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[iOS, Android] Free - 12 Months of MyFitnessPal Premium @ MyFitnessPal via Live to The Beat


Awesome freebie here.

Simply follow the OP link or click here, complete one of the modules and you'll see this message, click the button, and enter your details. Wait for the email to come through, when testing mine came through overnight after entering my details yesterday, and then follow the instructions to redeem.

Pretty easy, and yes despite it saying "Only Valid in the United States", I have confirmed it working here.


As spotted on HUKD - still working despite their post being expired

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Live to the Beat
Live to the Beat


  • Thanks, claimed.

    Hope the email arrives

  • Nice deal OP

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    Me: logging a whole pack of Tim tams as 1 Tim tam

    Myfitnesspal: bro.

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    Did it, then checked the app to discover I already have premium from a previous deal 🥴

    Maybe I'll give it to my daughter Lindsay.

    If you're worried about criticism, sometimes a diet is the best defense.

  • thanks OP!

  • Odd when I get that message, I click the claim button. But I'm just provided the following details as a pop up, no option to put in my email:

    Get Your 1-Year MyFitnessPal Premium Membership
    Valid only in the United States. Please allow up to 2-3 business days for receipt. While supplies last. Your email address will only be used for distribution of your unique redemption code and will not be shared with any third parties. Offer and participation is limited to new MyFitnessPal Premium customers only. No credit card required for redemption. Offer expires 12/31/2025. For full terms and conditions visit https://www.myfitnesspal.com/terms-of-service.

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      I got the same. Turning off ublock origin fixed it. Try turning off adblocker or popup blocker

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    Only Valid in the United States", I have confirmed it working here

    Hopefully that will still be the case after it gets OzBargained by people who won’t even use it…

  • Thanks OP

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    I know it was 2018, but I was affected… MyFitnessPal hacked, 150 million user accounts compromised

    • +10

      Make personal details up on websites, use a password manager, use Revolut (temporary cards), and always assume the site you're using is going to get hacked at some point.

      • I do all of your suggestions, except Revolut. I will look into it though.

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    Thanks OP, MFP helped me lose some weight before I became PM!

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    Thanks time to be a skinny queen

  • Really confused - can someone post a screenshot of the quiz? I've done the bp, cholesterol and move more quizzes and see nothing.

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      You gotta click all the stuff and also click all tick marks. Just finished and it offered the free subscription.

      • How many modules?

      • Ok just clicked on all of the tiles and it came up. Thanks!

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          Just like corporate training…lol

    • There is no correct answer. Just tick at least one option per section and move on to the next.

      Some just need to to tick the section without answering anything.

  • Thanks. I already log all my food with myfitnesspal so this is a great freebie to have.

  • Thanks OP - I've been using this app to log calories, weight and steps for the last couple of months.

    "Stay tuned! Your code will be emailed to you in 2-3 business days." - how long did it take for your code to come through?

    Hope it works. The comment thread on HUKD isn't very glowing… but that site is a vipers nest at the best of times.

    • Read the description.

      when testing mine came through overnight after entering my details yesterday

  • Thanks OP very quick process

  • +1

    Seems like bait. Why would it take them 2-3 days to send a code by email?

  • I had to change the browser Microsoft edge in my mobile to. Ok, the phone require to submit your details to get the sign of code.

  • would anyone know if this can allow me to extend my premium? Or do I have to have standard account to get this?

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      No, it wouldn't let me apply the code to my current premium subscription.

  • Claimed.
    Waiting for email
    How has myfitnesspal improved last few years? Used to it when it started off…….

  • How would this compare to fitbit macronutrient logging system?

  • Thanks OP works with Chrome

  • +1

    I'm stuck at

    I'm not a robot

    • Try being a human

  • Nice deal op thanks

    Just curious what cool featute free version vs premium version?

  • +3

    Anyone got their email?

    • Nope and I signed up within minutes of this deal going live.

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    Thank you so much OP
    I love this app, it has a quite extensive database of foods (even international food) as well as it's calories. I have used em to check calorie intake time to time

  • I haven’t been able to login to the app for a couple months. Get an unable to connect to the server to log you in error. App is up to date.

    I had premium from an old deal that should have expired but it kept working for like over a year.. maybe they caught on

    • Sounds more like a proxy is in the way. Check that its not being filtered by AdGuard or something similar

  • Ever since myfitnesspal made the barcode scanning function a "premium" feature I moved to Cronometer which is a much nicer user experience IMO. Helps me track my chicken tendies and caviar easily.

    • To my knowledge barcode scanning is not a premium feature.

      • https://support.myfitnesspal.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032624…

        As of October 1, 2022, Barcode Scan will be available only with a Premium subscription. Read more about this change here.

        • Well its 27/5/24 and I have used the barcode scan 6 times just today.

          • @persianoz: Yes, I use it all the time! Never had premium, either! Interesting! 🤔🤔🤔

        • I use it all the time and don’t have premium

        • Perhaps accounts made before that change was implemented still have barcode scanning for free.

          I myself have it free without premium but checked with someone who recently made one and they only had 10 free barcode scans, not sure if it was per day but yeah it’s a premium feature to some

          • @eetswaShifty: Either way I much prefer the look and feel of Cronometer for my purposes, so I use that. They are basically the same function-wise if you (and other commenters by the looks of it) have the barcode scanner.

            Also they were hacked a few years ago and lost 150 million user records, which probably is also weighing up in my mind lol.

          • @eetswaShifty: It's us based accounts, I believe this is circumvented by us users by changing regions. The bar code scanner iirc has not been paywalled outside the US.

            You can find many US user oriented threads lamenting the change.

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    Still no email. I think they onto us

    • 0ver 5500 clicks suggests they would be.

    • No email aswell

  • Link doesn’t show the deal anymore sadly

    • Just need to answer more questions - showed up for me

  • +2

    Did anyone receive the email? Thanks

    • Nothing as yet

  • Awesome, just did the module, thanks so much.

  • +1

    Has anyone actually got the email yet? nothing yet

  • +1

    No email received either

  • All quiet on the western front here…

  • No sign of email of the horizon

    • Yeah, seems like a another data steal/grab.

  • Apps like this and LoseIt were great for me post weight loss surgery, the premium is worth it for macro tracking.

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    No email. Seems like a complete rug pull at this point smh

  • +1

    No email, boo

  • +1

    I completed all the modules (not just 1 of them) and never got any message/banner to click through to enter my details. Sadface :(

  • +1

    3 days and nothing coming in

  • no email..

  • +2

    Don't expect and email, read the comments above:

    Unfortunately This deal has expired 15 May 2024

    from here:


    Still >300 upvotes.

  • Been 3 working days, no email 😞

  • Bs deal, probably email harvesting

  • Scam deal

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