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[StG, BoM, BSA] $5 Bonus Cashback on $75 ShopBack Home Swap Gift Card (1000 Rewards, Activation Required) @ ShopBack via App


At least $75 must be paid with the correct card to complete this challenge.

Exchange your ShopBack Swap Card at Prezzee for any available retailer gift card of your choice. The card can be swapped for Bunnings, IKEA, Freedom, Temple & Webster, Sheridan, Amart, Spotlight & More. The brands and denominations of this card are subject to change without prior notice.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3921)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback. See all terms

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  • +3

    SB Home Swap used to include Amazon and eBay, still should but it would be best to get confirmation.

    Edit: Cashback is 2.25%, so ~8.92% if you include the bonus.

    • +6

      Confirmed it can still swap for Amazon GC

      • Thanks. Good to know it swaps as not mentioned in sale.

        The ShopBack Home Swap eGift Card - One card, many options! It can be swapped for Bunnings, IKEA, Freedom, Temple & Webster, Sheridan, Amart, Spotlight.

    • Thanks
      Does anyone have a list of places the various ShopBack swap cards work at?
      Or a list of "significant" places like what gets posted for the TCN / whatever other ones that get posted here

  • +4

    Thanks. Confirm Amazon and eBay still available. Swapped for $75 Amazon and redeemed

  • Thanks OP

  • Cheers op, ordered and tracked

  • How long til the bonus arrives?

    My purchase went through and i received the gift card but not yet tracked in the St. George lounge :(

    • +1

      Mine usually tracks within a day or two. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

      • Thanks. I just checked it in the morning and it's there now!

    • +1

      Mine tracked in like 2 hours

      • Mine both tracked within 10-20 minutes. Weirdly though, the "Order completed for your ShopBack Gift Card / Voucher" email turned up 5 hours later.

  • Thanks, confirmed and received for Amazon.

  • Good deal, another 75 bucks of Amazon money locked and loaded!

  • Thanks. Have also used for Amazon! I got mine within 5 minutes.

  • @gotyourback

    Just reporting that my bonus hasn't tracked. The standard 2.25% for the GC tracked within 12 hours. I ordered the Gift Card on May 26 4 am and paid with Westpac.

    As mentioned in a previous thread. My bonus tracking has been really unreliable after I added a St. George card to my account, so far 4 bonus transactions failed to track since April. Really unusual since Shopback pretty much has a 99% tracking record for me.

    Can I DM you the details of the transaction?

    • +1

      This is not a Westpac offer. Do you mean St George card?

    • +1

      Hey @kurobear! Yes could you drop us a DM with your ShopBack account details for us to look into this further?

      • +1

        Thanks @trixieb. Actually this is 100% on me. I paid via Westpac. 4 am mistake.

        @gotyourback, thanks for reaching out to help. I will collect info on the other transactions and will DM you.

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