Ideal for cleaning: CAR – SUV – 4WD – TRUCK – MOTORBIKE – WATERCRAFT – CARAVAN – & MANY HOUSEHOLD USES

      DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Recommended Mix Ratio is 100ml wash to 900ml of water – however higher concentrations can be used if additional foam is desired. Connect to pressure washer and foam from the bottom up. For lightly dirty vehicles, allow product to dwell for 2-3 minutes then rinse and dry. For moderate to heavily dirty vehicles: rinse off any loose dirt and grime, foam entire car, then lather/agitate with Meguiar’s Lambswool Wash Mitt or Microfibre Wash Pad – rinsing in clean water as you go – before final rinse off and drying.


      Premium quality snow cannon with durable brass neck and large ergonomic adjustable foaming nozzle
      Anti-topple, 1-litre dispenser bottle with accurate mixing marks
      3 adapters to suit popular pressure washer brands (Karcher K Series, 1/4″ quick connect & Gerni/Stihl)

      Additional adapters are available separately for a small fee via your local retailer, or contact us on 1800 347 570;

      SNOWAB – Ryobi RPW140-G, Ryobi RPW150G, Black & Decker, AR Blue, BigBoi & newer Bosch
      SNOWABA – Aquatak, AGT & older Bosch
      SNOWAKA – KARCHER HD/HDS models requiring M22 female adaptor
      SNOWAKR – KRANZLE models requiring M22 x 1.5 male adaptor
      SNOWAL – CLEAN FORCE & WorkZone



      Electric or petrol powered

      Between 1400psi to 3200psi

      *Note: Excessive pressure may damage paintwork and seals during rinse-off

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    Apart from making it look like you're having a bubble bath in your driveway, do these actually clean better? Real question.

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      It’s great for touch free car cleaning. Rinse, spray foam, spot rinse, spray water activated ceramic coat and final rinse. Dry via blower and you’re done.

      • Can you recommend some water ceramic coat?

        • This is the one I use.


          Also from Meguiar. Works well.

          • @Tadashi: I've been having trouble with this one. Keeps leaving smear marks. Probably user error but not sure why

            • @brocky2006: Seems to work for me. I did get the ceramic coat installed professionally when I first got the car. Been using this as an add on to keep the car water repellent.

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          Turtle wax hybrid stuff is king in the non pro segment

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        I thought its been proven that these dont actually do anything lol

        • It really depends on your expectation. If you're expecting to spray this on, let it dwell and hose off to a clean car then you'll likely be disappointed. If you're doing this as a step before washing it to remove as much dirt as possible before coming in contact with the car then it's a pretty useful tool.

          The other part is the context matters, on a properly waxed/coated car you'll remove a ton more with a foam wash than you will on a car with no protection that doesn't get washed all that often.

          The foam product itself can also have a pretty big impact on the dwell time and how long it can actually sit on the surface and break down any grime/dirt/contaminants.

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      Think of it more as an applicator. It won't clean better than microfibres and 2 buckets if that's what you're thinking.

      People like to use harsh soap with these and just blast it off with the karcher for a 10min touch less.

      • If you're not using edgeless microfibers then expect to scratch your clear coat.

        If you're even semi interested in this Meguiar's product then 99% chance your paintwork is already beyond repair…

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      The whole point of snow foam is to use it as a preparatory step prior to contact cleaning. You spray on while car is dry, let it dwell to loosen dirt then wash it all off. It is proven to be more effective at removing the bulk of the dirt from the surface of the paint than just spraying with water alone. This will lessen the degree of paint swirls and scratches while contact cleaning in the next step if you clean your car regularly and don't allow a lot of dirt to build up and bond to the paint. It is more effective if you coat your car in a sealant or wax. But it is not intended to be used as a replacement for contact cleaning your vehicle.

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    I probably just leave it too late, but these things never work like you expect.

    I need to use a sponge to actually get a good clean.

    More for maintenance or they work if you use them very regularly?

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      If you have a hydrophobic coating and your car isn't too dirty, works quite well. For me I use it to remove as much dirt as possible before using a sponge/mitt to reduce scratches and swirls.

      • +2


        I use:
        - high-pressure water first, to give an all-round rinse
        - snow-cannon (from AliEx) all over the car, with Meguairs Gold-Class
        - let the suds sit on the car for about 10 minutes
        - high-pressure water to clean off all of the suds
        - 2 bucket method, with sponge to hand-wash entire car
        - high-pressure water to rinse off the car
        - let it dry and/or soak up excess water, with micro-fibre cloth
        - hand-polish with some kind of spray-on wax

        • I believe you meant hand-wax.

          • @usman436: No, not "hand-wax",
            but I should have said,
            spray-on liquid protection.

            Liquid spray.
            Micro-fibre cloth
            to apply and buff.

        • Would you recommend the AliX cannon?

          • @Last Seen: I only got the AliEx cannon because it was cheaper at that time,
            and with coupons and cashbacks, it was about AU$ 20 - 25 (from memory).

            I just had to worry about the attachment for the cannon,
            which is the brass plug that connects to the high-pressure lance.

            (My brand/model was not listed and it was difficult to ascertain
            the right attachment, but I figured out at the end, which one was the right one )

            So far, the snow cannon from AliEx looks and works well.
            I had no experience before this first one,
            so I don't know what it's supposed to improve on.

            • @whyisave: Thanks for the detailed reply, I appreciate it.

              Looks like attachments/adapters will be my issue as well

              • @Last Seen: What brand is your high-pressure washer ?

                • +1

                  @whyisave: it's Lavor

                  Wasn't familiar with the brand until we received it as a gift.

                  For this deal the 'SNOWAL' attachment would apparently be the one to buy

                  • +1

                    @Last Seen: I didn't know my adapter measurements at first
                    (for a Michelin pressure washer),
                    but after checking product links such as this —> https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003833020070.html
                    I compared the measurements of what I needed,
                    and found that some other specific brand also worked for mine.

                    So, check that link, and you'll find your Lavor adapter there too.

                    • +1

                      @whyisave: Thanks for the tip! They have a huge selection in that listing, I'm sure it'll be there

                      • +1

                        @Last Seen: Read the description in that item listing page:

                        E. For Lavor / Some of Hammer / Sterwins / Vax / Champion / Craftsman / Briggs stratton pressure washer;

                        You're sorted !

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      It's basically an applicator of soap. Don't think the suds will "lift" off dirt caked in your car… even 2000psi of water has problems doing that

  • -1

    Anyone know a compatible foam cannon with the jet usa rx450?

  • +1

    The Meguiars Hornet Dual Action Polisher is also a good deal from sparesbox with code for just under $230


    • Damn, wonder if I should return the SCA DA that dropped to like $100 last week.

      • +1

        I would. 15mm throw and 1000w power on the Meguiars is a good all rounder.

        Most of the cheapie DA polishers have either a short throw of around 9mm or an extreme throw of 21mm.

      • +1

        I've got the previous gen to the meguiars polisher and it absolutely shits all over the SCA DA offerings that I still own (but never use).

        I use the meguiars 5" microfibre pads (dcm5??) and the results are awesome, quick and foolproof.

        • The SCA DA post had some pretty good reviews, "for what you pay" anyway. I wouldn't mind paying double for a DA as long as I get some reliable results and maybe one that won't vibrate me enough to turn me off actually wanting to do it more often than I should. (Only con I remember from the post). Or maybe I just get the wife to use the cheaper DA.. 😅

          • +1

            @WasBargain: The main difference is the vibration control and balance. The extra wattage makes the cutting process a bit quicker. Maybe 1 less pass to get the same results.

            I also use meguiars ultimate compound and ultimate polish. Easy peasy to use and more importantly wipe off. Smells good too.

            I use the microfibre cutting pad above for the compounding and a lake country finishing foam pad for the polish.

            • @Muzeeb: Thanks bro! I've heard Lake Country do good bits. I got some cheap SCA liquid polish as a practice product on a spare car I've had sitting around and needs to be sold/towed anyway.. 😅 Will keep your recommendation in mind when I try it on my own car.

            • @Muzeeb: How many pads does it take to do a whole car?

              • @ifreddo: The meguiars microfibre come in a twin pack. I normally use one for the drivers side then wash and rinse. While that's drying I use the other for the passenger side then wash and rinse. The first one I then use for the roof and then the second for bonut bonnet and boot/hatch.

                I normally get about 4/5 cars done before they need replacing due to being shagged.

                Similar with the finishing foam pads.

                You could just use one pad for the whole car and blow it out of build up occasionally but not worth risking picking up a speck of dirt and swirling your whole car up.

                • @Muzeeb: That's helpful thanks. I do all other car detailing myself, but I've never cut/polished my car. I'm not sure whether to go and buy the equipment myself or just pay someone to do it.

                  • @ifreddo: It's so easy it's laughable. Squillions of tutorials on YouTube as well with step by step instructions and techniques. I recommend ammo NYC and obsessed garage. With a da polisher it's almost impossible to f@#k it up.

                    It does take a long time thought to complete all the steps correctly. You need at least a full day or preferably a weekend.

          • +1

            @WasBargain: Only downside of the Meguiars is that they don't provide any pads with it.

            I ended up getting some of the microfibre cutting and finishing pads with a softer backing disc through rip-co. Luckily they price matched the cheapest prices I found online but wouldn't match the machine at $229. They have it listed at $377.

            • @Boulders: Oh woah.. Thanks for the heads up, I didn't realise!

              • @WasBargain: The DMC5 are $51 delivered for a twin pack from sparesbox (ewww!) using a code on eBay. That's the cheapest I've seen in a while. I'm ordering some future spares now at that price.

                  • @Boulders: That's the finishing pads not the cutting pads.

                • +1

                  @Muzeeb: Sweet! Just ordered both the Autocosmetica and the 2-pack of the pads. Now to wait for shipped confirmation before I return my SCA DA..

                  Last time I ordered through SparesBox, I had to ask them where my package was like 2 months later and without apology or message, they just initiated the refund.. Dodgy cunce.

  • +3

    Save coin and just do the two bucket method

  • Meguiar's Megafoam Snow Cannon or Bowden snow blow cannon…which is better

    • +1

      Bowdens offer free servicing for theirs or you can easily DYI and they will send you the part you need for free. Doubt Meguiars do that.

      • +3

        brett is a real piece of work, their free servicing includes refusing to fix it

    • The Bowen's has a tiny hole which makes filling a bit of chore

  • +1

    I realise this has to be used with a pressure washer.
    Is there a product that can achieve similar result without needing a pressure washer to work?

    • There are products like the salty captain musket that attempt to do something similar but they fall well short in comparison to snow cannons that run off a pressure washer.

    • Bowden's Own Frother but I imagine it would take you a long time to do a whole car.

      Wait for a special on Bowden's at Autobarn, Repco or Super Cheap Auto, who have regular 20-40% off sales.

  • Is this compatible with the karcher petrol pressure washer as I know they have different fittings compared to the electric version?

  • +1

    Do you still need it if you already have the Bosch EasyAquatak 120? I bought the latter from a deal here but never opened it. Have always used the bucket to wash my car until now.

    • If you bother to open the Aquatek, it's good to get this with it or any other branded foam cannon. The included ones with most units are pretty trash. If you don't end up using them, you can onsell them as a package.

      • Thanks, I will check and buy this one if it’s compatible.

        • +1

          Heh, I almost forgot about that. You might need to spend another $10 - $20 for an adapter worst case, but I think most of the higher branded ones will include a couple adapter bits. But you're all over it, good job.

  • I have this Meguiars cannon & also purchased this cheap one off ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/145577412513?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mk…

    I cant tell the difference, used on Karcher K3 with Autoglym Polar Blast & Polar Wash.

  • +1

    Is it worth it guys?

  • Any come across a car cleaning snow cannon that is easy to use to clean under a vehicle (ie has a nozzle that can be adjusted to point upwards) .

    Having a 4x4 the most difficult cleaning job is cleaning under the vehicle after you have been out in the bush etc.

  • Seeing a lot of comments snubbing foam cannons in favour of two bucket wash method. In an ideal world, for a proper wash, you need both.

    If you just use the foam cannon without contact washing, the car would still be dirty, even worse you’ll get water spots.

    If you use contact washing only (ie one or two bucket method), you’ll likely scratch the heck out of the clear coat, creating ‘spider webbing’ and swirls that is visible in certain lights.

    Imagine your car is splattered with mud. You won’t just jump in with contact washing, nor would you just blast water at it, that would be like dragging sandpaper across the car. This is why you want a foam cannon as a first step, to lift as much dirt as possible as an initial pass, before contact washing, to minimise scratching.

    • +1

      This is ozbargain.. their paintwork is stuffed beyond repair 😂

      They're wasting their money on this product. MJJC or MTM cannon is much, much better.

      • Lol true true.
        Just wanted to clarify that cannons have their place

  • For those who are pro foam cannon, any idea of this is a suitable deal for liquid.

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/847115

      Was cheaper just the other day…..

      • That's the price/deal when posting (I grabbed one anyways). The deal ended today, I probably should have referenced the deal price &/or linked the ozb thread, but kept in spirit of username

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