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Nitrile Black Gloves 1000-Pack (10x Boxes of 100 Gloves) $79 Delivered @ South East Clearance


Use code "NITRILE for free delivery

  • 1000 Gloves (10 packs of 100 gloves) - $79 with free delivery
  • Sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL

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    Lifetime supply of C̶o̶n̶d̶o̶m̶s̶ Gloves

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    • This is an actual lifetime supply, unless yo a tattoo artist or cleaner or something.

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        Would last a long time but definitely not a lifetime supply unless you don't plan on living very long.

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          Clean once every three weeks using just one hand and it'll last 60 years.

          • @AustriaBargain: I don't think you're doing it right.

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              @ozbs25: This would last my housemates a million years. They simply refuse to clean. The third world middle class has to be the laziest people on the planet, grow up with maids that work for cents per hour and that'll do it to ya I suppose.

            • @ozbs25: He might be doing it left 😉

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      Lifetime supply of C̶o̶n̶d̶o̶m̶s̶

      Which one fits you best Sye, the thumb or the middle finger?

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        pinky for me

        • bragger!

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    Nice, I need some more hot sauce

  • Hey OP.

    How strong are these? Tough enough to use on servicing a car?

    • Yep
      A lot of mechanics and panel shops use them

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        Second this, they are quite durable and perfect for car servicing. I use different gloves (from costco, rubber palms) for tougher jobs like brakes etc, but if oil/fluids are involved these are the perfect thing.

  • OP, do these have expiry date? What is the shelf/storage life of these gloves?

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      They’re new
      Another 18months till expiry

      • You’ll need to use around 2 gloves per day if you want to finish them before they expired, not sure how good they’re past the expiry date.

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          What happens when they expire ?

          Does nitrile expire?
          When Do Nitrile Gloves Expire? | Primo Dental Products
          Both nitrile and vinyl are said to have an average shelf life of 5 years. But nitrile is by far the most durable type of disposable glove. Its shelf life can be extended for up to 10 years if stored in ideal conditions

          Therefore, it is easy to see, when Nitrile gloves are expired, they become brittle, hard and easily tear when stretched. According to FDA, if expired Nitrile gloves are discolored or have holes on their surface, it's time to throw them in the trash can

      • I'd grab some but I don't think I could use 1000 by the expiry for general home use

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    if i'm missing fingers do i get a further discount?

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    Bought these previously, and they are pretty nice to use.

  • Food safe? I see it is on the packaging but would be nice if someone can advise for sure

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      Yes they are

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    OP how do we size these? I don't see anything on the website.

    • @DIYcharcat would love to know this as well

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        Found this on another website:

        Sizing Guide
        The Nitrile glove sizing is very similarly sized to other disposable gloves on the market, the length all run the same approximately 24cm Long,
        The Width is measured on the palm of your hand going horizontal just below your fingers.
        Small – 7-8cm
        Medium 8-9cm
        Large 9-10cm
        Extra large 10-11cm
        Extra Extra large 11-12cm

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          Thanks very much. Not sure why OP hasn't bothered to respond.

          Hmm I have 9cm… so medium or large. Probably large.

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    1000 non-biodegradable nitrile gloves. I can already hear the Earth crying.

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    For a normal home use person one box (100) would last a lifetime (depends how "kinky" you are I guess), in the workplace 1000 would last a couple of weeks lol

  • Anyone know where I can get orange ones on the cheap

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      These are okay, not really cheap though, and not as strong as the black ones I got for free (found 50 or so littered about on the ground along my street after Yarra Water did some work a while back!)

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        There is frugal and then there is picking up discarded rubber gloves off the street. Kudos I guess!

        • Oh, they were unused! I guess a box or bag of them were forgotten or dropped then got blown about.

  • I usually get these Costco ones in a medium. @DIYcharcat, do you know if your medium would be about the same, or more comparable to another size? Thanks


  • What’s the difference between this and other brands? jsut googling i can find box of 100 for $5-8

    Is this brand usually more expensive and better than others?

  • @DIYcharcat can we mix the sizes ie. 5 packs small, 5 packs med?

  • Are these food grade?

  • Thanks OP, got 2000 gloves

  • Ready to slice some brisket with these bad boys

  • Damn, finally found info online about sizing, went to order my size, and suddenly changed from in stock to sold out

  • I use about 20 of these a year. I guess I will just stick to buying overpriced packs of 100!

  • Who has 2XL hands ?

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